Should I end my relationship? Quiz

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Should I end my relationship? Quiz

Ever scrolled through social media and felt a pang of envy at seemingly perfect couples? Maybe you wonder, “Is my relationship even good?” The truth is, healthy relationships take work, and sometimes, figuring out if yours is worth the effort is difficult. This quiz is designed to help you decide whether your current relationship can be the happily-ever-after we all desire.

There’s no magic formula for a perfect relationship, and strong feelings alone don’t guarantee long-term happiness. So, we don’t blame you for being unsure about your relationship. This 10-question quiz, created by a relationship counselor who’s seen it all, can help you identify some of the undesirable signs that might be lurking beneath the surface.

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Maybe you’ve discussed breaking up before, but fear or uncertainty kept you together. Perhaps you’re holding secrets from each other, or simply don’t feel comfortable being your true selves. This quiz won’t tell you definitively how to know when a relationship should end, but it will guide you through some important questions to consider. Ultimately, the decision of “should I leave my partner” is yours, but a little clarity can go a long way.


1. Do you frequently contemplate ending the relationship?

  • Yes
  • Only recently
  • No

2. Does your partner consistently treat you with respect and kindness, even during disagreements?

  • Yes
  • They occasionally overstep boundaries
  • No

3. Do you generally feel secure and at ease in your partner’s presence?

  • Yes
  • I’ve felt uneasy lately
  • No

4. Have you experienced attraction towards someone other than your partner?

  • Often
  • Only fleetingly
  • No

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5. Has your partner proposed the idea of ending the relationship?

  • Frequently
  • Occasionally, following significant disagreements
  • They’re adamant about staying together

6. Do you often feel drained and fatigued by the relationship?

  • Yes, frequently
  • Particularly after recent events
  • No, rarely

7. Do you have concerns about your partner abandoning you?

  • Yes, it’s a frequent worry
  • Occasionally
  • No, seldom

8. Do you sense that your partner exploits or takes advantage of you?

  • Yes
  • Occasionally
  • No

9. Have you suspected your partner of losing affection for you?

  • Yes, their actions suggest so
  • Uncertain about their feelings
  • No, they’ve reassured me

10. Are you willing or able to compromise with your partner to address issues?

  • Yes, I’m committed to resolving matters
  • I could try, but I’m uncertain
  • No, I believe I’ve already made enough compromises
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