Is My Wife Cheating? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Is my wife cheating on me

A nagging suspicion. A late-night text. A business trip that feels…different. If thoughts of infidelity are swirling in your mind, you’re not alone. Many husbands grapple with the question: Is My Wife Cheating?

This quiz has been created by a psychologist and relationship counselor who draws upon her experience, to make this process as simple as possible. Through these 8 multiple-choice questions, you will be able to explore the signs and patterns of cheating behavior. We all know the sinking feeling of suspicion, but pinpointing the root cause can be tricky. Is it a genuine concern, or a fear fueled by past experiences?

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This isn’t an “infidelity test” that delivers a definitive answer. It is the first step in knowing whether you should seek help. Whether your suspicions are unfounded or there’s something deeper going on, this quiz will be a crucial first step. Use this to have a conversation with your wife about how you’ve been feeling. If both you and your wife are committed to being with each other and willing to put in the work, you will figure it out. So, just remember that knowledge is power. Take the quiz and find the clarity you seek.


1. How often do you notice unexplained changes in your wife’s behavior or routine?

  • Frequently
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely

2. Have you observed any suspicious or secretive communication between your wife and someone else?

  • Yes, on multiple occasions
  • Occasionally, but nothing significant
  • No, not at all

3. Do you feel like your wife is emotionally distant or disconnected from you lately?

  • Yes, consistently
  • Occasionally, but it’s not a major concern
  • No, we’re still emotionally connected

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4. Have there been any unexplained absences or inconsistencies in your wife’s schedule?

  • Yes, frequently
  • Occasionally
  • No, her schedule is consistent

5. Do you notice any changes in your wife’s appearance or grooming habits that seem unusual?

  • Yes, there have been noticeable changes
  • Occasionally, but they could be unrelated
  • No, her appearance is consistent

6. Have you found any suspicious items or evidence that suggest infidelity, such as unexplained receipts or belongings?

  • Yes, on multiple occasions
  • Occasionally, but nothing conclusive
  • No, I haven’t found anything suspicious

7. Do you feel like your wife is defensive or evasive when you ask about her whereabouts or activities?

  • Yes, consistently
  • Occasionally, but not always
  • No, she’s open and honest with me

8. Have you noticed any significant changes in your wife’s attitude towards intimacy or physical affection?

  • Yes, there’s been a noticeable decrease
  • Occasionally, but it could be due to other factors
  • No, our intimacy levels are consistent
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