Am I in a Situationship? Quiz

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Updated On: May 18, 2024
Am I in a Situationship Quiz

You act like a couple but you’re unsure whether you can give it that label? This “Am I In A Situationship Quiz” is here to the rescue! Created by a relationship counselor with a Master’s degree in psychology and extensive experience figuring out the complexities of modern love, this quiz delves into the murky waters of the situationship.

Ever questioned the difference between a situationship vs relationship or wondered “are we more than friends?” Earlier, the choice was between friendship and romance and there was no in-between. It was also a given that every romantic relationship is exclusive. Things are far more complicated now leaving many of us confused. A situationship can feel like a confusing mix of a casual relationship and an undefined relationship. Are you experiencing dating confusion and wondering if your connection is built for the long haul, or simply a temporary fling?

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This quiz isn’t about judgment – it’s about understanding. Let’s explore your situation through these 10 questions and help you figure out what’s going on.


1. How would you describe your current relationship status?

  1. Official and committed
  2. Just hanging out
  3. It’s complicated

2. How often do you communicate with your partner?

  1. Regularly
  2. It changes from situation to situation
  3. We communicate irregularly

3. Have you discussed defining the relationship with your partner?

  1. Yes, we both agreed
  2. Yes, but we didn’t reach a conclusion
  3. Not yet

4. How do you spend your time together?

  1. Dates, quality time and meaningful activities
  2. We hang out casually
  3. We mostly hook up

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5. How do you feel about the future of your relationship?

  1. Optimistic
  2. Uncertain
  3. I haven’t thought about it

6. Are you exclusive with your partner?

  1. Yes
  2. We haven’t discussed it
  3. No

7. How does your partner introduce you to others?

  1. As their partner
  2. By my name, without specifying
  3. Sometimes as a friend, sometimes more

8. How do you feel about the level of emotional intimacy in your relationship?

  1. I feel fully connected and supported
  2. It’s unclear
  3. Our relationship lacks emotional depth

9. Have you met each other’s friends and family?

  1. Yes
  2. Only a few
  3. No

10. How do you define your relationship status?

  1. Clearly defined
  2. It’s complicated
  3. Undefined

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