13 Powerful Signs From The Universe Your Ex Is Coming Back

March 28, 2023 |
signs from the universe your ex is coming back
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Are you noticing signs from the universe that your ex is coming back? Does it mean your former partner is manifesting you back into their life? Most of us became acquainted with the concept of ‘manifestation’ through the book/movie The Secret. It made us believe that we can attract anything we want, simply by believing that we have it already.

But who would have thought a person can use this technique to invite someone back into their life? Do we really not have control over our reality? These are very complex questions, right? And so, for unique insights on how to know if your ex is manifesting you, we talked to manifestation coach Dhruvi Joshi. Let’s look at some of the signs your ex is manifesting you, so you are in a better place to decide how you want to respond to their desire to get back together. 

13 Powerful Signs From The Universe That Your Ex Is Coming Back

How exactly do the Law of Attraction and manifestation work? How to manifest love using the Law of Attraction? Dhruvi explains, “Whatever you feel, think, and speak into existence, you manifest that in your reality. In simplest terms, it means putting your intention toward something that you hope will happen and then watching it happen in your reality. 

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“Your thoughts create your reality. We’re attracted to what we think about the most. So, if someone is using all the Laws of Attraction techniques to manifest you, then you will be compelled to think about them.” This could translate into signs your ex is manifesting you. But, how to know if your ex is manifesting you, even when you don’t want to be with them? Here are some obvious signs from the universe that your ex is coming back:

1. You can’t get them out of your head

How do you tell if your ex secretly wants you back?  Dhruvi says, “The first spiritual sign is that you’re constantly thinking about them. You cannot stop thinking about them, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You cannot get them out of your head. It’s actually because your soulmate is thinking of you.

“Hearing things is another telltale sign. You may hear their name in your head, in the middle of a random conversation with friends.” This is one of the clearest signs from the universe that your ex is coming back.

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2. You’re dreaming of them

How to know if your twin flame is trying to cross paths with you again or if your past love life may be resurrecting itself? Dhruvi explains, “The second powerful sign is that you’re dreaming about them a lot. These dreams could be very vivid/emotional.”

In fact, a Reddit user wrote, “This past week I’ve been randomly thinking about my ex more than my current person and I’m not sure why. Keep in mind this is not an ex I want back, he treated me like top-tier shit! Earlier this week he appeared in my dreams twice telling me he misses me. Both of these dreams were sexual but in the dream I had today, he told my best friend he missed me. Maybe it’s one of the signs my ex is coming back.”

3. You get their visions

A Reddit user wrote, “I see my ex’s name everywhere, even in my dreams. Even my YouTube search history has his name (I don’t remember searching and he doesn’t even know my passwords). I even saw him driving on the opposite side of the road… and then I saw his new dating app profile. Too many synchronicities, it’s wild! Is it one of the signs my ex is coming back?”

On this, Dhruvi says, “If you get their clear visions, it’s one of the signs from the universe that your ex is coming back. This happens with psychics a lot. You clearly see their face in front of your eyes.”

4. You spot their names everywhere

Adding to the list of signs you and your ex are meant to be, Dhruvi explains, “You start seeing their names everywhere. You see it on billboards/Instagram videos or even names of characters in movies. Also, you start seeing their look-alikes at random places. Their family member or old friend may suddenly pop in front of your eyes.” 

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5. You may even smell them

Have you ever smelled a random whiff that reminded you of your ex? This could be one of the undeniable signs from the universe that your ex is coming back. Dhruvi mentions, “Out of the blue, you smell his/her scent. You sense that they’re around. Pay close attention to such meaningful coincidences.”

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6. Thinking about them before you go to sleep is one of the spiritual signs your ex misses you

How do you tell if your ex is pretending to be over you? Yes, they are just ‘pretending’ when in reality, they’re obsessed with you! According to Dhruvi, this could result in your ex being on your mind a lot. ”Is your ex in your dreams? If you’re going to sleep and the only thing that comes to your mind is your ex, it’s another of the obvious signs your ex is manifesting you.”

7. Angel numbers could be signs from the universe that your ex is coming back

How do you tell if your ex secretly wants you back? “You may also come across angel numbers that are related to them. For example, if their birthdate is 21st, you may come across ‘2121’ at random places,” says Dhruvi.

