Toxic marriage


11 Expert Tips To Stop Being Toxic In A Relationship

Having a lot of fights in your relationship and don’t know how to figure out who is the toxic one? Read this expert piece and find out if you are the toxic one and how to stop being toxic in a relationship.

codependent relationship quiz

Codependent Relationship Quiz

Codependency is one of the most toxic and dysfunctional bonds you can share with someone. This does not necessarily have to be a romantic partner – it could be a parent, friend, sibling, or relative. This short and easy quiz will help you figure out if you’re in a codependent relationship or not. Relationship and …

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finding peace after a toxic relationship

7 Steps To Find Peace After A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship can end up instilling anxiety and insecurities deep into your psyche. With the help of psychologist Kranti Momin, let’s figure out how to find peace after going through a toxic relationship.

Marriage, Madness and Murder

Marriage, Madness And Murder: The Betty Broderick Story

Betty Broderick is based on a story of murder and madness that rocked America in the 80s. It dramatizes with murky intensity Betty’s marriage to Dan Broderick, its gradual dissolution, and the aftermath leading to a double murder