15 Unusual And Weird Soulmate Signs

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We hope to find the kind of love depicted in romantic novels and romcoms, because who wouldn’t want a Noah or Elle from The Kissing Booth in their lives? While real-life love stories may not always pan out as perfectly as their fictionalized counterparts, you spot a lot of weird soulmate signs when you cross paths with that one person with whom it’s meant to be.

It is not easy to recognize your soulmate immediately. They don’t always need to be sought after, sometimes they may have been even around you all along and you just may not have noticed. You just need to put in a little extra effort to know them.

The question is – what really is a soulmate? And more importantly, how do you recognize yours? We’re here to unravel this mystery for you with this lowdown on some of the most unusual, weird soulmate signs that you may have struggled to make sense of until now.

What Really Is A Soulmate?

The basic definition of a soulmate is a person with whom you feel a strong connection, which may manifest in the following ways:

  • You simply hit it off
  • Conversations with them seem to flow seamlessly
  • You feel like they’ve been a part of you and your life for a long time
  • They accept you for who you are

This connection might be inexplicable yet undeniable in many ways. You might feel like you’re falling in love too fast. It can be “too soon” to feel that connection with someone, but you feel drawn to them nonetheless. This is one of the early soulmate signs.

There is no conventional way to write your love story as each one is unique, which is why even if you share unconventional soulmate signs with someone, it is surely okay. A soulmate connection can progress in different ways, depending on how you meet them and how things take off from there. However, one thing remains constant – an irrefutably strong connection where you feel drawn to one another.

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15 Unusual And Weird Soulmate Signs

Blake, a fitness trainer in New Jersey, shares, “I was always confused about my feelings for my childhood friend. We did lose touch from time to time over the years but always found our way back to each other. I proposed to him last week, and he said yes.” Sometimes gravitating back to the same person time and again could be a sign they’re your soulmate. Just like this, several other weird soulmate signs may help put your connection with that special someone into perspective. We list 15 such signs for you:

1. You always find your way back to each other

Point of view: You meet someone after a very long gap of time, and you realize that the bond you share with them is still the same. Consider that to be an unreal soulmate sign. No matter how much time passes by or how far away you may travel, you always find a way back to them. They always feel like home.

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2. They make every situation better

You want to spend most of your time with this person because they just make everything seem perfect. No matter how uncomfortable the place or situation might be, you’d sail through if they are by your side. You no longer are searching for someone better, because, for you, they are the best. This is one of the strange soulmate signs because they become your source of comfort even when you’re way out of your comfort zone.

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3. You defend them behind their back

You might constantly pull each other’s leg and point out each other’s shortcomings in your private space, but if someone else tries to take the liberty to ridicule that person behind their back, you’d always defend them. It’s like saying, “They might have their flaws but they are still my person.”

4. They change you for the better

You feel like their opinion in your life matters. You try to inculcate their point of view in your life, especially when it’s for your betterment. Let’s revisit the example of Noah and Elle from the movie, The Kissing Booth. Noah wanted to be a better version of himself for Elle and continued to work on himself. He changed his image of a Casanova to show Elle he was worthy of her love. That’s what platonic soulmates do –push you to do things you otherwise won’t.

5. Weird soulmate sign – Your worst self comes out with them

You may be an affable, soft-spoken person for the world, but when your soulmate pushes your buttons, you may blow your top in anger and let it all out. Or when you’re almost falling apart in the wee hours of the night because your overthinking mind won’t rest, they’re there to hold you. Your probable soulmate has seen the worst of you. You thought that it’ll drive them away, but guess what? You were wrong. They stood by you through it all.

6. A cosmic connection to your common dates, family names, or like/dislike

Your fathers share the same name, or your parents got married in the same month, or better, the same date. You have a lot in common, like the choice of food, the places you like to go to, and the things you like to do. C’mon, you both dislike F.R.I.E.N.D.S just because of the fake laughter echo in the background and that is just so comforting, to share similar dislikes about something that popular. These commonalities may seem coincidental but it could be one of the most unusual signs you have found your soulmate.

