15 Best Couple Apps To Try In 2021

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
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So, you’re madly in love and you want to be connected to your partner all the time. But work, responsibilities, and other factors keep rushing in and taking up the quality time you crave with your beloved. This can quickly become distressing and worrisome in your relationship. But what if we told you, there was a solution to that? Fear not anymore because technology has your back!

We know staring at your phone at the dinner table spells doom for a relationship. But trust us, sometimes the internet is your most solid ally in love. These 15 couple apps will help you stay digitally connected to each other, thanks to innovation and technology.

These couple apps were created with the sole motive to help you feel like you’re right there with each other, even if you’re constantly on the go or in a long-distance relationship. They help you share small everyday activities and decisions and strengthen your relationship. There are gaming apps, finance tracking and couples budgeting apps, marriage help apps, couples therapy apps, apps for couples with trust issues, among many more.

We know relationships are hard work, so we rounded up the 15 best couple apps to try in 2021. Read on and get clicking!

15 Best Couple Apps To Try In 2021

Love may be the salt of life, but life sometimes gets in the way of love. We all have commitments that keep us busy and make it difficult to give our 100% to our partners. This is where you can use the digital world (and your app obsession) to ease your love life.

There are several apps that cater to your requirements and help you stay connected to your sweetheart, whether they are a few kilometers away, in a different city, another country, or even continent. No, we don’t mean WhatsApp and Skype, but apps that are exclusively customized for couples. So, here are some handpicked best relationship apps for couples that save your day, and your relationship! These couple apps will make you feel like you’re constantly together, help you sort things out, have fun, and more.

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1. Splitwise – The best of all couples budgeting apps

Available on iOS and Android – Free

We’d love to believe all those sappy movies where love triumphs over the evil of money. But in real life, a solid budget and financial planning will keep the love alive far longer. Money is found to be among the main reasons for strain in relationships. That’s where such couples budgeting apps for couples come into the picture.

Splitwise is meant for couples who have stepped into a relationship, but still, have individual needs and objectives when it comes to money. Maybe one person earns more at this point, or you’re taking turns paying for a special dinner each month.

Splitwise helps you keep track of what you spend and who owes whom how much cash. This is one of the best budget apps for couples who believe in splitting their bills, and also if you’re going out with other couple friends. This way, you don’t get into a foul sulk over who paid for that coffee date last time.

Standout features:

  • Tracking expenses: Ease in monitoring the expenses so couples know what they owe each other and how much they have spent on each purchase or activity
  • Dividing the bill just got way easier: The app can be utilized on occasions, meals, shopping, and different events where you have to figure out if the bill ought to be divided. Instead of doing the math yourself, leave it to Splitwise and it will tell you exactly how much you owe each other
Best couple apps - Splitwise
Splitwise helps you keep track of your finances

2. SimplyUs – Best app to sync your to-do lists

Available on iOS – Free

This app should be on every couple’s app bucket list, especially if you’re living together. Cohabitation has its own challenges and a disorganized household only adds to the chaos. This fun little app ensures both of you are better organized. This is also one of the best apps for married couples to make their life after the wedding much smoother and easier.

If you’re constantly arguing because both of you are doing the same tasks, bringing home double portions of the same groceries (double milk bottles/packets, double quantity of pasta, etc.), or booking tickets for the same movie, you need this app immediately.

Standout features:

  • Creating lists just got way easier: There is a great feature to create to-do lists, grocery lists, and other small chores. So if he forgets to pick up your call when he’s at work, just add his to-do list to the app and he will get to it when he can
  • Making a calendar: To really remain in sync and be aware of who does what, this app offers a calendar to help you sync so that both of you know who is doing what and when

3. Fix A Fight – Best couple app to resolve problems between couples

Available on iOS – Paid

Had a tussle with your significant other? Not to worry. Fix a Fight started out as an app for married couples, but it’s equally significant for unmarried partners too. This couple’s app suggests proven strategies to kiss and make up with your partner after a spat.

Through this app, you also get advice about expressing your feelings better and discussing things that bother you. The advice is provided by a leading psychotherapist and couple’s consultant from Kansas City – Mark McGonigle. So, don’t sit in a corner and pout. Get online and sort it out! (Yes, we’re poets.)

Standout features:

  • Helps you address the issue at hand: Fix a Fight lets you start dialogs about whatever’s troubling you without quarreling at the onset
  • Shows you ways to cool down and move on from the issue: Not only does this app help you resolve your relationship problems but it also helps you regain composure after. Make way for a rundown of self-relieving and unwinding practices for both of you to remain calm. So put down that plate!

4. DollarBird – Finance tracking app for couples

Available on iOS and Android – Paid

DollarBird is a collaborative finance app that uses AI to project your current and future financial situation. In other words, if your partner spent too much on donuts and didn’t share, you can use DollarBird to put a spending limit on them.

