11 Signs You Are In A Negative Relationship

Signs You Are In A Negative Relationship

Do you know what’s worse than dealing with negative thoughts? Dealing with negative people with negative thoughts in negative relationships. Yes, that’s too many negatives, but that’s the point, that too much negativity can be detrimental to a relationship.

If you are currently in a negative relationship, you probably find yourself asking, “Is this normal?” When you’re in a negative relationship, getting through the day gets harder and harder. Negative relationships have a way of sucking the energy out of you and making daily life seem like a struggle.

Being in a relationship with a negative person is a ditch many people fall into. Getting out of it is another matter altogether. It’s easy to blame yourself and wonder if you deserve better. But here’s a fact for you: You do deserve better and it’s time you get it. This post will help you identify if you are dating a negative person and how to walk away from them without feeling guilty.

The surprising thing is that negative relationships examples are found aplenty and yet, most victims lack the words to describe negative relationships and articulate their problems. We brought in an expert to help with exactly that!
Psychotherapist Dr. Chavi Bhargava Sharma (Masters in Psychology) has vast experience in diverse spheres of mental health and wellness, including relationship counseling. She compares negative relationships with spoilt food items. She explains, “Dating a negative person is like eating a dish that has turned bad. It might look good enough from the outside, but it will eventually leave you with a bad aftertaste.”

11 Signs That You Might Be In A Negative Relationship

There are various signs of a negative relationship. From the outside, negative relationships don’t seem all that different from regular relationships. For the involved persons, however, differentiating between the two can be the key to a lifetime of happiness.

“Am I in a negative relationship?”

That was the question Mary had to ask herself when her then-boyfriend, Andrew asked her to marry him. They had only been dating for a few months and he popped the question all of a sudden. Being a close friend, Mary had discussed with me the many serious issues they had been struggling with. But she hadn’t given it any serious thought until the proposal came. Eventually, she realized it was a negative relationship she was stuck in and broke up with Andrew. Serious life mistake averted!

But not everyone gets a last moment wake-up call like Mary. You might not see your negative relationship for what it truly is until it’s too late. Don’t risk it. Pay attention to the 11 signs of a negative relationship mentioned below and see where your relationship stands.

1) Your partner doesn’t show any personal growth

If someone is stuck in a rut, it can be hard for them to see the bigger picture of what’s going on in their lives. They may treat their loved ones unfairly because of their small thinking. If that sounds like your partner, then you might be dating a negative person with no worthwhile goal in their life.

There’s a chance your partner may be unaware of this problem. You could try sharing your personal life goals with them. See if that gets them out of their negative mindset. But if it doesn’t, then you might want to end the relationship. The price of staying in negative relationships where the potential for growth seems limited, or nil, is often too great.

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2) Your partner has trouble making and keeping friends

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Negative people tend to repel other individuals in their life. Nobody wants to be around a person that leaves them drained and desolate. If your partner finds it difficult to maintain friendships or other meaningful connections, then you might be dating a negative person.

Eventually, people who are stuck in negative relationships also end up losing their friendships. They carry their relationship problems with them and make others uncomfortable with their unhappiness. Unless you are ready to lose all your friends for the sake of a negative relationship, you might want to end the latter.

Dr. Chavi advises, “Negativity is one of the most harmful aspects of modern relationships. It is capable of destroying the strongest emotional bonds. Deterioration of friendships and other meaningful connections is often a sign that the person is suffering from a negative mindset.”

Infographic on signs you are in a negative relationship
Signs you are in a negative relationship

3) Communication problems

If there is a lack of communication between two people in a relationship, then there are bound to be problems. Communication issues are often signs of a negative relationship. The lack of communication can stem from many different things. But no matter what the origin, any lack of communication can create negativity in the relationship.

If someone is constantly making excuses for why they cannot talk to you or will not respond when you reach out to them, then they probably don’t have any interest in the relationship lasting.

4) You constantly feel bad about yourself

When you are in a relationship with a negative person, it affects your overall demeanor. You don’t behave naturally around your partner. It could be because they keep putting you down or make you feel as if you are not good enough. This can be extremely damaging to your mental health.

Your partner should not only bring out the best in you but also help you become the kind of person you aspire to be. But dating a negative person can make it hard to even be yourself. Being in negative relationships with such people can end up with you doubting if you deserve happiness and success in life.

