Just for Fun

What is life without some fun and masti? A relationship is anyway dead if there isn’t a fun element in it. Fun and Masti in relationships as the words denote stand for simple fun and enjoyment.

To have some fun and masti in relationships you don’t need to pay through your nose to hit a waterpark or buy tickets to a dance night. You can just get together with friends and have fun. Talking to friends can be fun, just shaking a leg at home to loud music can be masti and packing some homemade sandwiches to a surprise picnic can be enjoyed.

In this section Bonobology harps on the simple things that can give you joy in life. It could be a simple day out with the girls or just browsing through some hilarious illustrations that would make you go into peals. We are here to make your life full of fun and masti just go through our tips and put your hair down.

Am I emo

Am I Emo? Quiz

Feeling misunderstood? Does the world seem a little too bright, a little too peppy for your brooding soul? Maybe you’ve even dipped your toes into eyeliner (or maybe you’re a full-on pro with the kohl pencil). If this sounds familiar, then you might just have some emo in your DNA! But hold on, friend. Before […]

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Marriage Falling Apart Quiz

Is My Marriage Falling Apart? Quiz

Do you find yourself reminiscing about when you first got married, feeling like you couldn’t get enough of each other? Then, perhaps somewhere along the way, compliments turned into insults, quality time into arguments, leaving you wondering, “Is my marriage doomed?” Before you descend into a spiral of negative thoughts, let me stop you right

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Is my wife cheating on me

Is My Wife Cheating? Quiz

A nagging suspicion. A late-night text. A business trip that feels…different. If thoughts of infidelity are swirling in your mind, you’re not alone. Many husbands grapple with the question: Is My Wife Cheating? This quiz has been created by a psychologist and relationship counselor who draws upon her experience, to make this process as simple

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Should I end my relationship? Quiz

Should I End My Relationship? Quiz

Ever scrolled through social media and felt a pang of envy at seemingly perfect couples? Maybe you wonder, “Is my relationship even good?” The truth is, healthy relationships take work, and sometimes, figuring out if yours is worth the effort is difficult. This quiz is designed to help you decide whether your current relationship can

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Is my husband a sociopath

Is my husband a sociopath? Quiz

Being married to someone who exhibits manipulative or malicious behaviors can be incredibly confusing and stressful. You might find yourself wondering, “Is my husband a sociopath?” This can lead to a desperate search for answers, with terms like “married to a sociopath” and “sociopath test” flooding your internet searches. However, beware of misleading information as

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Should I date him

Should I date him? Quiz

New butterflies in your stomach? That exciting first date feeling can be exhilarating, but it can also leave you wondering, “Should I Date Him?” Maybe you’ve had a whirlwind week of texting, or a spark ignited during a chance encounter. Now, you’re faced with the decision: should you take the plunge and see where things

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does he love me quiz

Does he love me? Quiz

So, you’ve been dating for a while. He seems dreamy and everything is going great. You’re in love and you know it but you’re left wondering if he feels the same way. Does this sound familiar? Many of us have wrestled with the age-old question: “does he actually love me?” We’re here to clear your

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