Spirituality and Mythology

Our articles demonstrate how mythology, art and rituals of ancient India can still be applied today regarding the contemporary generation. The Hindu spiritual and mythological landscape is populated by varied characters from the blood-letting Kali to the mysterious Shiva – all of whom provide a distinct perspective regarding relationships.

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Vikarna – The Dark Horse Of The Kaurava Clan

He might have been in the clan of the thirsty Kauravas, but Vikarna is defined by his strong sense of ‘dharma’ and dutiful righteousness, which set him apart from the rest of his brothers.

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bheem and hidimba marriage

The Long-distance Marriage Of Bheem And Hidimba

Like the contemporary times, though inconvenient, long-distance marriages existed and thrived centuries back too. The alliance between Bheem and Hidimba is a fitting example of it.

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King Born Out of Queer Romance

Tracing the legend of King Bhagiratha’s Birth Out of Queer Romance

Queer romance, even in today’s modern world, struggles to be acknowledged, let alone celebrated. Pride parades meant to familiarise, bold films meant to sensitize, artwork created to normalize this romantic love of a different kind has still not proved enough to encourage a much-needed paradigm shift. Our society continues to battle these apprehensions, one dauntless …

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