10 Signs You Are In A Spiritual Relationship With Someone

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We meet hundreds of people throughout our life. Some become acquaintances, some disappear, and some become lifelong friends. And then there are those special people. People who change your entire existence from the moment they enter it as if something bigger is at work. If you have ever met such a person, then know that what you experienced was a spiritual relationship.

These people may or may not always stay in your life. Some of these relationships may only last a few days. But the impact they have on you even in this short span stays with you till the end. Such is the power of a spiritual connection. You just can’t ignore it. Does this ring a bell? That stranger you met on the park bench, toward whom you felt such a strong pull that you emptied your heart out and still felt safe. Are you curious to find out if what you felt was a spiritual connection? Relationship and intimacy coach Shivanya Yogmaya (internationally certified in the therapeutic modalities of EFT, NLP, CBT, REBT), who specializes in different forms of couples counseling, helps us first understand what a spiritual relationship is.

What Is A Spiritual Relationship?

A spiritual relationship is one where two people are connected through their souls. Shivanya explains, “When there is a soul connection, there is a lot of compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. But most importantly, a spiritual relationship gives you the space to evolve into a better version of yourself.”

Spirituality is about seeking something bigger than us, which gives our life meaning. A spiritual connection occurs when you meet a person and you instinctively feel that you are exactly where you were meant to be. There are many types of spiritual relationships. What type of spiritual relationship is yours going to be? What road will this cosmic connection take? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: it will definitely feel like something greater is at work and you will not be able to ignore it.

How Do You Develop A Spiritual Relationship?

There are as many kinds of relationships as there are people. Finding the person meant for you in this chaos is a gargantuan task. Even when you do find the person who fits the bill, your relationship will still face many storms. But when there is a spiritual connection in a relationship, there is a higher chance that the relationship will stand the test of time. Fortunately for all of us, spirituality in relationships can be built over time. Here are some things you can do to build a spiritual relationship.

1. Have a spiritual connection with yourself

First and foremost, to build spirituality in relationships, you need to be aware of who you are spiritually. What are your beliefs? How do you practice spirituality? What are your views about spirituality and religion? Do you like discussing religion and spirituality? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

“Spirituality comes with self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more you will understand your spirituality. And the better understanding you have of yourself, the easier it will be for you to communicate it to your partner and have a soul connection,” explains Shivanya.

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2. Communication is the key

One thing both spirituality and relationship have in common is the need for communication. Get to know your partner at a deeper level. Understand what they want from the relationship and how they would like to grow in the relationship. If they want stability, then work toward it. If there is any baggage from the past, talk about it and help each other resolve the issues.

Being aware of your partner is as important as being aware of yourself when trying to build a spiritual connection in a relationship. Healing is very important if you wish to evolve as a person. And to heal, you must communicate with your partner. Recognize what you have, accept what needs to be changed and use this to grow with love and support.

3. Create time to practice spirituality together

There are many ways to practice spirituality. For some, it is meditation and practising mindfulness, some others prefer following religious rituals, whereas others connect with nature. Talk to your partner and figure out an activity that both you and your partner find therapeutic. It could be meditation or going for a hike in the forest. Then, take time out from your everyday schedule for that activity.

Shivanya explains, “In spirituality and relationships, you don’t always need words to communicate. To build a spiritual relationship, sometimes all you need to do is just be there. The presence of your partner is enough to build that soul connection.”

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What Are The Different Types Of Spiritual Relationships?

Everything happens for a reason. The people who come into our lives are there for a reason. Unfortunately, most of the time, we realize the true reason for a person coming into our life, only after they have left. Now you might wonder, “If this person is our spiritual soulmate, then should we not be together forever?”

The types of spiritual relationships determine whether our spiritual soulmate is here to stay or not. While every soul connection is here for a purpose, it can primarily be divided into three types of spiritual relationships.

1. Karmic spiritual connection

These types of spiritual relationships can be very intense. There is an immense attraction which is virtually impossible to ignore but more often than not, these relationships don’t last. “A karmic spiritual relationship’s purpose is to teach us a lesson we had not learnt in our previous birth,” explains Shivanya. Once the lesson is taught, the relationship begins to disintegrate.

