Dating A Gold Digger Turned Out To Be The Worst Experience

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Updated On: May 20, 2024
Dating A Gold Digger
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If you are smart, successful, have money, have invested well then you could be a man or a woman but it is inevitable gold diggers will be attracted to you like piranhas to meat. Gold diggers are excellent  in faking their real purpose by showing all lovey-dovey emotions to you. So if you end up dating a gold digger don’t start questioning your prudence. It’s indeed not possible to understand the true intentions of a person unless you date them or get married to them.

Today I will tell you how my brother got entangled in the web laid out carefully by a gold digger and ended up marrying her. Read on to find out what happened next.

(As told to Anney Sam)

Who Is Gold Digger?

Gold-digger is a woman who forms relationships with men purely to obtain money or gifts from them. Wikipedia defines a gold digger as a person, typically a woman, who engages in a type of transactional relationship for money rather than love. When it turns into marriage, it is a type of marriage of convenience.

It is fabled that Azim Premji founder and CEO of Wipro, was dogged by several socialites with an eye to his several millions. He was a bachelor and seemed a likely target to the many gold diggers in his corporate circles. The story goes that one such gold digger was put in her place when Azim Premji, took out the bejeweled, hoity-toity lady to the samosa wala round the corner and ordered samosa chaat for all of 10 rupees in lieu of the seven star hotel she was looking forward to.

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How do gold diggers behave?

Gold diggers have some typical characteristics. Ifyou are looking at their behavioural pattern then to the apparent eye they come across as extremely caring and they will give you the idea that they are willing to go to any length for you because they are so madly in love with you.

But once you get to know a gold digger better you will see that they are not too ambitious themselves, but they would want you to be ambitious. They would want to know about your earnings, investments and property and would get turned off if you do not give them an expensive gift on their birthday.

Their attitude is basically like a sugar baby but the difference is the sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship is purely transactional and honest, in this case the gold digger wants to latch on to you for material benefits but gives you the impression that it’s all about love.

5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger

5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger
5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger

It’s not easy to recognise a gold digger but with these signs you will be able to understand if the girl in your life genuinely loves you or is just after your money.

1. She has no goals

You know you are dating a gold digger when she has no goals of her own but keeps asking about yours. She tells you she hates household chores, or keeping a 9-5 job but loves the high-life and zips around town in expensive cars with her girl friends.

3. She is over inquisitive about your material assets

She frequently turns the conversation towards the money you earn and the property you own and wants to get a clear idea of how much you have. She would ask you to show you around your estate, take her to your farm or to your yacht.

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4. She has expensive tastes

You know you are dating a gold digger when you see she is a high maintenance girl. She buys branded clothes and accessories, is very conscious of her status and looks down on people who do not have enough money or are not good looking.

5. She never pays for anything

All a gold digger wants is your money
All a gold digger wants is your money

She always expects you to pay and shower her with gifts. She never talks about taking you out or gives you something expensive. She doesn’t believe in things like cooking together or watching the sunset together. She is a selfish girlfriend.

How my brother ended up dating a gold digger

Well not everyone is as lucky to sniff out the predatory gold diggers. My brother was one of the unlucky ones. Though we had landed property and acres of rubber estates we were not particular that the girl be wealthy too. Jomini came from a very humble background would be a dignified way to put it.

My brother was in love with her but he didn’t know then he was dating a gold digger. I’d say they were plain poor. When we went to “see the girl” there were four rather pretty girls in a shack like hut and all of them slept on one bed. When my brother looked hesitant the father quickly said he could pick whichever one he fancied. He was that desperate. He had four daughters and no money for dowries. We did not want a dowry.

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She wanted all the property

So the marriage took place and from day one she behaved as if we had done wrong to her. She never participated in any family dinners and sulked a lot. She quickly produced two male children and began her quest to get a hold of the property rights. My father was bed-ridden by then and she began her incessant and silent quest to beat up my mother.

It started with daily dramas of how my brother did not have a job and she felt less among her peers. It was amazing to see how she had quite forgotten her own roots.

She insisted on keeping the accounts and monitoring the income and expenses of the estate, which was being handled by my mother and brother. She began a campaign of maligning my mother’s reputation as being a tormentor and a cruel mother-in-law.

People who knew my mother figured that could not be true. Her children also could see quite clearly that their mother was lying, but were afraid to confront her.

Her little devil tricks

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On another occasion she accused my mother and brother of physically abusing her and dragged them into the local police station. My brother who was already a diffident person now grew terrified of her.

The shame of this event broke my mother’s heart who turned to religion and began praying to the Virgin Mary for solace. Almost as if by clockwork Jomini would stage dramas in the house with different themes – I was a target of some, when she would accuse my mother of siphoning off money to me, and other slanderous accusations.

She wanted to drive the MIL out of the house

Her aim was to get my mother out of the house, my father having passed away, my mother was the only person standing in the way of her acquiring the land and properties. My mother was equally adamant and turned a deaf ear to my pleas of relocating to Bangalore to live with me. My mother had thought she would be able to outsmart a gold digger but she was wrong.

There were other little devil tricks she would employ to keep chipping away at the family peace. Once she shattered a set of expensive china and threw them into the estate area.

On another occasion she charred my mother’s spectacles in the chulha or fireplace, where the rubber sheets were smoked. She would do everything to instill fear in my mother.

What took the cake was when I gifted my mother with a dozen plants in little pots for Christmas and the very next day she destroyed them by pouring boiling water on them. Poor plants.

The devil got her way

My brother religiously took his medication for depression, and played the role of a witness. No comments – was his stance. On February 14 this year, my mother breathed her last. Now Jomini, (means – she-devil in Bengali, that’s why I am calling her that) is the sole owner, disburser of all the property and struts around with a sense of victory. Her sole aim of laying her hands on the property and wealth accomplished.

Jomini, the gold digger had finally declared in a recent outburst that she married my brother only for the wealth. Something that the whole world had guessed right from the beginning!

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  1. I married a filipina gold digger 11 years ago and she was undermining our marriage from the word go.She just married me just to get to Australia I am now divorcing the s*&% who expected to get all my assets but she took the wrong advice from her filipina friends and now will get less than 5% in a divorce settlement as she did not contributed one cent into out marriage but spent all the money she made to compete with her friends by buying expensive jewellery,clothes and shoes and she is now living in a chicken cage apartment when she could have been in a nice house with swimming pool,new car every 3 to 4 years.KARMA always win at the end.I hope she ROT in hell for eternity.

  2. Are these girls for real!Such a horrible experience. And while my sympathies are with your brother, I am still wondering why he chose to stay in this marriage?

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