A Reddit user shared a similar experience, “I feel like I’m in the same boat. I’ve been seeing lots of angel numbers, especially 222. On top of that, I’ve been getting a lot of posts on my explore page relating to tarot (which is something my ex is into). For the past week, I’ve heard our songs and have even dreamt of her.”

8. You have a sudden urge to contact them

Dhruvi also says, “If you have a strong desire to call them/meet them/text them, it’s the universe telling you your ex is coming back.” You almost feel compelled to make those phone calls and you’re not able to stop yourself, even though you lost touch with them long ago. 

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9. You feel like they’re watching you

A Reddit user wrote, “My horoscope readings say someone from my past is stalking my social media, wanting to come back. I’ve noticed the fake pages and his family watching my page out of the blue. I know these are not my thoughts missing him, I feel like I’m going crazy! Is it him manifesting me or am I just being delusional?”

Dhruvi explains, “Despite the no-contact rule, if you feel that your ex is always watching you, it’s among the clear signs from the universe that your ex is coming back.” If an ex is suddenly viewing all your social media stories, or you notice an unfamiliar account (or one belonging to their friend or someone from their family) keeping track of your every move on social media, it could be a strong sign your ex wants you back in their life. 

10. You experience mood swings

Experiencing mood swings but they are not the effects of PMS? Dhruvi talks about how vibrational energies travel at a subconscious level. She says, “How to know if your ex is manifesting you? You may notice a sudden uptick in mood swings. If you’re happy, you may suddenly start feeling low and vice versa.”

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11. You have hiccups/your eye twitches

Some psychics say that if your eye suddenly starts twitching, it’s one of the signs he thinks about you. Similarly, hiccups could be a result of eating/drinking too fast. But they could also be an indicator that someone is missing you.

12. The universe is hinting to you with spiritual signs your ex misses you

Yes, the universe speaks to you in unexpected ways. So, start listening…Manifestation coach Kenneth Wong says, “Ask the Universe for a sign. Pick a symbol or number of your choice. Say this prayer, “Universe, show me a sign of [your sign] in 24 hours if someone is manifesting me.” If you see your sign within 24 hours, you will know that your gut feeling was right. If you do not see it, you will know that you are not being manifested at the moment.”

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13. People around you mention your ex

If your mutual friends mention your ex without any apparent reason, it is one of the signs from the universe that your ex is coming back. Maybe, they don’t usually talk about your ex. Then what could be the reason behind their sudden interest?

Now that you’re familiar with the signs from the universe your ex is coming back, sit back and introspect how you feel about the prospect of getting back together with your ex. Do you still find them attractive? Do you still have feelings for your ex? Did you part ways on account of circumstances beyond your control? Have you been hoping to get back together with your ex? If so, these signs your ex is manifesting you are definitely an encouraging development.

But what if the opposite is true? Was your relationship a never-ending rough patch? Did it instill a deep sense of self-doubt in you, so much that you still talk negatively about those experiences? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to explore other romantic prospects instead of getting back with your ex.

Key Pointers

  • If you regret breaking up with your ex or if your relationship ended due to circumstances beyond your, your ex manifesting you can be an encouraging sign
  • If you cannot get them out of your head, it is one of the spiritual signs your ex misses you
  • Seeing their name everywhere and being able to smell their scent are indicators of a deep connection between you and your ex
  • Other signs you and your ex are meant to be are coming across angel numbers or going through major mood swings
  • But, remember you have your free will and a person can manifest you only if you want them to

Finally, after knowing the spiritual signs your ex misses you, it is also important to understand how to stop someone from manifesting you. Dhruvi provides some tips that can prove helpful. 

She says, “Raise your vibration and build a healthy relationship with yourself. The most important thing is to stay in touch with your higher being and clear your past blockages. Keep a positive mindset and use that same energy in channeling high vibrational energies to what you really want in life. You can also manifest your crush in simple ways.

“Always remember that another person can only manifest you if you want them to. This is your reality too. Just assume that nobody can manifest you. If you will inherently believe that only people who are good for you can attract you and be attracted to your life, that will become your reality.”

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