As we already pointed out, money matters can make or break a relationship. DollarBird is a couple’s app that brings you both onto the same page and helps to deal with your personal finances harmoniously. Just don’t go asking your partner why they spend $100 on a pair of jeans!

Standout features:

  • Calendar system: A calendar-like interface to control your budget and expenses which makes it way easier to track what each person is spending
  • Add family members too: There is an option to share it with other family members
  • Calculating expenses: Forget trying to recall what you learnt in junior year algebra. With such couples budgeting apps, there is ease in calculating your expenses for the day and getting a clear categorization of the same
Great finance tracking app for couples - DollarBird
DollarBird helps you to put a spending limit on your expenses

5. Lasting – Marriage counseling app

Available on iOS and Android – Paid

One of the best relationship apps for couples, pay close attention to this one. Settle your relationship issues at the earliest with some guidance and couple’s counseling. This can be easily done with Lasting – one of the apps for married couples that is meant exclusively for marriage counseling and keeping you together.

You take an initial quiz and the app designs a program for you based on your relationship needs. All you have to do is to spend some time on the app every day and your marital fights will soon recede into the background. Who says your phone can’t solve all your problems!

Standout features:

  • Step-by-step guide: Lasting formulates an explicit program tailored to your relationship’s needs by addressing all the problems you are facing and then showing you how to overcome them
  • Focuses on your individual well-being: Lasting also helps you gather the emotional apparatus to assemble a more beneficial relationship. In order to be a better partner, you first have to be a better you

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6. Foodie – Best couple’s food interest sharing space

Available on iOS – Free

Looking for couples apps free for some downtime? Well, if your idea is to surprise your beloved with a romantic dinner while staying indoors, look up Foodie. This is an app meant for couples who love food (almost) as much as they love each other. Grab delicious last-minute ideas to epicurean delights here and get cooking together! Who knows, maybe you’ll become famous for your pasta, or cupcakes.

This can also be considered one of the apps for couples long-distance when you two want to spend time together but are not sure how. All you have to do is pull up a recipe, get on a video call and cook together. After which you two can pour yourself individual drinks and have a lovely, virtual date night together.

Standout features:

  • Wide range of recipes: A comprehensive list of recipes, organized neatly to cook for your base
  • Shows you the best restaurants around you: If you can’t pull of a treat as you desired, it will inform you about the restaurants to dine in

7. WhereAreYou – The perfect one out of all couples tracking apps

Available on iOS and Android – Free

So you are new in the city and have planned to paint the town red with an exciting night out, exploring new places and soaking up new experiences. Both of you decided to meet at a center point but one of you lost their way. That is quite an oops moment. Now what?

The WhereAreYou app is meant to help you find each other conveniently. This also works when one half of the couple has absolutely no sense of direction. And the magic is, you need not have the app installed on your phone! One of the best couples tracking apps, use it to find out how it works.

Standout features:

  • Sharing your location instantly: WhereAreYou enables you to share locations, text, guide to the correct place on call, all with complete ease
  • No need to install the app: Looking for couples apps free? Turns out, not only is this one free but you can also use it without having it installed on your phone
online dating

8. Happy Couple – One of the best game apps for couples

Available on iOS and Android – Paid

Are you a couple who enjoys games and quizzes? Or are you somebody who is dating a gamer and is trying to match their interest too but bringing some fun games to the table?

Well then, you’ll adore the love game with Happy Couple that helps you know more about your soul mate. This is among the most sought-after couple apps for both iPhone and Android, and it’s easy to see why. After all, all work and no play makes for a dull relationship.

Standout features:

  • Lots of quizzes: There is a big set of love quiz questions for couples
  • Enables a better understanding: Understand what your partner thinks or feels in this lighthearted and simple fashion
  • There are points too: For that competitive streak in you, yes you can earn points for correct answers
  • Challenges to keep it interesting: Step up to unlock challenges with all your correct answers

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9. Couple Widget – An app that show couples’ anniversaries

Available on iOS and Android- Free

We’ve all done it. We’ve all come home after a long day only to realize it’s your anniversary. You forgot your big day and now your partner is mighty annoyed with you. Now, you have a couple’s app that keeps track of things for you so you need not worry about missing an important date or some anniversary.

This is made possible with Couple Widget, an app that allows you to keep track of every important date in your relationship. This is one of the best relationship apps for couples who celebrate everything from their first kiss to when they got their first house. We like to think of it as a gratitude app for couples that help them relive their precious moments.

Standout features:

  • Ease of use: Fast, private, and secure
  • Remember the important moments: Helps you save your best moments and share with your partner
  • Add wish lists and make goals for the future: Can be used as a wish list app to create and share wish lists and plan things together

10. Honeydue – Custom budgeting app

Available on iOS and Android – Free

Money is so often an issue of contention among couples. If you disagree on money, your entire relationship could be in turmoil. So, it is important to discuss finances, plan for the future, and remain on the same financial page, or spreadsheet!

