23 Thoughtful Messages To Fix A Broken Relationship

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Updated On: February 14, 2024
fix a broken relationship

It is not easy to make a broken relationship work again. Humans have a tendency to burn bridges when it comes to ending things with a partner. Hence, it takes time to muster the courage to send a message to fix a broken relationship.

When a relationship reaches a point where you keep having the same fights over and over, it’s like digging a grave. Trying to fix a broken relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend when you’ve lost them on situational grounds is a wise decision to make. But what if you want to heal together, what if you want them back? What are those choice words to say to save your relationship then?

To feel vulnerable with a person who made it difficult for you to trust again seems unnatural, but sometimes, it just takes one message to fix a broken relationship or to at least get started on the journey together.

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23 Thoughtful Messages To Fix A Broken Relationship

While you might put in all your effort to figure out how to fix a relationship that’s falling apart, sometimes the simplest of efforts can make a broken relationship work again. Reconcile with your partner on a day that’s special to you both. The day you dearly miss them. Drafting that ONE message to repair a broken relationship – sometimes that’s all it takes to communicate that you want to make things work.

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1. Make a heartfelt apology

“Back then, I wasn’t in a good space to understand what you were trying to convey but now that I have, I just wish to apologize for everything I did wrong. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am sorry.”

Being a person who apologizes in a relationship does not make you inferior in the eyes of your partner. Instead, it shows that you are aware of your actions and their consequences. It will surely make them realize how you are willing to make a broken relationship work again.

2. Ask for a second chance

“My actions were hurtful and I tried to express my regret too, but I failed. Somehow, things went overboard to the point where I lost you. I wish I could change what happened. If you believe me, can you please give me a second chance to do things differently?”

Second chances are hard to demand but, surely, are one of the best ways to repairing a broken relationship. So if you’re looking for a message to fix a broken relationship, this is the one to go for.

3. Lay down what hurt you

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, I always felt like a target for everything that went wrong. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but the constant backlash hurt me too. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you that or my ego wouldn’t let me. But I want to tell you everything now, if you are ready to listen?”
Being vulnerable with your partner and telling them how you feel is not the wrong thing to do. Rather, these could turn out to be the best lines to save a relationship in which you didn’t feel heard before. Though it’s not just the lines, but the intention you put behind them that’ll make things work.

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4. Be honest about your feelings

“I know there are a lot of things I’ve hidden in the past because I felt like you won’t understand. I was wrong. I believe I should’ve always been honest with you about how I feel about certain things, and that’s what I want to be hereon. Only if you’re willing to give this relationship another shot. I’ll be more open emotionally, I swear.”

To know how to fix a relationship that’s falling apart is not easy but all you need to know is – be emotionally intimate with your partner. Honesty is surely the best policy when it comes to relationships, and you can use this sincere message to fix a broken relationship.

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5. Listen, in retrospect

“Honestly, you were right about what you said regarding me. Earlier, I was too self-consumed to acknowledge where I went wrong but I believe I am ready to accept my mistakes and work on them if you are ready to let me have that time with you again.”

You went your own way with closed ears and a closed conscience that didn’t allow you to listen to anything your partner had to say about you, but as you choose to come back, acknowledge where you went wrong.

6. Prioritize them

“I never prioritized the right things. And my list of priorities certainly never had you in it, when you should’ve been on the top. I want to change that. I would like to do things better and differently than before.”

Promise a better future to yourself and to them if you plan on repairing a broken relationship. Thinking of the perfect words to say to save your relationship shouldn’t be difficult if you truly love your partner.

7. Fight for what you have

“I didn’t really know how to deal with things. I felt like I was the worst person to be your partner. That may not have been your intention, but that’s how you and the others made me feel. So I walked away to make things better for you, and for me. But now I’ve realized that was wrong. I should’ve stayed and fought for what we had, despite everything.”

Walking out on relationships when the going gets tough is easy but fighting for what you have despite everything is what love truly demands. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re being blamed for everything but first try and understand where they come from. And now that you understand their point of view, do not hesitate to draft that message to fix a broken relationship.

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8. Understand each other’s perspective

“I could’ve been more open to what you had to say, I could’ve also tried to make myself more clear to you. I truly believe we can make things work in our favor, because staying apart sucks.”

They might have their own reasons for this rift while you might have your own, just try lending an open ear to make a broken relationship work again and let a toxic relationship heal. As Dr. Wayne Dyer rightly said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

9. Try to bury the hatchet

“I know we’ve been terrible people in the past. We were inconsiderate. There’s a lot we could’ve done, we could have treated each other differently, and we could’ve avoided some mistakes. But that was in the past. I’d like to learn from it and give us a fresh start. Please.”

The one thing you should always remember while you are about to message to fix a broken relationship is to not bring up the past after it’s been resolved. Try to bury the past as deeply as possible so the confrontation regarding it may not hurt you anymore.

10. Choose your happily ever after

“Over the years, I did make innumerable mistakes that made me lose you. I just wouldn’t wish to make another one by letting you go. I would like you to stay. Stay with me, let me show you how I plan to change and let this be our fairytale.”

It is okay to make a mistake or a few in some cases. What is also okay is to try repairing a broken relationship that turned out to be the product of those mistakes.

To Fix A Broken Relationship
Choose your happily ever after

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11. Understand their reasons to let go

“I realize that your reasons for walking away were right. I was becoming toxic because I was blinded by my selfish heart. I now know love isn’t a selfish act. I was stupid enough to damage your faith in me, but can you please reconsider now? I’m a changed person, I’ve even started therapy. Let’s meet for a coffee whenever you want so that you can see the change yourself.”

