Does She Like Me More Than A Friend – Solving The Dilemma

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
does she like me more than a friend
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A girl who likes you romantically always leaves behind a trail of hints for you to unbox. So if you are growing restless with the question of – does she like me more than a friend? – well, look out for those hints. Research demonstrates that men, across different nations, were more likely than women to confess love first in a romantic relationship. When split by countries with sufficient data (seven countries, three continents), this “male confession bias” was observed in six of the seven countries.

When it comes to matters of the heart, though, we often complicate them. Most of the time, the hints she likes you more than a friend are simple and in plain sight. Apart from social conditioning, other reasons might stop a girl from telling you she secretly likes you more than a friend – she may not want to lose you as a friend or she believes she isn’t good enough for you.

Does She Likes Me More Than A Friend – 21 Ways To Know

Maeve Wiley decided to hold back all she had for Otis Milburn in the Netflix series Sex Education because she felt it may not be the cool thing to do. On a similar note, as shared by one of our readers, Nadia, a chef by profession, “I struggled with my feelings for my friend because I didn’t wish to lose what we already had. But I kept wondering – Does she like me more than a friend? If she does, should I ask her out?” To find the right cues for these questions, here’s what you need to know.

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1. She flirts with you

More often than not, she’ll compliment you for the things she used to tease you for as a friend. She’ll be softer in her expression and will begin talking to you in a sweeter way rather than the usual ‘friendly banter’ way she adopted earlier. A shift in her way of talking, the way she looks at you, or her playful hits on you are signs your friend likes you more than a friend.

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2. She wishes to know more about you

From the everyday details of your life, like if you have safely reached home or not, to want to know about your childhood traumas and deepest fears – this hints at the fact that she likes you more than a friend. A deeper interest in your life is one of the direct signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.

3. She tells you every single detail of her day

“Does she like me more than a friend?” you ask. Well, if she’s telling you about the colleague she had a tiff with, what her mother said to her on the breakfast table, or something as simple as her shower breaking down in the morning, well, that’d be enough of a hint she likes you more than a friend. This is a way of attachment for women, even though research states that men, on average, have a more avoidant and less anxious attachment style than women. This does play a role in how we appraise our relationship over time.

4. She doesn’t hesitate to ask you for your time and company

If you are the person she calls when she is in trouble or when she is extremely happy, and you are still wondering, “Does she like me more than a friend?”, well, stop wondering and start acting because trust me, she does.

Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars tells Augustus Waters about her wish to go to Amsterdam. She never really expressed her love for him. But the expression of that deepest desire shows how much she trusted the partner she silently chose for herself, making him a lot more than just a friend.

5. She notices the most peculiar things about you

That tiny mole you have on the back of your neck, the way you snort your nose when something is spicy, or how you squint your eyes while laughing too hard, she’ll make a note of it all. If she remarks upon these things fondly, then you know what’s in her heart. If she lets these observations slip accidentally, it is just one of the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.

6. Her body language speaks for itself

Have you caught her looking at you from a distance innumerable times? Does she blush and look away every time you look at her? Or does she avoid eye contact with you? Are you still asking yourself, “Does she like me more than a friend?” I say she does. A girl’s body language expresses a lot about her feelings toward someone, and that’s what you should look out for. A girl might think she’s hiding it well, but her body language will be one of the obvious hints she likes you more than a friend.

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7. One of the signs she secretly likes you more than a friend: She feels safe around you

Even if she’s the only girl in your group, she’ll still hang out with you and your other friends for she feels safe around you. If she secretly likes you more than a friend, she will find you reliable enough to protect her. Like Maddy from Everything, Everything found Olly to be safe enough to travel to Hawaii with him even after getting to know she had an immune disorder.

8. She thinks you’re hilarious

Sharing giggles with a romantic partner is a useful objective marker of relationship well-being, says a study published in the journal Personal Relationships. If you notice her laughing with you a little more than usual, then she secretly likes you more than a friend.

She would laugh a little harder at your jokes and be your strongest ally if you opt for a career as a stand-up comedian. She’ll be the one with the widest smile and the loudest laughter, just for you.


9. She finds reasons to meet you

Be it a break from the daily hassle of the office, or a bike ride to the nearest coffee shop just because the weather demands it, she’d want to do everything with you. If she wishes to meet you when there’s the slightest chance of you both being free, then you need not worry about “Does she like me more than a friend?”. Because she does, with all her heart.

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10. She doesn’t like to see you with other women

While she might have been okay with other female friends being close to you in the past, now it will make her jealous sometimes, or will make her chase you. Even if you don’t do anything intentionally, she’ll still be jealous of the time you spend with them. This is one of the signs your friend likes you more than a friend. She knows she’s being unreasonable, and she’ll get over her insecurities as soon as she’s able to tell you about her feelings.

11. She knows about everything on your social media

This includes the very first highlight which you had ever put up on your profile. She will know about everything from the captions to the posts to the stories you upload. Not because she’s overprotective, but because she secretly likes you more than a friend and just isn’t ready to tell you yet.

