17 Sureshot Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

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Updated On: February 29, 2024
Clear signs he likes you more than you think

Have you ever wished for a portal or a doorway into his soul so you could know exactly how he feels? You keep searching online for the “signs he likes you but is playing it cool” or you wonder if you’ve been reading the room wrong. A study published in Psychological Science finds that a woman is more attracted to a man when she is uncertain about how much he likes her. So, him playing it cool could actually work in his favor. 

But the truth is, many men struggle to communicate effectively. This is because much of the media and upbringing they are exposed to encourages men to be the stoic, silent types who keep their feelings to themselves — even in front of the person they romantically like.

We get it, it is not always simple to tell if a guy is excited to see you or if he’s into you but try to notice things like these: when he brightens up in your presence or when a guy notices you changed your hairstyle. If you’re watchful enough, you can even spot the signs he likes you over a text!

17 Sureshot Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

According to a Reddit user, who currently likes someone but is playing it cool, “I try to give her compliments whenever I can, but nothing too out of context. Whenever we’re out late with friends, I make sure she gets home safely, I try to make her laugh, and I choose the correct timing and situation for my jokes while also taking into consideration her humor and taste in jokes. There may be more stuff, but these are the major ones. We also usually try to act tougher in front of the women we are attracted to, like keeping a nice posture, having a relaxed but at the same time powerful stance.”

Sometimes, you don’t have to read between the lines and determine where you two stands, as there are pretty clear signs of a guy’s interest in you. Therefore, pay attention to these 17 Sureshot signs he likes you but is playing it cool. 

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1. He’ll give his feelings away through his body language

If he often stares at you, it’s one of the signs of a guy’s interest in you. You might think it is difficult to decode what is going in a guy’s head when you catch him staring at you. Lingering eye contact is always a clear sign that a man likes you. You will find him staring at you and when you look in his direction, he’ll look away so that you won’t catch him red-handed. 

  • He gets (evidently) conscious about his looks and words around you. His eye contact with you is usually more intense than with anyone else
  • He’ll direct his chest and feet toward you and will constantly check to see if you notice him
  • He’ll start blushing when you look at or talk to him directly

According to research, one of the factors of attraction is Proximity Effect. Proximity Effect is the positive correlation between the amount of time spent together and the attraction between people. People seek closeness with the people they like. 

Whenever you’re together, you can notice his changing body language. Sometimes you catch him reaching out his hand to touch you, but he hesitates and withdraws it. He might not speak to you, but he will find a way to sit next to you or be near you.

Is he playing me? Quiz

2. He loves sending you cryptic signals

Do you both text each other often? He probably also checks in on you a lot because “we are friends”. But you don’t need us to tell you that things are rapidly approaching intensity if you start receiving good night and good morning texts from him. 

It is his way of letting you know that you are the first person who comes to his mind after waking up and going to bed. It is quite easy to differentiate between how guys text when they like you and how they do it when they are just considering you as a friend. This is one of the signs he likes you over text. 

He’ll tell you “You are such a great person, I love being around you every day,” but then at the same time, he’ll invite you to a dinner party as his plus one only because “I don’t want to be the only one there who’s single”. In his mind, it’s a date, but he is trying to play it cool.

3. He remembers the smallest details about you

A guy who likes you will remember everything he gets to know about you. Just because he is playing it cool does not mean he will not even try to make you think about him. Even if he does not make grand gestures to express his feelings, he may occasionally buy you your favorite flower, invite you to your favorite restaurant, give you a thoughtful gift, buy your favorite candy at the grocery store, and do anything that makes you wonder: “How come he remembers such a tiny detail about me?”

When asked how to tell if a guy is excited to see you, Sakshi Sasane (straksxy), a social media manager from Mumbai, said, “You can see his excitement. In his voice, the way he behaves around you, the way he always makes plans with you in advance, and not only that, but he also even remembers small details like my favorite sauce combination for my subway.” 

So, if a guy remembers such stuff about you or notices you a lot but then shrugs it off by saying, “I’m just observant” or “I just have a good memory”, he is into you but is playing it cool.

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4. He is all ears for you

A guy who likes you will subconsciously want to tell you that he is interested in you. So, if you talk to him, he’ll give you his undivided attention. He would put his phone down or leave whatever he was doing when you talk. He asks you questions, too that show his interest in you and your life.