Understanding where your partner comes from, connect with them on a deeper level and the reasons they had for walking away will help you work toward a better version of yourself. These could be the best lines to save a relationship with your partner, so use them well.

12. Forgive them

“I know you’ve made mistakes and there are things we need to work on. But I know how much I love you. And nothing, nothing can ever change that.”

If you still feel okay about sitting for dinner with the rest of the family along with the person who has wronged you, that means you surely cherish the love for the person more than the broken version of you together.

13. Tell them you’re on a journey of recovery

“I am hoping you’re at a better place in your life now. I am for sure out of the rut I was stuck in. You’re the first person who came to my mind as soon as I found stable ground. How are you?”

Do not start off on a random note with your partner. Acknowledge briefly what happened in the past. You might have walked away because you weren’t on the same page when it comes to your mental health compatibility. It’s been a long time and you have healed, so ask for a fresh start.

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14. Say you’re incomplete without them

To Fix A Broken Relationship
Say you’re incomplete without them

“I don’t know if this will make sense. Walking away from you was the biggest mistake of my life. Your absence makes me feel incomplete and anxious all the time. I wonder if you’d want me back in your life. Please be the most special person of my life again.”

Sometimes, we walk away from the confusion that is built up during conflicts. We don’t stop loving that person because they are our twin flame. To make a broken relationship work again, tell them how you feel in their absence.

15. Don’t ask for an immediate resolution

“I know this random knock on your door from me might feel weird and I am not asking you to give me shelter in your life again, but I would want us to be friends. I want to fight for this, fight for us.”

You might not want to step into someone’s life and demand to be the center of attention all over again. Wait for your chance, wait to know if you even deserve a chance by first sending this message to fix a broken relationship with your ex or your estranged partner. Not everybody might be ready for a resolution, hence give your partner the time they need.

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16. Take your words back

“If I could, I would wish to undo the part of my life where I hurt you. If I could, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would take back my words and make things okay again because you matter, above all my anger, you matter and you always will.”

It might not be practically possible to take your words back but you can at least be apologetic about the same. Express to your partner how much they have always meant to you. If you’re thinking of words to say to save your relationship, try these?

17. Tell them you’re waiting

“I do not expect you to come running back to me, but I want you to know that I am waiting. I’ll wait as long as you’ll take to come back.”

This tells them you are there, waiting patiently for them to come back or respect any decision they make. That you are willing to give your 100%. It is difficult to decide how to fix a relationship that’s falling apart but this message could be a good start.

18. Build your true love all over again

“True love is built over time, with honesty. One day, one kiss, and one conversation at a time, and love is made, perfect to be written about in novels.”

True love is never obligated to what goes wrong or right in your relationship, it always stays in one’s heart. All you need is a poetic message to repair a broken relationship especially if your partner loves poetry.

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19. Tell them how it was just the wrong timing

“It was never about us somehow, it was more about how we were just the right people at the wrong time. I wasn’t ready for us back then, but it’s all I want now.”

The best lines to save a relationship are the ones in which you are sure of what you want. Move past where you were and rework the dimensions of your relationship when the time is right.

20. Reveal the things you were hiding

“I know it was your right to ask me those questions and I am ready to answer them now. I no longer want to keep any secrets between us and will never put us in a situation where you’re compelled to mistrust my intentions again. Only if you let me.”

There are no secrets when it comes to a relationship. So if you plan to reconcile and fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, choose to tell them everything you were hiding from them in the past.

21. Show them you trust them

“I know I have had my insecurities in the past but I have truly put them aside now. I completely trust you and there’s nothing that can change that now.”

An undying trust in your partner is the ultimate message to fix a broken relationship with them. Send it right away.

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22. Seek an equal investment

“Unless you do not want this too, we won’t be able to make it work. So can we please put in our 100% now? Or it’ll all be in vain.”

Seeking an equally emotional and personal investment in your relationship is what will keep things sailing for both of you, making the rift a bumpy memory.

23. Tell them you never stopped loving them

“It was always you. I didn’t realize it at first, but now I have. I do not wish to lose you. I love you and I will always love you.”
Somehow, we know when we find our soulmate. It’s a universal attraction that keeps our hearts connected with them. Hence, if you’re looking for a message to fix a broken relationship with your soulmate, tell them you love them unconditionally.

Key Pointers

  • It is difficult to reconcile in a relationship but not entirely impossible, all you need is effort.
  • Plan before you wish to go back partner and ask for them to get back with you.
  • Know the right words to fix a broken relationship, like apologise, be truthful, learn to listen and much more.

To make a broken relationship work again is not easy. It demands an all-time investment from you that will require your hundred percent. An effort of love would surely not go in vain.


1. Can a damaged relationship be repaired?

Repairing a broken relationship is easy if two hearts are willing to put in an equal effort. A damaged relationship can be repaired if your love is unconditional and doesn’t settle for the bare minimum.

2. What can you do to fix a broken relationship?

Instead of focusing on what went wrong, one should focus on what they can do right and make things better. Working on a broken relationship requires you to look at the positives and level up accordingly. 

3. Is it better to fix a relationship instead of breaking up?

It is always better to mend what’s broken. We do not go and buy a new house just because the fences have rusted over time, we mend them. Similarly, a relationship should always be fought for until there is no hope. 

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