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prenup after marriage

Why You Should Consider A Prenup After Marriage

If you got so wrapped up in wedding celebrations that you ended up exchanging vows without a marital agreement in place, fret not. Getting a prenup after marriage is a thing. It is called a Postnup. An expert explains everything about it.

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Couple Apps

15 Best Couple Apps To Try In 2021

We know staring at your phone at the dinner table spells doom for a relationship. But trust us, sometimes the internet is your most solid ally in love.

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questions to ask before marriage

36 Questions To Ask Before Marriage – No#11 Is A Must!

It’s natural to wonder what are the most premarital counselling questions to ask your partner. To help you get started, here is a lowdown on 20 important questions that you must bring up in premarital counselling sessions

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