He’ll tease you for your silly ideas and will beg you to not repeat them but will listen to you anyway. So, if you are experiencing something similar, let us tell you that this is one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

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5. He always wants to be your hero

A guy who secretly likes you doesn’t know how to say “no” to you. So, whenever you’re in trouble, he’s the first person to offer help. If he likes you and you mention a problem, he’ll probably start scouring his head for solutions.

This is the only way he feels that he has earned your love. Therefore, the guy who likes you might do favors for you that you ask for or perhaps don’t ask for – so that he can feel close to you. If you are still wondering if he loves you or not, trust us this is one of the psychological indicators of interest from a guy.  

If a guy says things like “Oh, I was just nearby so I came by” or “I saw your favorite chocolates in the shop right at the counter, so I grabbed them for you”, he is into you but is playing it cool.

6. He compliments you in a unique way

Everyone tells you that you have lovely hair or are one of the most beautiful people they know. It is normal when a guy notices you change your hair color or style or if you wear a stylish outfit, but this guy’s observations go beyond the prominent aspects of your beauty. Here’s what he might say to you:

  • Your ability to recall random factoids at just the right times is impressive
  • You have such a deep understanding of Greek literature, I can learn so much from you
  • You have such a great personality. I enjoy talking to you
  • Somehow, you make time to stop and fly all at the same time
  • Your sense of humor is as unique as you

If a guy notices stuff about you that is more than just on-the-surface information, it is because he is interested in you. You can say that he is trying to be as subtle as he can by complimenting you on aspects other than your looks. It is one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

7. He is your #1 cheerleader

If a guy likes you, he will encourage you to achieve your greatest potential. He’ll undoubtedly go out of his way to make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to achieve your goals. This is his way of showing you his love.

This kind of guy may appreciate your performance or work, but you will find it strange that he does not praise you openly. It could be because he doesn’t want his feelings and thoughts to be evident to others. So, if you’re running a business, he will like every Instagram post you put up about it (he might even buy a product or two), but he might have yet to talk to you about it personally. 

He's your cheerleader and you can sense the spark
He’s your cheerleader and you can sense the spark

8. Signs he likes you but is playing it cool – You sense the spark

Romance can be perplexing. People can give mixed signals (unintentionally), which makes us very uneasy and uncertain of their true feelings. But if you can feel a spark when you’re together, that guy probably likes you.

You can fear that you’re mistaken and wonder if you’re dreaming. But you can feel it in your gut. He looks at you like he’s smitten. You feel the chemistry between you. He’s not confirmed his feelings, but you’ll connect when you’re together, and your conversations will continue beyond the clock if given a chance. 

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9. He teases you

He uses teasing to get your attention. Teasing someone is a very flirty move. When trying to impress someone, he can transform from a grown-up man to a jittery pre-pubescent teen in a fraction of a second. It’s endearing when a guy acts silly around you to make you smile. Remember, though, there is a clear difference between teasing and being unpleasant or mean-spirited. 

You two might have a dynamic where you exchange humorous banter back and forth. He loves to make you laugh, but he is also good at keeping his cover. He doesn’t show a direct interest in you, but if he’s the clown in the office every time you’re around, chances are he likes you. Research suggests that playful people are more connected to their loved ones. 

10. He strikes up conversations

If a guy likes you, he will try to communicate with you as communication is important in any relationship. What may begin as an awkward conversation may develop into an excellent opportunity to get to know one another. It can be anything from a simple question about your day to your life goals. He won’t miss a single chance if he can learn more about you, like:

  • Do you have anything planned for the weekend?
  • What genre of music do you like?
  • Which quality do you find attractive in a guy?
  • What inspired you to enter this field?

If his voice trails off or if he doesn’t seem interested in the conversation you are having, he’s probably not interested in you. However, if his voice is deep and present, and he is actively interested in what you are saying, he is most likely crushing on you. This is one of the signs that a man is into you.

11. He introduces you to his loved ones

A guy who asks you to meet his pals is clearly into you. He wants to brag about you to his friends because he feels lucky you are hanging out with him. This is a definite sign that this man is in love with you. But he might not invite you to his house to meet his parents because he needs to play it cool, remember? 

Do his friends get excited when they see you two conversing or walking together? You’ve probably noticed how they try to hold back their smiles as they slyly glance at one another. They always give you two some space. Although they have never openly told you, they are shipping the two of you. He’s not telling you how he feels, either. He’s either shy, not ready, or just playing it cool.

