15 Unusual And Weird Soulmate Signs

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Updated On: February 6, 2024
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We hope to find the kind of love depicted in romantic novels and romcoms, because who wouldn’t want a Noah or Elle from The Kissing Booth in their lives? While real-life love stories may not always pan out as perfectly as their fictionalized counterparts, you spot a lot of weird soulmate signs when you cross paths with that one person with whom it’s meant to be.

It is not easy to recognize your soulmate immediately. Even if they may have been around you all along. It is not always about first sight recognition. You need to put in a little extra effort to know them.

So what really is a soulmate? And more importantly, how do you recognize yours? We’re here to unravel this mystery for you with this lowdown on some of the most unusual, weird soulmate signs that you may have struggled to make sense of — until now. Today, you’ll learn how to know when you’ve found the one.

What Really Is A Soulmate?

The basic definition of a soulmate is a person with whom you feel a strong connection. Have you ever noticed the signs you’re in sync with someone? These may manifest in the following ways:

  • You simply hit it off
  • Conversations with them seem to flow seamlessly
  • You feel like they’ve been a part of you your whole life 
  • They accept you for who you are

This connection might be inexplicable yet undeniable in many ways. There are so many weird things that happen when you meet your soulmate. You feel like you’re falling in love too fast. You might think it’s “too soon” to feel that weird connection with someone, but you feel drawn to them nonetheless. This is one of the early soulmate signs.

There is no conventional way to write your love story as each one is unique, which is why even if you share unconventional soulmate signs with someone, it is still good news. A soulmate connection can progress in different ways, depending on how you meet them and how things take off from there. However, one thing remains constant — an irrefutably strong connection where you feel drawn to one another like there’s a magnetic pull.

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15 Unusual And Weird Soulmate Signs

Blake, a fitness trainer in New Jersey, shares her experience of seeing soulmate synchronicity signs, “I was always confused about my feelings for my childhood friend. We did lose touch over the years, but always found our way back to each other. When it happened again, I knew I found my soulmate. I proposed to him last week, and he said yes!”

Sometimes gravitating back to the same person time and again could be a strange sign they’re your soulmate. Just like this, several other signs of soulmate arrival may help put your connection with that special someone into perspective. We list 15 such signs for you:

1. You always find your way back to each other

Meeting someone after a long time and feeling that the bond between you hasn’t changed feels like an unreal soulmate sign. You know that no matter where life takes you or how much time passes, you’ll both naturally gravitate toward each other and feel that deep emotional connection. This feeling of familiarity and comfort, like coming home, speaks volumes about the connection you share. I have a story to share about how to know when you’ve found the one:

I once had a friend from childhood who moved away when we were teenagers. Years later, we bumped into each other in a bustling city. Despite the years and the distance, it felt like no time had passed at all. Our conversations flowed effortlessly, and the warmth between us was just the same. It was like finding something special, a missing puzzle piece, a sense of completeness that only comes when you reconnect with someone who knows you deeply. These bonds find their way back to you in the most unique ways.

infographic on weird soulmate signs
Unusual and weird soulmate signs

2. They make every situation a breeze

You want to spend most of your time with this person because they just make everything seem perfect and you feel complete around them. Your soulmate understands you on a deeper level. They make things easy when you are together. Here are a few things they bring into your life:

  • Even in the most awkward or uncomfortable situations, their presence eases everything
  • You find yourself wanting to be with them most of the time because it feels like the perfect fit
  • There’s no urge to find someone better because they’re already the best for you
  • They become your source of comfort, especially when you’re far from your comfort zone — This is one of the strange soulmate signs

It’s like having a secret superpower, the ability to navigate any circumstance as long as they’re there by your side.

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3. You defend them behind their back

You often share jokes and playful teasing in private, and it’s okay because you both understand each other’s quirks and flaws. However, if someone else tries to say negative things about them when they’re not around, you naturally stand up for them. A Quora user describes a soulmate, “The one who can make you angry and smile at the same time.”

It’s like having an unspoken agreement that while you might know each other’s imperfections and connect on a deeper level, those are off-limits for outsiders. This protective instinct shows a strong bond and deep care for that person, flaws and all.

how to know when you've found the one
Your soulmate will always have your back

4. They change you for the better

Their opinion in your life matters. You try to inculcate their point of view in your life, especially when it’s for your personal growth. Let’s revisit the example of Noah and Elle from the movie, The Kissing Booth. Noah wanted to be a better version of himself for that one human being, Elle, and continued to work on himself. He changed his image of a Casanova to show Elle he was worthy of her love. Although the movie describes romance, this is something that platonic soulmates do too — push you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise. 

