8 Signs of a Poisonous Mother-In-Law and 6 Ways to Beat Her at Her Game

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
poisonous mother-in-lawpoisonous mother-in-law

“He might be your husband but he is my son first” – The tagline of every typical poisonous mother-in-law ever.

How many times has your mother-in-law treated your husband like her own personal “property” and made you feel like an outsider? If you can’t count the number of times on your fingers, chances are, you are trapped with a poisonous mother-in-law, who has her mindset on making your married life hellish.

Marriage is anything but easy. It can be called a walk in a park..if the park is Jurassic Park! Don’t get us wrong, being married to the love of your life is an unmatched feeling. But unlike the ideal world of movies, it’s not a ticket to your happily-ever-after. Unfortunately, you don’t just marry your husband, you marry his entire family and that adds a mountain of responsibilities on your plate. You’re suddenly the caretaker of so many more people than you signed up for.

It is also the responsibility of his family to make you feel at home. But more often than not, despite your dedication, toxic-mothers-in-law make you feel like a stranger in your own home.

8 Signs of a Poisonous Mother-In-Law

How many times have you thought, “I hate my mother-in-law”? Well, who loves a jealous and manipulative mother-in-law? A toxic mother-in-law will try her best to make you miserable, drain all your energy and leave you in a world of pain.

Despite your efforts, this tends to have an adverse effect on your relationship with your husband.  It’s almost like having a Step-Mother! If you want to protect your marriage from your manipulative mother-in-law, learn to spot these red-flags and counter them ASAP!

1. She is always judgmental

I hate my mother-in-law for putting me under constant scrutiny. It’s like every opinion and chore performed by you is judged harshly. And it doesn’t end there. A toxic mother-in-law will even judge your clothes, the way you walk, talk or even laugh. She goes over everything you do with a fine-toothed comb. Be prepared to listen to a lecture on behaviour and the right etiquette.

Judgemental MIL
Judgemental MIL

What is it, the 19th Century?

2. She will bitch about you

A toxic mother-in-law will leave no stone unturned when it comes to bitching about you. Be it a kitty party with her friends,  a social gathering, or even a family function. It’s evident that she hates you. She loves to push your buttons and belittle you in front of others. This is a clear sign of a jealous mother-in-law. The best course of action would be to recognise her insecurity and stay unaffected by it.

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3. She is a real Mrs Nosy Parker

You will find her snooping or lurking around places she shouldn’t be. Your nosy mother-in-law will make sure she is present especially when your husband comes back home from work. She will try to barge into your personal space and strike arbitrary conversations with you and your husband and cut into your private time and won’t give you both space. A jealous mother-in-law can’t stand the idea of someone else spending more time with her son.

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