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12. He shares a lot of details of his life with you

He may like you for who you are if he discusses his future ambitions with you rather than just talking about getting a raise. Why? Because he’s trying to gauge whether you fit into his plans as he might see you in his future.

This is one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool. He likely wants to be with you if he tells you everything that’s happening in his life and if you also know a lot about his past. He shares intimate details of his life with you. He’ll tell you a sensitive story about his family dynamics, deep secrets, his likes, and dislikes, or even what he’s having for dinner if it makes him feel a little closer to you. He overshares because he subconsciously wants you to be a part of his life.

13. He wants to know more about you

A classic sign that a guy is trying to impress you is that he will suddenly be curious about your hobbies and interests, from your favorite cartoon character to your views on world politics. Even if he’s too shy to tell you, a guy who likes you will try to get to know you through your friends, family, and even the receptionist at the coffee shop you regularly visit (he’ll do this secretly though, he can’t be too open about his feelings). 

Aside from your future, he will casually ask you about your past relationships too. This is because he wants to be more than a friend to you. He’ll let you talk about where your ex-partners went wrong so he can work on being better than them. If he does this, he probably likes you but keeps his feelings hidden. 

14. Time spent with you is never enough for him

This is what happens when a guy likes a girl/boy. He wants to spend time with you. This is one of the signs that he is emotionally attracted to you. If he puts a little more effort into creating a daily schedule that involves you, it’s safe to assume it is one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Even if he has plans, he may ditch them for you. He’ll say the plan wasn’t important, or that he would have gotten bored with the people there, or he’ll lie that your friends canceled at the last moment – just to spend more time with you.

More than friend

15. He finds excuses to touch you (not creepily)

A guy who likes you will find opportunities to touch you. So, if a guy is always ready to hug you, frequently touches your arm or shoulder, or looks for amusing reasons to be physically close to you, he may like you. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship afterall. He may try to move your hair out of your face, saying there was a small insect that he was trying to brush away. Silliness like this is one of the signs that this man is into you.

But if a guy makes you feel uneasy by touching you or pressing you too close, tell him to stop and take a step back. Please don’t be worried about hurting his feelings. He’ll apologize and promise not to do it again if he’s a decent person. Stay away from him or report him if this continues.

16. He will show off his strengths

When men want to impress someone, they seize opportunities to show off their physical strength. This is because men have been socialized to believe that the sight of a bulging and defined muscle will instantly melt hearts. 

According to research, toxic masculinity affects men by creating a deceitful image of what a physical body of a man must look like to be considered masculine or attractive. Nothing screams testosterone like helping you pick up the heaviest box or having an arm-wrestling match among pals. Keep an eye out for such signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Here’s how he’ll showcase his other strengths:

  • Showing off his smart side
  • Making sure you notice his unique sense of humor
  • Showing his interest and knowledge in your favorite activities
  • Showing that he’s financially stable

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17. He will dress to impress (you)

A sure sign that you enamor him is the sudden and subtle changes in his smell, appearance, and clothing. This typically happens when a guy likes a girl/boy and wants them to notice him or impress them. 

According to a study, men communicate more effectively through actions than words. Even if those actions are camouflaged in excuses. So, expect a “Oh, you like my shirt? Thank you. It was on sale” instead of “Thank you, I wanted to look nice for you”.

Key Pointers

  • A guy likes you if he notices you more than others and remembers small but important stuff about you
  • You can tell if a man is into you through the way he behaves around you and the way he always makes plans with you in advance
  • You can tell about a guy’s interest in you by observing how he reacts when you change your regular hat or dress a little differently
  • A classic sign that a guy is trying to impress you is that he will show a sudden curiosity for your hobbies and interests because he wants to know more about you

If you are wondering why a guy acts silly around you and looks at you the way a man looks at a woman he likes, then you might also be wondering: Why isn’t he confessing already? Well, it could be one of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool. If only it were that easy for men to express exactly what’s going through their heads


1. Is playing it cool attractive?

According to a study, you can try your hardest with that strategy but it will only work for a while. Yes, we all fear rejection; therefore, keeping our composure makes us seem less frightened. However, by acting uninterested, you come across as unconcerned.

2. How do you tell if a guy is playing it cool?

In this post, we’ve told you about various psychological indicators/signs that someone likes you but is playing it cool. You can avoid misunderstanding the other person’s intentions or, worse, embarrassing yourself by being aware of these indications. Keep an eye out for these cues; if you’re fortunate, you might learn that the other person likes you.

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