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Long distance relationship anniversary ideas

18 Romantic Long-Distance Relationship Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Maintaining the spark in our long-distance relationship requires spending virtual time together and making time for each other. It is crucial to recognize and cherish small moments with your LDR partner, so it goes without saying that you must celebrate your long-distance relationship anniversary.

If you can’t be together on that important day and are wondering how to celebrate your first long-distance relationship anniversary, I am here to assist you in finding some of the greatest ways to celebrate. These wonderful suggestions will keep you connected and honor this momentous occasion in a heartfelt and romantic way, I promise.

why does my relationship feel off

10 Things To Do When Your Relationship Feels Off

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you might feel like you’ve lost the spark. Everything may have felt exciting at first, but as time passes, you may begin to notice that things have become monotonous. As a result, you may find yourself unable to shake off the “something is off in my relationship” feeling, or find yourself wondering, “Why does my relationship feel off?” 

Clear signs he likes you more than you think

17 Sureshot Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Have you ever wished for a portal or a doorway into his soul so you could know exactly how he feels? You keep searching online for the “signs he likes you but is playing it cool” or you wonder if you’ve been reading the room wrong.
It is not always simple to tell if a guy is excited to see you or if he’s into you but try to notice things like these: when he brightens up in your presence or when a guy notices you changed your hairstyle. If you’re watchful enough, you can even spot the signs he likes you.

Clear signs he likes you more than you think

15 Clear Signs He Likes You More Than You Think

He seems to like you, he pays attention, he is extra nice, and the way he looks at you … well, are these signs he sees you as someone special? You’ve been trying to figure it out on your own, “Does he like me or am I imagining it?” This is particularly true if the other person is not forthcoming about their feelings, leaving you to guess and second-guess where you stand with them. Why is it so hard to tell if someone likes you, right? So, are there any signs he likes you more than you think? Actually, there are.

Dating a vegan

Are You A Non-Vegan Dating A Vegan? 15 Tips To Help You

As the plant-based lifestyle continues to gain popularity, there are more meat-eaters dating vegans now. While dating a vegan is like dating anyone else, yet you might occasionally bump into the “Veganism ruined my relationship” people to the “Our relationship is still going strong even after years” people. I was personally introduced to veganism when I was dating a vegan girl in high school. And trust me, there’s always room to learn new things.

Signs your ex never loved you.

13 Painful Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Never Loved You

Every relationship goes through different stages; a few sustain and a few deteriorate. None of it happens in a blink of an eye or overnight. There are always multiple red flags that you may have ignored because you were so smitten with your ex. However, a lack of clarity about how a partner felt about you can make dealing with a breakup far messier. 

types of guys who stay single

14 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single And Why They Do

It’s tough being single. The dating scene is a minefield of people who don’t seem to have the same intentions as you. It’s not just women who are choosing to stay single nowadays, there are various types of guys who stay single too, though the reasons may vary.

No To A Proposal

How To Say No To A Proposal – 12 Polite Ways

Being in a relationship is one thing but committing to someone for your whole life is another. Declining a proposal may seem hard but you cannot marry someone just because you love them. You have to consider factors like your career, alignment of goals and compatibility, money, and personal dreams. If you are wondering how to reject a marriage proposal nicely or how to politely tell someone you’re not interested when they propose to you, we have got you. Here are 12 polite ways to turn down a proposal.

how to ask a coworker out

13 Respectful Ways To Ask A Coworker For A Date

Office romances may seem clichéd to some, but they are quite common. It is common to feel warmth for someone when you spend practically all of your time with them. So do you want to go on a date with your coworker? Are you wondering how to ask a colleague out? If they say yes, would it only be a passing fling?

how to stop being a nice guy in a relationship

How To Stop Being A Nice Guy In A Relationship

Several factors put the burden or a tag of being a nice guy on your shoulders. For instance, reluctantly agreeing to something when you want to say no or holding yourself back from expressing an opinion out of a desire to please others. You are considered a nice guy if you do these things. When it comes to romantic relationships, the nice guy label is associated with a person who does things not always out of kindness, care, or love, but sometimes with ulterior motives such as rewards and recognition, albeit subconsciously. You may very well believe that being nice and saying yes all the time will get you a date or two but that is not always the case. In fact, it could be one of the reasons you are not taken seriously or are overlooked in many situations, causing heartbreak.