Relationship Advice for Men

what turns women on

18 Scientifically Backed Things That Turn Women On

You should care about what a woman thinks if you’re planning to get into a relationship with her. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, you must always focus on how best you make her comfortable. People may advise you to use such-and-such lines or smile in a way that you think is hot (but is not). However, what always works is that you make a connection with her mind more than her body.

what women want from men

What Women Want From Men

The top picks for women? Humor, intelligence, honesty, kindness, and values. However, it’s worth noting that ‘good looks,’ ‘facial attractiveness,’ and ‘fitness’ were all rather high up on the women’s’ list as well. Curiously, ‘money,’ social status,’ and ‘prosperity’ were all at the bottom of the list, which seems to run counter to what other studies have concluded.

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