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5) You start avoiding your partner

You often find reasons why spending time together isn’t a good idea anymore — maybe because you’re busy or because you don’t want to argue about something minor again. And even though part of you wants to fix things, being with them feels like being punished.

This is one of the most telling signs of a negative relationship. And if you are avoiding your partner every chance you get, then you should do both of you a favor and end the relationship.

signs you should stay away from someone

6) Things are always tense

A good relationship is both rewarding and fun. The two of you should be able to enjoy each other’s company and feel comfortable with each other. If you’re always on edge or dreading your time together, this is a sign that things need to change.

Being around a negative person is often enough to ruin your day. If you stay in a negative relationship for too long, you could end up ruining your life.

7) You get into arguments over the smallest things

Every couple has issues, but if small disagreements always escalate into huge fights, this is a sign that something more serious is going on. Healthy relationships are not built around constant conflict. They need cooperation and compromise to flourish. Not a clashing of heads, opinions, and egos.

Constant fights are signs of a negative relationship. And they are a reason enough to end the relationship and get some much-needed peace of mind for yourself.

8) You don’t listen to each other

We have already discussed how good communication is essential to any healthy relationship. But more than communicating to and with your partner, sometimes, you just need to hear them out. It could solve a lot of your relationship’s unresolved issues.

But if you find yourself unable to deal with the barrage of negativity that comes out of your partner’s mouth, then the relationship is damaged. If you find that you rarely listen to what your partner has to say or they rarely listen to what you have to say, this could be an issue worth exploring further.

9) You can’t be yourself around them

You should feel free to be your true self around your partner. Although relationships are not just about doing whatever you like, freedom is a key component of happy relationships.

If you can’t enjoy the things you like when you’re with your partner — whether it’s listening to loud music, talking loudly, or even swearing now and again — then the relationship will start to smother you and feel like a trap. Your partner should love the real you. If they don’t like the fundamental aspects of who you are, then there’s probably something wrong with your relationship.

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10) They make excuses for their behavior

Negative people often have trouble taking responsibility for their actions. They refuse to see themselves in a negative light. If your partner does things that upset you, but makes excuses instead of accepting their mistakes, then you are probably dating a negative person.

Constantly making excuses is a sign that the person has no desire to make changes. Negative people find it difficult to confront their insecurities and work on them. If you are tired of your partner’s excuses, it is time you make a call about where the relationship should go from there.

11) Constant negative thoughts about relationship

Never ignore your instincts when it comes to matters of the heart. If you are struggling with constant negative thoughts about the relationship, there might be a good reason behind it. When you spend a big chunk of your day around a negative person, some of their negativity seeps into your mind as well. Your thought pattern gets affected. You start having constant negative thoughts about the relationship, work, and other aspects of your life.

Are you in a negative relationship
Dating a negative person can make your life toxic

Negative thinking about relationships, health, and finances can become a detrimental factor in your daily life. It can feel like a giant boulder, weighing you down. Battling with constant negative thoughts about the relationship might be the final sign you need to change things for good.

Reading about and examining negative relationship examples can be an opportunity to gauge where your relationship stands. If you encounter any of the above signs in your relationship, don’t brush them off. While a few bad traits or some relationship issues may not seem like a big deal at first, over time it can have serious consequences on your mental health. If you suspect that you might be in a negative relationship, consider addressing the situation to improve your mental health.

Expert-recommended solutions to deal with the issue

Just as being in a relationship tells you a lot about your partner, your own behavior can tell you quite a bit about the nature of the relationship. How do you behave around your partner? Do you look forward to being with them and spending time with them?

Try answering these questions and also look for the signs discussed above, in your partner as well as yourself. If there are any that ring true for you, consider spending some time reevaluating the relationship and your own emotional state.

Dr. Chavi believes that negative relationships can be turned around if the couple as a unit is willing to improve. “In case of long-standing marriages, especially if children are involved, the couple can and should improve their relationship with dedicated efforts”, she insists before adding, “If the relationship is in the initial stages, however, getting out of it might be the better alternative.”

A negative relationship can be difficult to deal with and therapy can help you make sense of your emotions and find a way forward. With a multitude of experienced, licensed therapists on Bonobology’s panel, help is only a click away.

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