Am I Narcissistic or a Victim? Quiz

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Am I Narcissistic or a Victim Quiz

Have you ever questioned your own sanity after an argument with your partner? You might be confused whether it was you that caused the fight to escalate or them. Perhaps you even said some insulting things you’re not proud of. However, this is not necessarily a sign that you’re narcissistic. Narcissists often twist situations to make themselves appear blameless, leaving their victims feeling confused and questioning their own reality. This phenomenon, known as narcissistic trauma, can leave lasting emotional scars.

This quiz, developed by a therapist with a Master’s degree in psychology, can help you explore whether you might be exhibiting narcissistic tendencies or experiencing the damaging effects of being in a relationship with someone who does. The quiz delves into common characteristics of both narcissism and victims of narcissistic abuse symptoms.

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This quiz can be a powerful tool in understanding your situation and taking steps towards healing and healthy relationships.


  1. When faced with criticism or negative feedback, how do you typically respond?
    1. Reflect and consider
    2. Feel hurt but try to understand
    3. Dismiss or ignore it
  2. Do you often feel entitled to special treatment or privileges in your personal or professional relationships?
    1. No, i believe in equality
    2. Depends on the situation
    3. I expect others to cater to my needs
  3. How do you respond to conflict?
    1. Listen and try to find a compromise
    2. Blame myself and feel guilty
    3. Blame the other person
  4. Do you feel that others are intentionally trying to harm or undermine you?
    1. Yes, often
    2. Sometimes
    3. No
  5. How do you handle setbacks and failures in life?
    1. Feel bad but try to bounce back
    2. I spiral and feel ashamed of myself
    3. Blame others, or external circumstances
  6. Do you feel misunderstood by others?
    1. Not really
    2. I feel like nobody could understand me
    3. Sometimes
  7. Do you feel unappreciated or dismissed in your relationships?
    1. Rarely
    2. A few people don’t value me as much
    3. Nobody appreciates me for what I do
  8. Do you feel that others are exploiting or taking advantage of you?
    1. No
    2. If they are, I can draw clear boundaries
    3. Yes, I feel like people use me

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