Pauline, a 25-year-old master’s student, recently ended up liking someone romantically. “I did ask myself – do I like her more than a friend – but the consistency with which I was checking her social media was way too frequent for me to deny the answer. This made me realize that it wasn’t just a feeling of friendship that I had for her.”

12. She picks irrelevant topics just to talk to you

At that moment, the topic might not make sense at all – like the growing population of the country. Yet she’ll travel from one topic to another just to talk to you.

If you find her doing that, spare her and find something suitable for you both to talk about, for it’s surely one of the signs your friend likes you more than a friend.

13. She likes to be physically closer to you than before

If a girl is tapping on your shoulder rather than calling out your name, if she begins to touch your hand, shoulder, or thighs unintentionally amidst conversations, then these are the clear hints she likes you more than a friend.
Physical touch of a non-sexual nature like hugs, hand-holding, or random touches is an effective way of promoting intimacy and a pure expression of your feelings.

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14. She finds the time to meet you

In a world that is running on busy schedules and Google Calendars, your friend always finds the time to meet you. Whenever you are available to meet her, she’s there. If you’re still wondering, “Does she likes me more than a friend?”, then try calling her to meet up more often. I’m sure she’ll gladly be there.

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15. She wants to know about the people close to you

She’d want to know about everyone who matters to you, especially your family. She’d want to know who named you amongst your family members, or who named your nephew recently. She’d want to know what your mother likes or dislikes in order to build a rapport with her. If she holds a keen interest in your family, she holds a keen interest in ‘you’.

16. She’s always dressed up when she meets you

Earlier, you might have only seen her in lazy t-shirts and comfy pants, but she has now begun to dress up when she meets you. Her flats have turned to wedges, her baggy pants into jeans, and her t-shirts aren’t as unkempt as they used to be. To top it all, she might even start accessorizing for you. These are the signs your friend likes you more than a friend.

17. She wishes to be noticed by you

She might be one of your good buddies but she has recently changed her behavior around you. She gets upset when you are roasting her with another friend, and even turns red in the face when you praise her. She will fumble and drop things nervously and might even embarrass herself at times just because you expressed affection for her. She earlier used to speak her mind, but now, she has grown cautious around you. This should be enough to answer your question – does she like me more than a friend?

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18. She looks at you in a dreamy way

She’s making up scenarios in her head about how things would have been different in that particular moment, had she confessed her feelings to you. She’ll look at you like you’re everything she desires, and that spark in her eyes will be too hard to miss. These are the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it. But guess what? Sometimes, your eyes speak louder than you do.

19. She treats you differently than her other friends

While she shakes hands or waves to her friends while leaving, she’ll pull you in for a casual goodbye hug. She’ll save you the last piece of pizza and not allow anyone from the group to have it either. She’ll let you lean on her when you are tired after a class or a hard day at work. Consistently, you’ll be treated differently than your friends, indicating that she secretly likes you more than a friend.

20. She rejects every guy who wants to date her

If she often says, “Even if he’s the last person in the world, I still won’t be involved with him” about every other great, decent guy, then trust me, she’s seeking more than a friendship with you. This answers your ‘does she secretly likes you more than a friend’ question because a single girl who’s looking for a relationship always tries to know her prospects. She does not reject them straight away unless she has feelings for someone else.

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21. She drops hints that you two can be in a relationship

If she asks you about the kind of girlfriend you want, jokes about how you both are kinda dating since you’ve known each other for so long, or comments on how good you both look together – these are the hints she likes you more than a friend. Even if she doesn’t speak her heart out, her gestures and body language will give away a lot more than her words ever will.

Key Pointers

  • It is not very difficult to know that your friend has feelings for you; all you need to do is look closely
  • Observe how they are with you in contrast with others
  • They might be more interested in your life than before, you’re getting special treatment now, or she is touching you often while talking to you

It is difficult to read into feelings that are not expressed but sometimes, it is all simply there. All you need to do is take that one step forward because she might be hesitant to. Take the call. Don’t stop this beautiful fairytale from the beginning.


1. What does it mean when someone likes you more than a friend?

We get this question a lot: Does she secretly like me more than a friend? If she is giving you special attention amidst your group of friends, she surely does. A girl likes you more than a friend when she evidently cares for you and is fearlessly herself with you. And when someone starts liking you more than a friend, it means they have a crush on you or are in love with you.

2. What is more than friends but less than lovers?

It is that bridge between almost falling in love yet resisting for the sake of friendship. It is the ‘almost’ love that stays in the heart but is never expressed, even though you enjoy each other’s company a lot. It is often called a situationship, a grey area between a friendship and a relationship. 

3. How do you know if your friendship is turning into something?

This is when you and your friend are getting closer to each other. It’s when your conversations begin to grow deeper and you are growing to be vulnerable with each other. You are no longer hesitant to say everything that comes to your mind. These are the signs your friendship might turn into a relationship.

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