Affair and Cheating

When the young bachelor met the lonely housewife

What happens when two lonely people, a solitary bachelor in a strange city and a lonely housewife, meet? Can they have a future?
man and woman talking

(As told to Joie Bose)

How the bachelor met the housewife

I met her on the lift. We used to live in the same building. She with her husband and daughter, and I alone. Honestly, I didn’t see her initially, for the hours of a bachelor don’t match those of a householder, but one day, they matched. And she smiled at me. That’s how our story began.

I can never forget that smile. It was genuine. She was going home after a morning walk and I was returning home from a party that went on till the morning. And there was just the two of us getting into the lift and I was barging in the moment the door opened and she too did the same and we bumped into each other. And I was embarrassed (I didn’t bump into her consciously like a creep), but she had smiled at me then. Perhaps seeing my awkwardness, she had smiled. But that smile was benevolent. That smile was warm. And alone in a city that is not my own, it was like hot momos on a cold winter morning. “Good morning,” she said.

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