Strangely this very word “in-laws” has mixed reactions and most of the time the reactions are negative. The moment you say “in-laws” an image of an overbearing, interfering, at times rude and at times obsessive, an old couple comes to your mind.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of stories on how in-laws, especially the mother-in-law can make a marriage toxic and even if the couple moves out of the house and shifts to another city the demands continue. There are instances of how moms-in-law wrecked marriages and there are confession stories where mothers-in-law accompanied a couple everywhere they went.

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How Destructive Are Indian In Laws

How Destructive Are Indian In-Laws?

Do you know that cliché about how marrying someone means marrying their family? When you’re an Indian woman, that cliché is your life. Your in-laws are just as much a part of your marriage as you are – maybe even more so. Indian women have had to include their in-laws in their marriages for many generations. How has this impacted them?

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