What makes a woman attractive to a man?

13 Female Physical Features That Attract A Man Immensely

When it comes to what do guys look for in a woman’s appearance, science has its own answers based on fertility and health. But what about when you want to leave him awestruck? We’re here to help you out with a list of 13 features that make a woman attractive physically.

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A homemaker's fantasies

Top 7 fantasies of a home maker

A homemaker’s fantasies Homemakers have the craziest of lives and work schedules. Managing kids, handling everything under the sun and getting it in order while doing their own work, is a gruelling task. So, for a homemaker, certain fantasies do take root, and I set out to explore them. My sister has been a homemaker …

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Couple in beach

Contest – Where The Stars Bathe

Love. An emotion so elusive, so oblivious to its origin, nonetheless endures as an eternal mint of hope and happiness. Do we need a stipulated day for its celebration? Love is an exquisite feeling making two analogous solitudes intertwine in the darkest alley of their lives. Ten years ago, my wanderlust soul was tangled within …

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