Should I leave My Husband? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Should I leave my husband?

“Is my relationship over?” It’s a heavy question, so it’s only natural that this thought is constantly on your mind. Married life has its ups and downs, and sometimes, those downs can feel overwhelming. This starts the journey of wondering whether you want to leave your husband.

When wondering whether to leave your husband, all your memories might be going through your head – the good and the bad. This “Should I Leave My Husband Quiz” is designed to be a guiding light on this difficult journey. Created by a relationship counselor with extensive experience helping couples in therapy, this quiz goes beyond a simple “marriage over quiz.”

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Through the 8 questions, you’ll reflect on the core aspects of your marriage and whether what you’re feeling right is just a bump along the road or a dead end. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to “is my marriage over?” This quiz will guide you towards a clear-eyed decision about your final decisions.


1. How do you feel when you think about your future with your husband?

  1. Excited and hopeful
  2. Uncertain or ambivalent
  3. Anxious or unhappy

2. How often do you and your husband communicate openly and resolve conflicts effectively?

  1. Frequently, we communicate well and resolve conflicts constructively
  2. Occasionally, but we struggle with communication at times
  3. Rarely, communication breakdowns often lead to unresolved conflicts

3. How satisfied are you with the level of emotional support and connection in your marriage?

  1. Very satisfied
  2. Somewhat satisfied
  3. Dissatisfied

4. How do you feel about the level of trust and loyalty in your marriage?

  1. Trust and loyalty are strong pillars of our relationship
  2. Trust has been compromised, but there’s potential for rebuilding
  3. Trust has been shattered, and loyalty is in question

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5. How do you envision your life without your husband?

  1. Optimistic, I see possibilities for growth and happiness
  2. Uncertain, I’m unsure how I would cope or adjust
  3. Fearful, I worry about being alone or starting over

6. Have you sought professional help or counselling to address issues in your marriage?

  1. Yes, and it has been helpful in addressing our challenges
  2. No, but I’m open to seeking help if needed
  3. No, I haven’t considered counselling or therapy as an option

7. How do you feel about the impact of your marriage on your overall well-being and happiness?

  1. My marriage positively contributes to my well-being and happiness
  2. It’s a mixed bag, with both positive and negative impacts on my well-being
  3. My marriage significantly detracts from my well-being and happiness

8. Are there any deal-breakers or non-negotiable issues in your marriage that make you consider leaving?

  1. Our relationship has challenges, but nothing to warrant leaving
  2. I’m unsure if leaving is the solution
  3. I think it’s a necessary consideration now

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