5 things men do to make a woman feel insecure

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Girls watch out for these signs and speak up!

Men have the absolute ability to drive ladies to the edge of insanity when it comes to relationship security. Staying out too late, forgetting to text, commenting on their ex’s posts and photos, men do such things that make a woman feel insecure.

You are probably a secure and strong woman, but at times your partner might say or do such things that make you feel really insecure.

Things men do to make a woman feel insecure 

Most of the time our partners try to make us feel good about ourselves but sometimes they have the opposite effect. Some men say or do certain things that even they do not realize or are clueless about the effect it has on women.

They act surprised to hear that their actions have made their women upset. These things can be interpreted in different ways by men and women.

It’s always said that women are really complicated and hard to please, while, women look for small things and find happiness in those small things. But if you are taking her out for lunch and then ogling at the waitress then you should think twice.

So, guys, listen up!

These are the things that you do and say that make your woman feel insecure. So try to avoid these.

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Readers Comments On “5 things men do to make a woman feel insecure”

  1. Only insecure men with low self-esteem do this. It gives them a sense of control, validation and masculinity. Men like this work with limiting self-beliefs- controlling a woman, keeping her on her toes will increase attraction and keep her loyal. Confident men make their women feel secure because they value the woman and the relationship.

  2. men have different realities where the truth is concerned.Their perspectives may not match with women’s.so, no use expecting the truth.In order to find internal peace, one has to stop thinking of the male factor as an important part of one’s being.He is so he is.Let the woman progress with her life…

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