Have you experienced soulmate energy yet?

7. You are comfortable around them from the beginning

Imagine: You had planned a fancy dinner for your fifth date but this person wants to take a rain check because they’ve had a long day and suggest you come over instead. You’re just as happy at the prospect of staying in and watching Netflix with a bowl of noodles. If you are adorably sharing each other’s comfort space with balance, in sweatpants, loose t-shirts, dirty boxers, or messy buns just after a few dates, then surely, you may consider it to be an early soulmate sign.

8. You understand things they do not even say

You are at a boring party and so want to leave. Just a look from you would be enough to convey this to your partner, even if you’re standing in different corners of the room. Such unspoken communication is only possible between people who truly know each other. This can be a strange soulmate sign that you have found your forever partner.

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9. You are vulnerable with each other from the very beginning

If the very first “how are you?” was replied to with all the things not going right in their life, then consider it a weird soulmate sign. Vulnerability is a ground foundation of any relationship. If you cannot be comfortable with your weak sides in front of your partner, then surely, they aren’t the one for you. This is one of the real yet unusual soulmate signs.

10. You even enjoy the silences with them

With a cup of coffee, a cozy evening, and a city view, you’d be okay to simply sit in silence with them. And that level of comfort is priceless. It doesn’t happen with a lot of people as the silences might just turn awkward, but with your soulmate, it seems effortless. Consider it to be one of the weird soulmate signs.

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11. Eating food from their plate is normal

“Joey doesn’t share food” but you take it anyway because you are an exception. You might just not order yourself a pack of fries because you can always eat theirs and while they still throw a tantrum for fun, it’s never an issue. Of course! You do finish each other’s food because the niceties such as finishing what you serve for yourself are out the window.

12. It goes beyond mere emotions

One of the psychological facts about soulmates is that their love is almost instinctual. Meeting them makes you realize that romantic love is so much more than just a transitory, physical experience, especially when it occurs between soulmates. It’s more of an instinctive inner knowledge that penetrates every aspect of your relationship, even (and perhaps especially) while you’re apart. It is surely in sync with your soulmate energy.

13. You have an intense chemistry

You have always been cosmically compelled into being with each other. As one says, “It was written in the stars.” You somehow never went through the various stages of relationships like being interested in each other, hanging out, or dating; you were just simply there – together. And it feels as if you’ve never been apart.

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14. Even if you don’t have a strong sense of empathy, you still feel what they feel

When something is wrong physically or otherwise, you can sense it. Without them saying anything to you, you just know what they are thinking and feeling. Just a meek voice from the other side of the phone, and you’ll understand that something is not right with them.

Be it a bad day or an emotional meltdown, you can sense it without them having to put it in words. This is one of the unromantic soulmate signs, and you may experience it not just with your partner but also with your best friend or sibling.

15. You had dreams about them

That repetitive dream where you were almost being suffocated to death and someone saved you. That person might not have had a face back then, but you now see your savior in them even in your dreams. Consider this to be a strange, weird soulmate sign.

Key Pointers

  • To find your soulmate, you must know the unconventional signs of such a connection
  • A soulmate connection doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is always strong and unshakable
  • Weird soulmate signs include seeing and accepting each other at their worst, parting ways only to reconcile, understanding unsaid words, or simply stealing each other’s food

In a world where love is hard to find, experiencing the weirdest soulmate signs can be surreal. Love can never have perfectly standard packaging; what it needs is to be perfect just for you.


1. Can soulmates recognize each other?

Soulmates often give each other a feeling of being home after a long stroll in the world. When your eyes meet, it almost feels like you’ve seen each other before or have known each other for a long time. Owing to this sense of connection, soulmates can recognize each other.

2. How do you recognize a soulmate?

Since the connection is so strong, soulmates often find a way to each other. These are connections that stem from the heart, and the heart always knows what it wants.

3. Can a soulmate connection be one-sided?

The term has the word ‘mate’ in it, which indicates it cannot be one-sided. A soulmate connection is designed to bring together the two people who are meant to be hence, it involves love from both sides. 

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