Dating An Independent Woman- 15 Things You Should Know

Dating An Independent Woman
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Dating an independent woman should not appear as some kind of daunting or challenging task that must best be avoided. In fact, you should be super kicked that you are dating someone who has a mind of her own, money of her own, can hold fort if there is a serious discussion on politics and can actually give you sensible advice on your professional progress.

Dating an independent woman is something that most men seek these days because it brings a fresh perspective to their own lives. To love a strong independent woman does not diminish one’s own importance or makes you any smaller. It can change your life for the better.

Christina always grew up watching her mother lurking in the shadows of her father. She lacked financial freedom or any kind of decision making freedom. Her father was the head of the household and made decisions for everybody else. Christina knew that her parents were never equals. Ever since then she knew she had to be different.

Dating An Independent Woman – 15 Things You Should Know

Dating an independent woman is simply dating a person who has a mind of her own and can easily furnish themselves with happiness and security. There are many benefits to dating an independent woman contrary to what has been popularly believed over the years. To have a strong and healthy relationship, dating an independent woman can help you sustain that relationship.

Christina is now a very independent woman. She lives in her own home and finances pretty much everything herself. A lot of men find that scary about her but that does not mean she is not warm or caring. She is still kind and is an extremely loving person.

When you’re with such a woman, the responsibility of maintaining the relationship emotionally and financially, rests on both your shoulders. There are some ways to navigate your relationship and understand what an independent woman needs from a man. Here are 15 things you should know when dating an independent woman.

1. Sharing responsibilities

Dating an independent woman is not about handing over the reins, but about having both sets of hands controlling them. One of the greatest benefits of dating an independent woman is that she will always be happy to share responsibilities with you.

From financial planning for the future to deciding where to get dinner on a Saturday night, your woman will never back down from taking these decisions.

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2. You can be yourself

Like mentioned before, dating an independent woman is not something that is going to turn your life around unexpectedly. When an independent woman falls in love, she still does love like every other woman.

She will love you for who you are and you can always be your true self around her. People assume independent women use gaslighting phrases or emotionally manipulate their partners. That generalization is unfair and untrue.

3. Space is key

space in a relationship
Space in relationship

Giving an independent woman space in a relationship is something she will value and need. What an independent woman needs from a man is sometimes for him to just walk away.

If she is independent, she probably likes to reflect upon things on her own and does not need to be smothered. Dating an independent woman is about knowing when and how to become reclusive and let her be.

Christina takes her space almost too seriously. When she is low or has had a rough day at work, she will put on her favorite film, grab a glass of wine and take some time off to chill alone. The best thing about dating an independent woman, is that they don’t always need a knight in shining armor. They know how to be their own.

4. She still wants to feel loved

Just because she is independent, does not mean she disapproves of being spoiled. As a woman in love, she also wants to feel needed, loved and cared for. Romancing an independent woman is not too different from romancing anyone else.

She will let you pay the bill every now and then or bring her flowers. She will not always turn away your cheesy advances. Do not tone down your love and affection for her because she’s only independent and not arrogant.

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5. It can take time to win her over

Independent women do not often fall for men too quickly or trust easily. Since they are so self sufficient, they are never looking hard for a boyfriend and definitely won’t settle. If you are dating an independent woman, get ready to show her that you mean it. Here’s how to impress a girl on a date.

It took Caleb a while to win over Christina. She was always so headstrong and occupied in her work, it took her too long to even notice that Caleb was falling in love too fast with her. Unless Caleb really took the stage and tried to woo her, she had no idea and was just going about her life thinking Caleb was only her friend.

6. She is very direct with you

Independent women do not have the time or the energy for futile conversations. She is not the type of woman who will beat around the bush or sugarcoat things to protect your feelings.

When an independent woman falls in love, she takes it seriously and believes in a good load of tough love. She will always be honest and direct with you when you are wrong.

When Caleb’s new business plan was falling apart, Christina didn’t just show up with takeout to his workplace to make him feel better. She told him what she could see was not working out. She tried to give him constructive criticism instead of coddling him.

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7. She is not high maintenance

Or she could be, but she knows how to maintain herself. One of the benefits of dating an independent woman is that she is not high maintenance. She does not need you to see her every single day or text her all the time.

She will be just fine if you get caught up at work one night and miss a dinner date. An independent woman will not create a fuss or throw a tantrum at minor problems.

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8. She is insightful and wise

An independent woman is someone who has learned to live on their own terms. That point usually arrives after significant experience and introspection. Having learned so much, she will always have a piece of advice for you. This will ensure you have a healthy relationship.

