My Marriage Was In Trouble Because Of My Sister-In-Law’s Stories

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If you ask women to talk about the biggest problem in their life most would say, in-laws. Whether they are living together or living apart, in-law trouble is what most married women have to deal with. Some would also elucidate that the interference of the husband’s extended family creates issues in their life but I had never thought that my sister-in-law would become the biggest bane in my life after our marriage.

The Problems Began With The Wedding

Anjan and I got married in 2017. It was a love-cum-arranged marriage, but his mother and sister had lot of problems in the wedding because we had it in the temple of Anjan’s choice. They wanted it in a marriage hall in Bangalore but my husband refused, because he did not want to waste money. He had taken a mannat that he would get married in a temple, which they knew. They had many clashes.

I was working in a US-based MNC where my job demanded night shifts. He used to hide all the clashes that happened at home from me. He has an elder sister who got married five years ago and has a daughter. But she doesn’t live with her husband because she does not like where he lives.

For the first six months everything went well because I was earning and they were enjoying, with my money. Then I had to quit because they were not taking care of my husband very well. The food wouldn’t be cooked well, it would be cold and stale. He was often falling sick because of the food. Anjan used to call me in the night and cry. He wanted me to stay at home and take care of him and cook good food for him.

My sister-in-law was jealous of us

Things stayed bad after I left my job because my sister-in-law was jealous of our lifestyle. I earned pretty well and was spending and enjoying my life with my husband. She was not able to enjoy like us because her husband lived in a different city and he didn’t earn that well and had a lot of debt, too. She wanted to become rich quickly.

My sister-in-law began to tell her mother tales about us, that my husband and I would sell the house and put them out on the street, that my husband and I would drink and smoke together, that I don’t take care of my MIL properly.

She was jealous, as I was capable of supporting my mother and brother as well. They wanted me to stop supporting my family.

Sometimes they would lie to me or my husband about the other and we used to fight. She would tell me that my husband is very bad because he is straightforward and does not like me talking to them. They told me that he did not support them in their decisions. When I asked him, he told me their decisions were wrong. “They always want to prove they are right and they don’t care about others’ feelings.” They used to tell my husband that I talk to guys over the phone.

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She lied about her own marriage, too

Trouble in marriage
Trouble in marriage

My sister-in-law used to tell people that her husband was going to leave his home and come and live with her in Bangalore. She boasted about the jewellery that she bought and badmouthed her MIL. In 2017 I wanted to celebrate New Year with everyone, so I invited my brother and asked her to invite her husband. Just to confirm if he was coming, I called her husband on 31st December. He told me that he hadn’t been invited. Then I asked him whether he was moving to Bangalore. He told me that he couldn’t leave his brother and mother.

When I confronted her, my mother-in-law supported her and we had a big fight. Fortunately my husband supported me and we left the house.

Now we live separately, but still my sister-in-law calls my husband when she needs money. She still speaks ill about me to my husband. She still lives with my MIL and not her husband, as she needs the house and money from my husband.

I’m happy because my husband brought me out from that hell. We are happy. She told a friend of mine that she hates me and will make sure her brother divorces me, and marries the girl they like. I discussed this with my husband, and I asked him, “Are you going to divorce me if she tells you to?”

He replied, “If you leave me, I will leave this world….” And with that I got my peace!

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