A good way to work for common financial goals and plan money dates is in the best interest of your household. Honeydue helps you ensure your bills are paid on time and create customized budgets for your family, among other things. And trust us, being financially responsible makes you super sexy.

Standout features:

  • Add all your details for easy use: Link your details – bank, credit card, loans – to the app
  • Separate joint and individual records: Label every one of these records as either individual or joint
  • Sort your costs: Make custom classes for your costs
  • Be reminded of bill payments: Set alerts and reminders to be notified for bill due date or any upcoming expense
  • Keep track of what is paid and what is not: Tag bills and invoices as paid or not so you can focus and quickly sift through your expenses for the moth

11. Sesame – An app to send love in LDR

Available on iOS and Android – Free

Long-distance relationships are tough. If you can’t find time to make your lover feel special, they may feel neglected. You might even become one of those couples with trust issues. That’s where such apps for couples long-distance come in. Sesame is among the best long-distance couple apps through which you can make your special someone feel even more special.

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If you’re constantly stumped by what kind of gifts to send your long-distance honey and are always looking forward to brightening up their day while you are apart, Sesame is here to help you.

Standout features:

  • Gift boxes: Send themed gift boxes with just a few clicks
  • A wide range of themes: A collection of themes like Chocolate Lovers, Relax & Refresh, and much more
Couple app to send love and more- Sesame
Make your lover feel special with Sesame

12. Avocado – Hug, kiss and sync on the go app for couples

Available on iOS and Android – Free

Launched by a couple, Avocado allows you to stay in sync while enjoying some fun elements to spice up your relationship. Apart from other features that this app has, you can also make your communication fun-filled with self-made emoticons of your photos.

It is one of the most popular couple apps for iPhone out there. And what’s more? You can even keep sending virtual hugs and kisses! Could you ask for more?

Standout features:

  • Easy communication: Collaborate and communicate easily on the day-to-day stuff
  • Create to-do lists: Set up to-do lists and get instant sync on crossed-out items
  • Virtual notes: Exchange notes and memos with one another
  • Syncing calendars to keep track: Keep your Google calendars updated and synced

13. Couple – Private social network

Available on iOS and Android – Free

If you’re wary of Facebook and Instagram, this is a wonderfully designed social network for just the two of you. The app promises to help you make your memories last for life. Jazz up your profiles with cute stickers, doodles, and even private photos. Your pictures stay private and disappear after some time. You can also set notifications on a shared calendar and exchange to-do lists. It’s your own little private paradise on social media. Hallelujah!

Standout features:

  • Staying connected: Ensures you stay connected in the most interesting and engaging way
  • Easily keeping in touch: Phone calls or Facetime with a tap
  • Texting: This app also allows for exchanging texts exclusively with one another
  • Express yourself well: Express your mood and feelings with video and audio

14. LoveNudge – Connect better with your partner

Available on iOS and Android – Free

Give a little ‘nudge’ to your partner and solve all your stress and relationship woes. LoveNudge is one of the more subtle couples therapy apps. This couple’s app is based on well-known marriage counselor Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages concept. No wonder the app is giving couples a more modern way to strengthen their relationship. Go on, become an expert in your partner’s love language.

Standout features:

  • Ease of use: Use the app individually or invite your partner to download, take the quiz, and link profiles
  • Goal-setting: Set goals to regularly take on activities that align with your partner’s Love Language.
  • Playing activities: Send your partner a playful nudge to suggest activities or to find out how full their Love Tank is

15. BetterHaves – Enveloping app is the best couples apps for iPhone

Available on iOS- Free

We promise this is the last finance planning app. Intended for couples, this app helps you to track money matters and create a budget. The app has one of the most established and the best budgeting frameworks: the envelope framework. It’s detailed and smart and just makes budgeting, planning and spending easier so you spend less time worrying and more time cuddled up with your partner.

Standout features:

  • Virtual envelope: Utilize virtual envelopes to appropriate salary and costs into discrete classifications
  • Make spending plans: Have a spending plan for explicit occasions, entertainment, utilities, bills, and staple goods
  • Set spending limits: Change your spending limit to redirect more money into the “saving envelope”
  • Manage your money: When you go through the money against each cost, the app pulls back the sum from its individual envelope, enabling you to check what is left
  • Understand how your money is spend: Helps you follow where the money is being spent from every envelope
  • Tells you to stop spending when you need to: Great budgeting as you can’t spend on things like eating out or shopping when that envelope is vacant

Since we can’t beat technology, we may as well join it and use tech to make our love lives better. With these top 15 couple apps of 2021, you get to remain connected and active in your relationship. You will be better informed of each other’s whereabouts and activities and have your emotional connections nurtured with counseling and well-planned schedules. With technology doing all the work, sit back and enjoy your love story.

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