Psychic Expert Shares 11 Spiritual Signs He Will Come Back

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spiritual signs he will come back
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The most confusing and agonizing thing about a breakup is deciding whether to wait for your ex to return or move on. Meanwhile, you have binge-watched The Twilight Saga in one night, cried to all the Taylor Swift songs, read The Fault In Our Stars for the third time, and posted breakup stories on your social media account. Now you are wondering if moving on is the right thing to do. However, you keep seeing some perplexing yet spiritual signs he will come back.

You can’t ignore these signs because your intuition is so strong. They say you should never ignore the power of a woman’s intuition. Even science backs the theory that women have stronger intuition than men. In a study done on 46,000 participants, mentally healthy men and women were analyzed. 

Turns out, women have more blood flow to the brain, particularly the centers of the brain that control emotions, mood, anxiety, and depression. Basically, in the parts of the brain that allow us to know things ahead of time and feel things deeply, women have more brain activity and blood supply. This explains why women have a knack for knowing things long before men do. If you aren’t able to ignore the signs from the universe that he will come back, there may be some reason for it.

With the help of Surbhi Jain, who is a certified tarot reader at the Astrosage Varta app, a numerology practitioner, and an angel reader, let’s decode the spiritual signs he will come back to assess with there is something to the intuition you can’t seem to shake off. She says, “Yes, sometimes we break up but our gut feeling or intuition says that our ex will return to us someday. If this gut feeling is backed by certain signs, rest assured the relationship isn’t over yet and reconciliation is possible.”

Psychic Expert Shares 11 Spiritual Signs He Will Come Back 

It’s possible to ignore signs from the universe that love is coming your way again and not take them seriously. However, with a little open-mindedness, belief, and patience, these mystical cues can change your life for the better. 

1. He frequently appears in your dreams

Dreams are known to be a gateway to our subconscious mind, our hidden desires, and buried traumas. If you are frequently dreaming about your ex, it could be because you are missing him and he is missing you as well. 

Speaking of the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, Surbhi says, “Dreams about your ex coming back are natural when you are going through a breakup because you have created a comfort level around them. You keep thinking subconsciously that he will return to me one day. It’s one of the major signs that your ex wants you back.” 

Talking about dreaming about exes, a user on Reddit shares, “My ex told me they kept thinking about me even after the breakup. I told them I dreamt about them very often. We eventually ended up talking again and had a relationship for two more years.”

2. Seeing angel number 711

Angel numbers are a series of repetitive digits. They are known to be divine messages coming to you from the universe, God, or whatever higher power you believe in. Different angel numbers signify different messages from the universe. 

Surbhi shares, “Seeing the angel number 711 is one of the spiritual signs he will come back. You could see this number as time on your phone, a receipt, or just spotting this number anywhere else. This number is a sign of good fortune, love, and harmony coming back into your life.”

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3. Meeting him coincidentally 

Unexpectedly running into an ex can be awkward. There are so many unresolved feelings and issues. You might panic after seeing them, your palms are sweating, words are faltering, and you feel the hurt they caused you when you look at them. However, when your ex wants you back, you won’t feel any of these things.

Surbhi says, “None of the negative emotions will hit you when you see them. You might experience it after reaching home but when you see them after a considerable amount of time, you won’t feel as if there’s anything wrong between you. You are comfortable, delighted, and you even laugh with each other as if the breakup never happened.”

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4. He will text you just as you were about to text him

This has happened to all of us. Let’s not deny it. We pick up our phone to call someone and we see them calling us at the same time. We think about someone and bam! There’s a text from them. If you have been thinking about texting your ex and all of a sudden he sends you a random message for no apparent reason or shares a meme with you, it’s one of the signs you and your ex are meant to be together.

Think about it this way — you are thinking about your ex at the same time he is thinking about you. You are both on each other’s minds. It’s not only poetic but it’s one of the spiritual signs he misses you and wants you back. This is also an opportunity for you to not let the conversation die and rebuild your connection. 

5. Reminiscing good memories 

Reminiscing good memories 

Surbhi says, “Sometimes we terminate a relationship because of some negative attributes of the partner. It could be because of their drinking, smoking, or being a workaholic. You tried your best to adjust because of the love you have for him but you broke up eventually because it started to take a toll on your sanity.

“However, now when you sit alone and reflect, only the positives come to mind. You are reminiscing the good memories you shared, you miss their touch, the way they laugh, and the way they made your days better. This is predominantly because you neglected 90% of the good qualities in a man and focused on the 10% which caused the breakup. If God keeps showing you signs about their good nature and habits, it’s because you both are meant to be.”

Our brain is hardwired to negativity. It’s simply because we tend to take positive things for granted. If in hindsight you can’t help thinking about what a good person your partner was, perhaps it’s because you didn’t value their strengths enough when you were together. And the universe is sending you a sign to reconsider that choice. 