Such individuals not only inspire change but also push you to go beyond your comfort zone. They encourage you to take risks, try new things, and become the best version of yourself. Their influence encourages personal development in ways you didn’t expect. Their impact on your life isn’t just superficial; it goes deep, shaping your choices and pushing you toward self-improvement. If they change you for the better, then you have stepped into a healthy relationship.

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5. Your worst self comes out with them

They stood by you through it all, because a soulmate is someone who will stay by your side even though you push them away. When it comes to your soulmate:

  • Even if you’re usually calm, they might be the only ones who can push your buttons and make you lose your cool
  • During your toughest times, like late-night breakdowns, they’re there to comfort and hold you
  • A true soulmate understands and has witnessed your lowest points, moments where you felt they might push you away, but they stayed by your side

It’s like they’ve seen all shades of you, the good and the not-so-good, yet they continue to be a supportive partner. That unwavering presence through your toughest times is a remarkable soulmate trait.

6. You share a cosmic connection with common dates, family names, or likes/dislikes

Your fathers share the same name, or your parents got married in the same month, or better, the same date. You have a lot in common, like the choice of food, the places you like to go to, and the things you like to do. C’mon, you both dislike F.R.I.E.N.D.S just because of the fake laughter echo in the background and that is just so comforting, to share similar dislikes about something that popular.

These commonalities may seem coincidental but it could be one of the truly weird soulmate signs that makes an instant connection with the other person. A Reddit user writes, “Without a doubt, the universe will point big red unconventional signs toward the right one. You just have to ask, wait, and be thankful and you will soon feel it in your heart.” You know it is a cosmic connection when things seem to automatically fall into place as if there is some divine intervention.

Have you experienced soulmate energy yet?

7. You are comfortable around them from the beginning

You are adorably sharing each other’s comfort space. In sweatpants, loose t-shirts, boxers with holes, or messy buns. That too just after a few dates! Then surely, you may consider it to be an early soulmate sign.

Here are two examples:

  • Plans vs. comfort: You had a fancy dinner planned, but they suggested an at-home date idea due to exhaustion. Surprisingly, you’re just as thrilled about a cozy night in and spending time with them
  • Being completely yourself: Remember when you first had them over, you deep cleaned your house and organized your room like a celebrity is visiting? But now, within a few dates, you’ve been comfortable in each other’s presence. You’re in a loving relationship and your room is back to its original messy state

This level of comfort and acceptance so early on speaks volumes. It’s like skipping the formalities and diving straight into intimacy. When you can enjoy each other’s company in the simplest, most relaxed moments, it hints at a natural and profound connection that feels like it’s been there for ages. These are the signs of soulmate arrival.

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8. You understand things they do not even say

You are at a boring party and want to leave. Just a look from you would be enough to convey this to your partner, even if you’re standing in different corners of the room. Such unspoken communication is only possible between people who truly know each other. You create your own non-verbal language. This is a strange soulmate sign that you have found your forever partner.

It’s like having an invisible connection, a silent language that only the two of you understand. This kind of bond often develops over time as you become more attuned to each other’s emotions, preferences, and even subtle cues. It’s a powerful indicator of a deeply connected and harmonious relationship. If you feel such feelings, then you may have found your potential soulmate.

9. You are vulnerable with each other from the very beginning

If the very first “How are you?” was replied to with all the things not going right in their life, then consider it a weird soulmate sign. You are ready to feel incredibly vulnerable in front of them, and they in front of you. Vulnerability is the foundation of any relationship. If you cannot be comfortable with your weak sides in front of your partner, then surely, they aren’t the one for you.

When you find yourself opening up about certain things like your deepest fears and struggles from the get-go, it’s one of the real yet unusual soulmate signs for those who don’t share that easily. Being able to share vulnerabilities early on indicates a remarkable level of comfort and trust. It sets a strong foundation for a healthy relationship based on openness and genuine acceptance, which is quite uncommon but incredibly meaningful. This kind of immediate connection and willingness to be vulnerable with each other is an unconventional sign that can help you identify your soulmate.

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10. You even enjoy the silences with them

Feeling comfortable in silence with your soulmate is a unique and special aspect of your connection. Here’s how it looks:

  • Being able to share comfortable silences indicates a deep comfort level in each other’s presence
  • Instead of feeling awkward, those quiet moments feel happy, peaceful, and fulfilling
  • Enjoying a quiet evening, whether with a beautiful view or a simple cup of coffee, becomes a cherished experience

It’s an unreal sign that an incredibly strong bond has been forged when you don’t feel the need to fill every moment with conversation. Those comfortable silences where you can speak the secret language of comfort signify a connection that transcends words — a sense of ease and contentment of just being together. This is also one of the soulmate synchronicity signs.

stories on falling in love and more

11. Eating food from their plate is normal

“Joey doesn’t share food” but YOU can take some, because you are an exception. Unromantic soulmate signs look like this: You might not order yourself a pack of fries because you can always eat theirs. And while they still throw a tantrum for fun, it’s never an issue, of course! You do finish each other’s food because the niceties such as finishing what you serve for yourself are out the window.

