Affair and Cheating

Extramarital affairs are as old as marriage itself. However, having an affair and cheating are two marginally different things and the reasons why a man may have an affair or cheat and the reasons why a woman would have an affair and/or cheat her spouse are very different. In many marriages, a spouse having an affair turns out to be ‘a marriage stabiliser’.

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What is an extramarital affair?

Up until recently, I believed extra-marital affairs are based on the passion of the body; meaning sex. On further research, the myriad colours and flavours of the term came to be known. Not all extramarital affairs end in sex, not all have all-consuming, marriage-ending sexual escapades. There is more to affairs outside of marriage than …

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Couple during sex

It was not just about the sex

An affair has, along with euphoria and a sense of liberation, also made this lady rediscover just how beautiful she is…

seeing your first love years later

Seeing My First Love Years Later

Neither had had the courage to speak up when they first knew each other. Meeting again after twenty years, how do they react?

Is adultery so wrong

Is Adultery So Wrong?

But I was faithful to my needs and desires, and to my son who needed a father figure, says Mona Ray