6. You see a pink feather

Pink is considered the color of unconditional love and a pink feather is considered a symbol of passion, healing, and strong adoration in different cultures. If you keep chancing upon pink feathers, consider it one of the signs from the universe. It’s also one of the symbols of love.

If a pink feather crosses your path, it could be one of the powerful spiritual signs from the universe or your angels that they are here to love and support you, forever and always. It is also a sign that love has the power to destroy all your problems and heal your wounds. 

7. You suddenly find a letter, gift, or one of his belongings 

Gift-giving is one of the love languages and it’s common to give and receive gifts when you are in a relationship with someone. If you threw away all the gifts or returned all his belongings, then there are fewer chances of you seeing them anywhere.

However, despite you getting rid of everything that reminds you of your ex if you still chance upon one of his belongings, it is no happy coincidence. It’s one of the spiritual signs he misses you and wants you back. 

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8. You feel his energy around you 

You spent so much time together with them. There is no doubt you shared an emotional connection that can transcend time and distance. Deep down, you know he is the one and that’s why you keep feeling his presence everywhere you go. If you feel his energy when he isn’t with you, it’s one of the spiritual signs he will come back. 

A user on Quora, who is a spiritual writer and healer, perfectly summarizes the energy we feel when we are in love. The user shares, “If you are in love with someone, your energetic bonds of connection are very alive, aligned, and tuned in. And yes, you can definitely be telepathic to his/her emotions and the other person will be telepathic to yours.

“These energetic relationship cords of connection always run both ways. The only exception is if one person in the relationship is ‘energetically’ pinching the cords because he/she fears the energy that is flowing to them.”

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9. Your ex talks about you with friends 

Surbhi says, “If your friends suddenly mention meeting your ex, then it’s not just one of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone. He unexpectedly met your friends. Then, he spoke about you with the intention of this news being delivered to you. Your friends here are the messengers from the universe that are helping you in getting back together with your ex.”

This is not a coincidence that your ex met your friends and in the awkwardness of the moment asked about you. Destiny is playing its hand here. Besides, if your ex didn’t want you back, he wouldn’t have cared to talk about you with anyone let alone bring you up in a conversation with your friends. He knows this conversation will reach you. That’s why he is talking about you with them. 

10. A specific song plays on a TV or the radio 

It could be the song you first danced to together or the song you loved to listen to on your long drives. If a song that had a special meaning for you as a couple starts playing when you least expect it, it’s one of the signs you and your ex are meant to be. You are at a restaurant alone thinking about them and this specific song comes on. You really don’t need any other sign than this to know if he misses you or not.

This happened to me when my ex and I decided to take a break from the relationship. While we were on a break, I went to a supermarket two months after the breakup and our favorite song Chasing Cars started playing at the store. It brought back so many memories that I was literally on the verge of crying. To my complete surprise, I got a text from him that same night. I knew it HAD to be one of the signs from the universe that we are meant to be. 

11. Sneezing or getting hiccups

Surbhi says, “Hiccups are common after a meal. But getting random hiccups at odd hours is another psychic sign that your ex is thinking about you.” In Asian cultures, sneezing is considered a strong sign your soulmate is thinking about you. Your nose will start to itch which causes repeated sneezing. Of course, this doesn’t apply when you are sick or have the flu. But if you are sneezing repeatedly without any sickness, then it’s one of the spiritual signs he will come back.

Key Pointers

  • Spiritual signs your ex will come back can be masked as the most routine or unassuming occurrences; so, you need to know what you ought to be looking for
  • It’s one of the signs from the universe that he will come back when you find his belonging even after you thought you had gotten rid of them
  • Seeing angel numbers and pink feathers is also one of the signs your ex is thinking about you
  • Getting goosebumps randomly and feeling their energy are signs from the universe that you and your ex are meant to be

If the universe/God keeps showing signs about your love life, do not ignore them. It’s totally fine if you don’t believe in psychic signs. Sometimes when there are just too many coincidences and your intuitions can’t be ignored, in such situations, it’s wise to not underestimate the power of the universe. 


1. How do you know if he is the one spiritually?

You know he is the one spiritually when you feel like you can be yourself. There is no pretending or masking your real emotions. They support you, help you grow, and you have the same goals for the relationship. It’s as if the two of you are in sync with each other.

2. How can you tell if your ex misses you?

You can tell your ex misses you when they text you at random hours, when they keep checking up on you, and when they ask your friends how you are doing. If your ex still wishes you on important days, that’s also one of the signs they miss you.

3. What are the signs God wants you to be with someone?

When you feel totally at peace and comfortable around a person, it’s one of the signs God wants you to be with someone or with that person. You both make each other better people and treat each other with kindness, and your relationship has survived a lot of trials. 

5. What are the chances a guy will come back?

A survey was conducted with 3,512 people to find out if couples ever reconcile. It was found that 15% of people actually won their ex back. So, who knows? You might belong to that 15% of the people and hopefully, your ex will come back to you. 

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