Christina having seen so much in her own household as a child, grew up faster than her siblings. She knew things at a tender age that could take years for people to realise. As an independent woman, she took the learnings of her past to make her a better person today.

With her anecdotes and her observations, she will always enthrall you with a perspective that you may not have had. She is happy on her own but she is a woman of the world and she will let you know it.

9. She can clean up her own mess

Even if things are going extremely awry in her life and she does not feel the need to share everything with you, it is not because she doesn’t love you. Independent women often can and prefer to clean up their own messes if they can.

Dating an independent woman is dating someone who knows how to fix their own problems. Don’t expect her to call for you at the most minor inconvenience because she can handle it on her own.

10. They respect your personal time

Woman enjoying time

While giving an independent woman space is important, rest assured that she will do the same for you. Having drinks with the boys, going on camping trips are all things she will not have any problems with.

In fact, they will probably use that time apart to work on themselves or catch up with their own friends. You are a free bird because she will respect your independence as much as she respects her own.

11. They don’t fear walking away

Probably because they never needed you desperately in the first place. An independent woman can love you deeply but will not tolerate things that she does not like. This does not mean that they give up. This just means that they cannot settle. There are things she will never compromise on in a relationship.

If you’re losing interest, she won’t chase you and if you’re treating her wrong, she won’t sit and let you do it. She may give you a few chances before she leaves but saying goodbye will not be hard for her.

Christina is crazy in love with Caleb but that does not mean he can just get away with anything. The moment things go off track, she will tell Caleb what she thinks he is doing wrong. She is vocal, strong and not afraid to lose anyone at the risk of her own self respect.

12. She needs a strong partner

Being not so needy herself, an independent woman might not be able to put up with a very needy partner. What an independent woman really needs from a man, is a guy who can take care of himself too.

While she will always be willing to offer support and care for you, independent people like to see people who can help themselves. They do not have the energy for drama queens.

Be assured that she wouldn’t be creating dramas, and asking for sympathy and she will expect the same from you.

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13. They are emotionally supportive

Dating an independent woman is dating a person who loves themselves but loves the people around them even more. Contrary to what is normally assumed of them, independent women are not selfish or rude. They are the complete opposite.

Being so strong and self-reliant on their own, independent women muster up the energy to do the same for other people. When an independent woman falls in love, she will offer help and support as much as she can.

Christina is 28 years old and still takes care of her little sisters like she is their mother. She knows they need a strong role model and she tries to be a good one for them every single day.

14. She may be set in her own ways

When a woman has worked hard to be the person she is, she may not be as quickly adjusting as some people. Having built herself and her life in the way she likes, she may not want anyone to disrupt that.

From her wall hangings to how she takes her tea, an independent woman may not always take your advice. But that is nothing personal and has nothing to do with her love for you. She could just have a stubborn side. Here are some conflict resolution strategies you can try to deal with the same.

Also, an independent woman is most often wise about her hard-earned money and she would have her savings and investments. Don’t keep asking her about that, it might put her off.

15. She wants you

being with an independent woman
Couple together

Putting you on an ego trip here, but this is very true. One of the signs of an independent woman is that she normally does not need anyone. Often she has a line of men waiting to take their chance on her. If she is with you, she cares about you deeply.

Despite everything good or bad that Christina is, Caleb knows she loves him dearly. Whenever he needs her, she is only a call away. Christina does not care for Caleb because she has to, she does it because she wants to.

An independent woman does not need you everyday in her life but rather carves out that space and fits you in because she wants to make that choice. She is not dependent, she is just in love.

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Dating An Independent Woman – Dos and Donts


  • Give her space: She does not need you hovering over her at a party or calling her everyday in her lunch break. An independent woman likes her personal time and she needs to be with someone who can respect it.
  • Be clear about your expectations with her: Independent women do not like to beat around the bush so it is best to just lay it all on the table. Discuss all your concerns and expectation with her openly. She will always value and respect anything that you have to say.
  • Tell her you love her: Even though she is self-reliant, she is with you because she wants to love and wants to be loved. Continue pampering her and making her feel special regardless of how confident and bold she is without you.


  • Make decisions for her: An independent woman may value your opinion and advice but do not try to throw it on her. She will respect you but not always agree with you.
  • Try to make her jealous : An independent woman will never fall for that type of thing. In fact, she will only be repulsed or offended by it. Do not try to make her jealous in order to win her. Talk to her openly instead.
  • Take advantage of her open attitude: An independent woman will give you a lot of independence too. But that does not make it an excuse to do anything you want and slowly drift apart. It is still a relationship with the two of you in it.

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