Should I Marry Him? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Should I marry him

Congratulations! So, you’re in a serious relationship, and the word marriage has started popping up here and there. But with such a big decision looming, doubts and uncertainties are bound to enter the picture. Is he truly “the one”?

This “Should I Marry Him Quiz” is your roadmap to gaining clarity. Designed by a relationship counselor, this quiz contains 8 multiple choice questions. It will help you better understand your relationship with your boyfriend and answer the burning question: “Is he the one to marry?” You’ll delve into crucial areas like shared values, future goals, and emotional support. These are key components that come together to form a happy and lasting relationship. These components are the key to know if he is the one to marry.

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This quiz isn’t just about finding the answer, it’s about gaining clarity. Even if you’re almost certain you see your future with him, this quiz is a good exercise to see where your relationship is strong and where there is room for growth. It will help you make this huge decision with confidence. So, are you ready to clear all your doubts? Take a deep breath and answer as honestly as you can!


1. How do you feel about spending the rest of your life with your partner?

  1. Excited and confident
  2. Unsure, but hopeful
  3. Anxious or hesitant

2. Do you share similar values, goals, and visions for the future?

  1. Yes, we’re aligned on most aspects
  2. Somewhat, but there are differences
  3. No, we have significant differences

3. How well do you communicate and resolve conflicts with your partner?

  1. Excellent, we communicate openly and resolve conflicts effectively
  2. Fair, we have occasional disagreements but can work through them
  3. Poor, communication is strained and conflicts often escalate

4. Are you financially compatible with your partner?

  1. Yes, we have similar financial values and goals
  2. Somewhat, but there are differences in financial habits
  3. No, we have significant financial disagreements

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5. How does your partner make you feel about yourself and your aspirations?

  1. Supported and encouraged
  2. Sometimes supported, but sometimes criticised
  3. Unsupported or discouraged

6. Have you discussed important topics like children, career aspirations, and lifestyle preferences?

  1. Yes, we’ve had open and honest discussions about these topics
  2. Somewhat, but there are unresolved issues or differences
  3. No, we haven’t discussed these topics thoroughly

7. How do you envision your life together in the long term?

  1. Fulfilling and happy
  2. Uncertain, but hopeful
  3. Concerning or uncertain

8. Have you considered the opinions of trusted friends and family members?

  1. Yes, and they support our relationship
  2. Somewhat, but their opinions vary
  3. No, I haven’t sought their input

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