Many people try to hold on to this relationship out of nostalgia. They remember what it used to feel like and try to make it work. That is when things go bad. The more you try to hold on to these relationships, the more toxic they become. In such circumstances, it is best to let things go.

2. A spiritual soulmate

It is said that when you meet your soulmate, you just know it, and that is very true. The connection you feel when you have found your soulmate is instantaneous. You won’t feel as if you are meeting a stranger. Instead, you will feel like you are meeting a long-lost friend. These kinds of relationships tend to last a lifetime.

“The soul from this spiritual group will give you unconditional love and support. There is a deep understanding and a very strong friendship between you two. This kind of spiritual relationship might trigger you once in a while but that trigger will be for your own growth and betterment,” says Shivanya. Your spiritual soulmate will make you feel secure in your relationship with them.

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3. Twin flame

While a spiritual soulmate is a soul of the same spiritual group, a twin flame is the other half of your soul. You can and will come across soulmates in your lifetime but meeting your twin flame connection will happen just once. There is a chance that you might not meet your twin flame in one lifetime.

But, when you do meet your twin flame, it will be everything you have heard about ‘The One’. A spiritual connection will always have a strong impact but meeting a twin flame will make you feel like a deer caught in the headlights, there will be no getting away from it. A twin flame mirrors you in every single way. Your relationship will catapult your growth, making you reach heights that you never thought you possibly could.

10 Signs You Have A Spiritual Connection With Someone

Out of the many people we meet on a daily basis, only a select few seem to catch our attention. And out of those few people, the number of people who remain with us through our journey of life is fewer still. The universe has a way of sending love or people to us when we need them the most, be it to help us break out of patterns or to hold our hand through the journey of life.

“A spiritual connection in relationships doesn’t always have to be the romantic kind,” says Shivanya. There can be spirituality in a relationship with a friend, a teacher, a coworker or even a pet. So, how do you recognize a spiritual connection with someone? Here are some things that happen when we have a spiritual relationship.

1. You feel a strong intuition

The first sign that you have found a person with whom you have a spiritual connection is that you will feel it in your gut. The intensity of your feelings toward each other will be so strong that neither of you will be able to ignore it. You will feel that the person is your soulmate or a twin flame. A spiritual relationship is the universe’s way of trying to guide you and bring you to the right path and there is no getting away from it.

2. You develop an instant deep connection

While a lot of relationships take time and effort to get on to the same page about life, a spiritual relationship is very different in this aspect. The most beautiful thing about meeting a spiritual soulmate is establishing a connection that feels virtually effortless.

A soulmate and deep soul connections will have similar vibrations as yours. Their thought processes, world views and even their spirituality will match yours. You will likely become so in tune with the person that the connection becomes almost telepathic in nature. You will be completely in sync.

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3. You will not feel stifled in a spiritual relationship

Every person comes with certain baggage. Some we can work on alone, and for some, we need a little help. When there is a spiritual connection in relationship, the bond becomes more accommodating. Both the individuals in the relationship are more understanding of each other’s flaws and shortcomings.

They accept you for who you are and you don’t feel the need to change for them. Nor do you feel the need to win their approval. The love that you share is unconditional. You feel secure in the knowledge and can be your authentic self.

4. There is complete and utter trust in the relationship

With unconditional love comes unconditional faith. A lot of relationships end because of insecurities between the couple but in spirituality and relationships, there is no space for mistrust. Shivanya explains, “When there is a spiritual connection between two people, our intuitions tell us we are safe with them and they can be trusted.”

It doesn’t mean that you are naïve to trust a person completely, you just happen to be so secure in your relationship with them, you feel accepted and therefore accept them so wholeheartedly that there is no need for lies, even for the little white ones.

5. Words are not necessary

When you are in a spiritual relationship, keeping the conversation going does not seem difficult at all. You never seem to run out of topics. What is interesting to note is that in such a relationship, you don’t need words either.

The connection between two people of the same soul group is such that you don’t often need words to communicate. Just by looking at you, they can tell what is going on in your mind. The sync between the two is such that they can communicate almost telepathically. You know how sometimes you get this strong urge to open the door and somehow you know your partner will be on the other side? That kind of telepathy in love occurs in a spiritual connection.