It’s like the unspoken rule of sharing food becomes fluid, and there’s a comfort in knowing that what’s theirs is also yours. It’s a fun and endearing aspect of your soulmate connection where sharing food is a way of showing closeness and comfort with each other.

12. It goes beyond mere emotions

It’s more of an instinctive inner knowledge that penetrates every aspect of your romantic relationship, even (and perhaps especially) while you’re apart. It is surely in sync with your soulmate energy. The connection between soulmates transcends the typical realm of romantic emotions like this:

  • There’s faith in permanence: It’s a profound realization that this love isn’t merely fleeting or surface-level; it feels deeply instinctual, almost innate. That’s when you know you have met your forever person
  • It permeates your life: This love touches every facet of your relationship. It feels like an intrinsic part of your being, influencing even moments of separation
  • It’s a spiritual bond: There’s an energy, a sense of being in sync with your soulmate that goes beyond the physical and emotional, resonating on a deeper, almost spiritual level

The psychological facts about soulmates also suggest that this instinctive knowledge of being deeply connected to someone, even when physically apart, points to a profound soul-level understanding. It’s like two halves coming together to form a whole, an undeniable resonance that feels like it’s written in the very fibers of your being. This kind of connection is rare and powerful, signifying a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

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13. You have an intense chemistry

You have always been cosmically compelled into being with each other. As one says, “It was written in the stars.” You somehow never went through the various stages of relationships like being interested in each other, hanging out, or dating; you were just simply there – together. And it feels as if you’ve never been apart. You can be your true self with them.

The chemistry is intense and immediate, creating a sense of completeness and belonging that surpasses any conventional understanding of how relationships usually evolve. This profound connection feels like it was written in the stars, an unspoken bond that has always existed between you two. If you feel a deep soul connection, then you can tell yourself, “I found my soulmate.” You have clearly unlocked one of the most telling soulmate synchronicity signs.

14. Even if you don’t have a strong sense of empathy, you still feel what they feel

When something is wrong physically or otherwise, you can sense it. Without them saying anything to you, you just have a psychic source that tells you what they are thinking and feeling. Just a meek voice from the other side of the phone, and you’ll understand that something is not right with them. Be it a bad day or an emotional meltdown, you can sense it without them having to put it in words.

You may experience it not just in romantic relationships, but also with your best friend, sibling, or a family member. This profound unspoken understanding transcends mere empathy. It’s an intuitive connection where you almost share their experiences, even when they’re not explicitly communicated.

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15. Early soulmate signs: You have dreams about them

That repetitive dream where you were almost being suffocated to death and someone saved you. That person might not have had a face back then, but you now see your savior in them even in your dreams. Call it a weird soulmate sign but if you see such dreams, then you share a subconscious connection. A Reddit user writes, “I meditated daily and asked the universe for signs of who the correct one is to make sure. The next day, I hear and see his name everywhere. I’ve been seeing him in my dreams every day for the past week.”

This kind of dream might seem bizarre or random until you make the connection with the person who eventually becomes an essential part of your life. It’s like a strange piece of a puzzle falling into place, indicating a deeper connection that goes beyond waking life, almost as if your subconscious knew of their importance before you did. If you feel all of these feelings, then these are the signs you’re in sync with someone and this sync is divine.

Key Pointers

  • To find your soulmate, you must know the unconventional signs of such a connection
  • A soulmate connection doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is always strong and unshakeable
  • Weird soulmate signs include seeing and accepting each other at their worst, parting ways only to reconcile, understanding unsaid words, or simply stealing each other’s food

In a world where love is hard to find, experiencing some of the weirdest soulmate signs can be surreal. Love can never have perfectly standard packaging, though. What it needs is to be perfect just for you.


1. Can soulmates recognize each other?

Soulmates often give each other a feeling of being home after a long stroll in the world. When your eyes meet, it almost feels like you’ve seen each other before, or have known each other for a long time. These weird signs allow you to connect. Owing to this sense of connection, soulmates can recognize each other.

2. How do you recognize a soulmate?

Since the connection is so strong, soulmates often find a way to each other. These are the strong connections that stem from the heart, and the heart always knows what it wants.

3. Can a soulmate connection be one-sided?

The term has the word ‘mate’ in it, which indicates it cannot be one-sided. A soulmate connection is designed to bring together the two people who are meant to be. Hence, it involves unconditional love from both sides. 

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