5 Reasons You Should Travel Alone Even If You’re Married

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Updated On: February 15, 2024
Reasons for solo travel

“A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.”
– Thomas Payne.

Mankind has legs. So does womankind . Which means you’re free to travel and wander as they please. Your reasons for solo travel cannot/should not depend on if you are single or married, straight or gay. You travel to test your gut, to explore beyond regions and one shouldn’t abandon the thirst of wanderlust for a marital status.

Your wings should not be clipped by an overly possessive partner who wants to put you on a leash after marriage. Solo travel without a partner will teach you so many things and make you more independent. You will have unforgettable experiences that will give you the confidence to face any problem in life.

5 Reasons Why Solo Travel While Married Is Good

Not many are okay with an independent married woman traveling alone. They have their reasons, but you don’t need to get weighed down by their opinions. The benefits of solo trips are innumerable, and they will give you an air of self-confidence that you’ve never had before.

So if you’re looking for reasons for solo travel, we’re giving you 5, because we really want you to get out and have the best time of your life!

Marriage means together, not tied down

You have had reasons to travel solo all your life, it pleases you and confirms self-belief. So why stop now, after marriage? Think of all the reasons you shouldn’t travel alone and consider them carefully- are they really that big of a deal that you should stop doing the thing that you love the most?

Getting married shouldn’t be a roadblock to your wanderlust. It asserts your independence, ignites your passion and if you partner cannot be on board with the idea of solo travel while married, is he the right partner for you?

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You are responsible for your happiness

Advantages of traveling alone are that it makes you self-sufficient and strong. These are qualities that cannot be gifted to you by anyone else. The self-sufficiency needed to travel solo is something no one can explain to you – you need to do it to feel it yourself.

When all is said and done and the trip completed, the happiness is unparalleled. There is a sense of satisfaction you get from travelling alone. It makes you realize you don’t need someone to make you feel complete within yourself.

Reasons to travel solo
Traveling solo makes you self-sufficient and strong

Solo travel clears your head

After marriage, things can get hectic; you have a family to take care of, and overall you feel like you can’t find any reasons for solo travel. There are things you share and things you cannot. If a wife goes on vacation without a husband, it doesn’t mean she is leaving her family behind (that’s the lie society feeds us).

Everyone needs a time-out to deal with their mental and emotional vulnerabilities. Going on solo exploration trips doesn’t only let you clear your head for a while, but builds up your ability to think straight and get back to your married life with a fuller, better version of yourself.

Apart from that, you reconnect with a part of yourself you thought you had lost in the shuffle of life. Those are the very benefits of solo trips – you will be able to reconnect with yourself after years of devoting your time and energy towards your husband, kids, and work.

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Time away is healthy

Relationships that crumble under the pretext of distance are not strong enough. If you want to solo travel without your husband and he isn’t okay with it, he’s insecure and probably doesn’t trust you to go so far away because he can’t trust you. Is that really a healthy relationship?

Traveling alone to new continents is putting your mind in track with your life, a change of scenery to contemplate your own needs and wants from life. If getting married is a need of society, traveling is an individual desire. If a husband can’t manage the problems in long distance for even a little bit, don’t waste your time with someone who can’t respect your personal space.

The reunion is sweet

Traveling alone is spiritually enlightening. After exploration, when you come back home, the union with your partner and family is sweeter than nectar because at the end of the day, there is no place like home. But sometimes, to appreciate it, you need to travel.

Encourage him to travel solo too. Tell him all the experiences you’ve had, all the lessons you’ve learnt, and all the new friends you’ve made. If you really love someone, this is the least you can do for them. And if all the travel stories bring you closer together, you know this relationship is meant to be. That’s the secret to a great marriage.

Married woman traveling alone

All the reasons to travel solo are before you so, take the plunge and get lost in forests or beaches to rediscover the you who who often gets lost in the humdrum of life. Do what you’ve been craving to do- it could be the beach, the mountains, or even life in a new city.

Solo travel while married is a must-do activity to help you grow and become self-sufficient. You can’t always depend on your husband on your family to have fun. Nobody in this world understands you better than you yourself. So do what you love and begin your journey of wanderlust.


1. Is it wrong to travel without your spouse?

Absolutely not! In fact it is important for you to travel solo to become more self-sufficient and explore the world the way you want to, and learn all about new cultures, cuisines, and a fresh perspective on the way to live your life.

2. Do couples take separate vacations?

Yes, the couples who are highly functional and practical do. They are not insecure of each other’s independence, on the contrary they want their spouse to flourish and make the most of their life.

3. Is solo travel selfish?

Not at all. You need to understand that the benefits of solo travel is what is going to toughen you and prepare you to face life’s problems head-on. Solo travel will make you strong and wise, and broaden your knowledge and opinions on a lot of subjects.

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