6. You respect and treat each other as equals

“One thing you have in abundance in a spiritual relationship is respect for your partner,” says Shivanya. It is not as if there are no conflicts or disagreements, every relationship has those. You might have strong opinions about things like whether Marvel or DC has better superheroes, but no matter how diametrically opposite your opinions are, you will always feel heard and validated.

When there is spirituality in relationships, you see your partner as an equal and don’t look down upon them. You are aware that no one is perfect, no one knows everything, and no one is good at everything, but you accept them the way they are and respect them nonetheless.

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7. There is growth and balance in the relationship

One of the most understated yet one of the most important aspects of a relationship is having the capacity to maintain a balance in your life. The more there are spiritual connections in relationship, the more effortlessly a couple is able to maintain this balance.

People think that when you meet your soulmate, the love is going to be all-consuming. That is where they make a mistake. When you have a soul connection, the love is intense and powerful indeed, but it is not all-consuming. You will be able to focus on your priorities and create and maintain that much-needed balance. A spiritual relationship gives you the freedom and space to work on your dreams and encourages you to become the best version of yourself.

8. You can tell when something is wrong

Call it sixth sense or coincidence, but you almost always somehow know when your partner is in trouble. Similarly, when you are in a situation where you direly need someone – whether it is walking down a dark street alone or feeling like you are on the edge – your kindred soul has a knack for showing up at the right place at the right time.

There is this undeniable magnetic attraction almost. They might not always arrive at your doorstep but they will come through when you need them the most. Perhaps, even just through a call.

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9. They are familiar and unforgettable

“There are times when you will meet a stranger who will not feel like a stranger at all. The connection that you share is so profound it feels like you have known them for a long time. You have similar thoughts and ideas, your tastes match and you might even be able to predict the other person’s next words or reactions. In some cultures, this connection is said to have been made in your previous births, ” says Shivanya.

In all of this, one thing is certain, you will not be able to forget the person you share such a connection with. Not all souls of your soul group are supposed to stay forever but their essence will stay with you. You might forget the color of their eyes or even their face, but you will never forget the impact they had on your life.

10. As a team, you are invincible

The bond between you and your kindred spirit is going to be strong and you will also be in sync. It is this connection that is difficult to sever. Your thoughts will always be about them especially when you are apart. And this kind of connection is so strong that chances are when you are thinking of them, they will be thinking of you too. Unfortunately, when you are apart, you will not thrive as much.

But when two people who share a spiritual connection come together, there are fireworks everywhere. You sleep better, food tastes better and you feel more positive about yourself and the world in general. A spiritual relationship helps the couple achieve a very Zen-like state that helps the couple to make a good relationship, do better in every aspect of their life and reach greater heights.

A connection that is spiritual in nature is a rare and beautiful gift. It can take you to great heights, teach you important life lessons and help you heal. It is essential to remember that every person who enters our life has a purpose and the universe sends your way just the right person to help you grow. And building a spiritual relationship with this person will lead to things bigger than you. So, when you find your soul connection, cherish it and do not let it go to waste.


1. What does a spiritual relationship look like?

When two people who belong to the same soul group are together, such a relationship is a spiritual relationship. The relationship doesn’t always need to be romantic. A spiritual relationship can exist between two friends, coworkers or even with an animal.

A spiritual relationship is bigger than just two people. It is the universe sending souls your way to help you evolve spiritually. It might not last forever but while it does, it will have a huge impact on your life.

2. Do souls recognize each other?

The connection that you have with the people of the same soul group as you, will be unlike any other relationship. The connection is intense and powerful and you will feel drawn to each other like moths to a flame.

One cannot deny nor ignore the intensity of such a spiritual connection. Even if the relationship ends, you will not be able to forget the person entirely. If there is a person with whom you have shared such a connection, that person is someone sent to you by the universe.

3. What is spiritual intimacy?

Spiritual intimacy is about opening up to your partner on a spiritual level. Just like physical intimacy occurs between bodies and intellectual intimacy occurs between minds, spiritual intimacy occurs between two souls.

Spiritual intimacy is achieved when two people open up about their sense of spirituality to each other without judgment and in a supportive manner. Your beliefs, your connection to a higher presence, your methods of practising spirituality: all these constitute your spirituality. And when you open up to your partner about these, that is considered spiritual intimacy.

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