My Wife Was Abducted By Her Family Because I Was 15 Days Younger To Her

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Updated On: October 18, 2023
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I met Supriya on a dating site; we used to be together throughout the day despite the distance – I was in Mumbai, she was in a town in UP. We would talk for hours over the phone, text regularly and it never mattered that we were far away from each other. Things were going blissfully well till we decided to meet and then everything started going downhill.

She Wanted To Meet In Delhi

Supriya had travelled to Delhi to see her relatives, and she thought it would be a good idea to meet there. This was going to be our first meeting, and I was excited. Although I was broke at that time, I wanted to see her no matter what. So I borrowed money from a few friends. I was merely able to collect Rs 1,500, bought a ticket for the general coach and left for Delhi. Travelling in a general compartment was a challenge, but I managed everything to meet my lady love. I first met Supriya in a coffee shop. We spent the whole day together. The feeling was euphoric.

I met her parents

Supriya told me that I have to see her parents the next day and invited me for lunch to her relative’s home. I got up early and got dressed; the time did not seem to pass. I was excited and to tell you the truth, a wee bit nervous even. The lunch was scrumptious, and the kids gathered around me, calling me “Jiju Jiju”. It felt nice. Then came the lethal question.

Her family was shocked to hear my birth date

We were not of the same caste. Supriya told me that she had convinced her parents and they were okay with the caste difference.

Now her grandfather popped the question: “Son, can you please share your birth date, time and place?” I shared it and looking at the birth date everyone in the family became tense. The suspense was now killing me. I heard her grandfather talk to her father and aunt, and he said, “Boy is younger than the girl by 15 days.”

it was not allowed in their caste to let a girl marry a boy who was younger to her
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The marriage could not be allowed

Her grandfather said that it was not allowed in their caste to let a girl marry a boy who was younger to her and even if it’s only by 15 days it did matter. I was shocked. I was hurt, as I considered this to be a complete stupidity in this day and age. I did not understand what was happening. I left for the lodge and left for Mumbai the next day. I didn’t get a chance to discuss anything with Supriya and neither did I want to because I felt very insulted. I thought they were trying to find an excuse not to let the marriage happen. After I returned to Mumbai Supriya and I did not connect, and she went off the radar completely.

Supriya took me by surprise

we had gone to the registrar and got married legally.
Happy newly married couple

After a month suddenly I got a call from Supriya. She said she was coming down to Mumbai. I was surprised to hear that. I just told her okay. Supriya took the first flight she could catch from Delhi and came over. I received her at the airport and took her home.

Her family was trying to locate us, but by the time they found us, we had gone to the registrar and got married legally. I was living in a small house, but Supriya was okay with it. She was supportive.

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Then the trouble started

Her family visited our house and started urging Supriya to leave me. But Supriya took a stand and told them that if they wanted to interfere in our lives, then they shouldn’t show their faces again.

Things were going great in our newly-married life till a phone call broke the reverie. Supriya’s mom called to say her brother had a terrible accident and she took the next flight out to Delhi.

This was just a ploy

They tricked her and took Supriya to an undisclosed location. I kept calling her parents, and they gave me no information about her whereabouts. Somehow they had managed to hide Supriya from me. I then decided to travel to Delhi and try and find her myself. I went there, met her friends, and asked them to help me.

Sad man dejected and thinking of contacting the police

After trying for some days, I had no clue, and I couldn’t find her.kety

I was upset, dejected and thinking of contacting the police when one of her friends called me and said Supriya was in her home and I should reach quickly. I rushed to her house and picked her up.

Supriya was held captive by her family in a remote place – a farmhouse in the outskirts of the city – and she somehow managed to escape. After this incident, we decided to move to another city. We haven’t told my in-laws our new address and have finally found peace. If I hadn’t experienced this whole thing in my own life, I would have thought things like this only happen in the movies.

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