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We asked married people their darkest fantasies and this is what they said…

What are the secret fantasies people have, that only their marriage stops them from indulging in?
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Suppose you weren’t married. What are the fantasies you have that you would like to make real? We asked a few people and this is what they had to say:

Female: Oh I would love to travel the world with a man other than my husband and son. To rediscover myself in a new world and in a new light and preferably walking around those lesser known cities and paths. Where no one knows me or even my partner.


Female: I want to go on a girls’ trip, get drunk, party hard and fall in love with a stranger, just to realise that he is a big shot gangster but madly in love with me. If I had to compare with someone in real life, maybe someone like Randeep Hooda.


married life

Female: I think I miss that thrill of an early relationship phase when the man is just getting to know you and you haven’t revealed yourself completely to him. That phase never comes back in a relationship once it has progressed.


Female: Flirting and romance is the only thing on my mind, oh and also travel to exotic locales and to go deep sea diving.


Male: I would want to be moving around hand in hand with an extremely good looking woman, in the most exciting shopping areas. Would want to please her as well, quite obviously. Women like a man who enjoys accompanying her shopping.


Female: I’d like to check out Tinder and maybe chat with a few guys there… Frankly, just general stuff. It would be nice to have someone try to impress me. And flirt with me…


Female: Finding a sugar daddy and being bathed in diamonds


Male: Go to a tantra workshop and find someone to practice all their teachings! And that someone should be French!


Male: Me, I’d love to have a threesome with married women, preferably somewhere risky like in public


Male: There is this young woman I lust after. She too kind of reciprocates but not with the same intensity. I fantasise about making out with her regularly – in the car, on the beach, in a cinema hall, in the first class coupe of a train, in the garden, in the balcony, on the rooftop, in the trial room of a store… I want her to use the filthiest possible words as we make love, words in Hindi which would make me cringe during normal times.


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  1. Wow.. seems truth of minds coming out and yes every individual has fantasies, may be no one agrees…

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