How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You – The 15-Step Guide

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How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You
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Once the honeymoon period of your relationship is long gone, you begin to wonder how to rekindle the romance. Should you keep initiating intimacy or learn how to pull away to make him want you? If it’s just you who is making an effort, you probably want to go for the latter. The guy has reverted to his daily routine and it is always you who texts him first or tries to make a plan to see him again. He simply tags along with whatever you say. This is where you need to pull away from him to get his attention.

While you have cared too much for him all this while, the utmost way to make him really want you is to stop expressing how much you care. You might wonder the worst about what happens when you back off from a guy, but sometimes, it’s for your own good.

The 15-Step Guide On How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You

You want your man to want you, rather, you want him to ‘want’ to love you unconditionally. But somehow, what you want is not what you get. Then how do you get him back? You pull away.

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It is not easy to pull away from someone you like which is why we’ll put forth a small helping hand as we tell you how to pull back from someone you like and make him really want you. While this might not be a concluding list of all the possibilities, it is surely a beginning. Also, remember that the guy is not worth it if you have to make him want you back all the time. Don’t make this a habit. Instead, let this be a phase of turmoil in your relationship, after which you hopefully have a healthy conversation about his behavior and its impact on you.

1. Pull away without stating a reason

The foremost lesson in how to pull away to make him want you is by doing it without giving him a reason. Do not give him an explanation about why you are suddenly not talking or not sending that good morning text. Simply pull away and act as if nothing has changed. The fear of eventually losing you will make him really want you.

2. Move on with your life

Step Guide On How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You

All this while when you were on a chase, he didn’t really want you. Now, all you need to do is drop the chase and move on with your life, or at least act like it. Guys love attention, but sometimes, they also take the attention for granted and make you feel very ordinary and unimportant, hence, you need to pull away from a guy to make him want you.
It’s simple – While he’s with you, he longs for other things and adventures because the grass always seems greener on the other side but once he loses you, he will realize everything he already had and didn’t acknowledge.

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3. Stop the constant communication

Let us tell you how to pull away to make him want you. Do not drop the first text of the day, or initiate any conversation in the entire day. If he chooses to text you, take some time before you reply to him or sometimes, don’t. If he starts sending you a lot of memes on Instagram, just leave his messages on ‘like’ or ‘read’, and eventually, he will begin to realize your absence. Keep your conversations crisp and to the point. It is okay if you miss a few calls and steer clear of a few messages. Sometimes, your availability may lead him to take you for granted.

4. Make him wonder if you love him

The best way to tell a guy he needs to take a step forward is to pull away from him to get his attention. Act like you don’t care about him or you are not bothered about his whereabouts, while you secretly want to know everything, of course. Make him believe that you are losing interest or no longer love him, that’s how to pull back from someone you like.

5. Have your own life

Most men love to chase after people who hold an independent life stance. As they make their own decisions in life, men tend to appreciate those who hold command over their life too. Hence, continue to slay on the work front and pursue your passions. And somehow, he won’t be able to resist you when all you did was live your life and pull away from him to make him want you.

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6. Don’t be afraid to pull away

The moment you prepare a heart that is ready to walk away from something that means the world to you, do not weaken and do not be afraid. To hold a fearless heart that respects you and prioritizes your self-respect is what will eventually make him really want you.

7. Reject him

Some guys act all macho and like to be wanted all the time. They act like an alpha male who requires constant followers who agree with them. Reject him and see what happens. Challenging such a guy in the dating game is the perfect way to make him really want you. Such guys tend to believe that they can survive the land of dating by being their emotionally distant selves. Well, your rejection would intrigue him and make him wonder about what went wrong for someone to not like him. That’s when you’ll get to know the aftermath of what happens when you back off from a guy.

infographic on guide on how to pull away to make him want you
Knowing how to pull away only to make him want you is important.

8. Spend time with your friends

To know how to pull away to make him want you is a challenge, but to instill fear in a man that he might lose you is sometimes a game-changer if he’s truly in love with you. Start spending more time with the people in your life, be it your friends or family. Whenever your partner chooses to ask about your whereabouts, tell him you are spending time with your friends and be as minimalistic as you can with the details. A man might take you for granted but would surely not want to lose you to the gimmicks of life and his behavior.

9. Be unapologetically yourself

Nothing can attract a man better than a person who can own their complete self, and doesn’t feel the need to change for him to like them. To pull away from a guy to make him want you is not a big deal. But to completely be yourself and not lurk in the shadows of what he wants of you, that’s the biggest obstacle you need to cross. Overcoming this will pave your way to yourself and ultimately make him want you too.

10. Look your best

While you might have grown to be someone who feels comfortable being in their pajamas with your man, once you begin to pull away, start to be the best version of yourself. Your glam look and the perfection of your hair will make the guy regret what he has lost and surely make him really want you back.

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11. Disappear for a few days

When I say disappear, I mean completely ghost him. Make him wonder where you are and if you’ll be back at all. The easiest way to know how to pull away to make him want you is to make him look for you. If at all he’s interested in you staying, he will surely look for you or at least make an effort to find out about you. Go ahead, tickle his Sherlock bones.

12. Cut down on terms of endearment

Keep your conversations crisp and short. Do not address him with words like ‘babe’, ‘honey’, etc., and make him realize the shift in how you speak to him. When he’ll notice that you are no longer affectionate toward him, he will surely want to find a reason for it, that’s how to pull away to make him want you and really make him stay.

13. Give him feedback that you’ve been holding back

Start giving valid feedback to your partner for his behavior which you had been holding back before as you were so in love with him. Watch him react to your feedback to know what happens when you back off from a guy you like. Asserting boundaries with the person you love and telling him about what you like and dislike, what makes you comfortable, and what doesn’t, will make him understand that he needs to do better. Telling him he needs to work on his impatience, the way he communicates, or his anger issues – it might make him want to be better for you.

14. Tell him he has no control over you

No matter how perfect life might be, make him feel like he holds no control over your decisions. The best way to know how to pull away to make him want you is to make him feel like you own your life no matter what kind of relationship you may share with him. Stop asking for his opinions. If he’s someone who hates to lose control over the people he loves as he believes he knows what’s best for them, then takes that power away.

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15. Give him the silent treatment

Even if you get stuck in a situation where you cannot escape him, give him the silent treatment. Turning monosyllabic with a guy when he’s trying to have a full conversation is the best way to annoy him and pull away from a guy to make him want you. He’ll want to know the reason and trust me, never give away the reason that easily.

There are many things that you can do to make him chase you and this list is just a compilation of suggestions I’m sending your way as a friend. The moment you’ll begin to pull away from a guy, he’ll begin to understand where he is going wrong and that’s how things will work in your favor.

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