Manvi Singh

A journalism graduate who always chose to run away from the newsroom since the written word intrigued her world a lot more. A luxury writer, editor, blogger and social media enthusiast with her contributing articles in Sakhi - a Dainik Jagran magazine and The Fourth Estate, Manvi chooses to always stand by her opinions. A Nav Shakti Award Winner under the 11th National Women Excellence Awards 2018 by IECSME India, she has always been true to her pen. An editor to national bestsellers like The Youtube Stars of India, The Kapil Sharma Story, Until We Meet Again, Love In Jamshedpur, etc., she holds a belief system that no matter how dark the days may be, the light in you will bring you back home and that's exactly how she treats her personal relationships too, with the hope that it'll be for the best.


15 Unusual And Weird Soulmate Signs

Finding true love with someone is good, but is it the same as finding your soulmate? Sometimes, your soulmate might come with the weirdest cosmic signs. Watch out for them.

something casual in dating

11 Types Of Casual Relationships That Exist

Casual relationships are often defined under the set norms of unlimited sexual favours and skipping from one person to another, well, that’s just one type of it as there is a lot more to the story.

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