Relationship Advice

From deciphering the right from wrong to navigating the myriad gray areas in between, forging and sustaining balanced, wholesome relationships is a work in progress. Our relationship advice segment serves as a beacon that ensures your relationship stays on course, even when it’s wading through turbulent waters of strife and conflict.

From figuring out how to handle those initial days of dating marked by undefined expectations and uncertainty over your future as a couple to dealing with serious issues like manipulation, gaslighting, abuse, disrespect, trust issues, betrayal, and healing from traumas – of the past and present – to become better versions of yourselves as individuals and partners, you need an ally at every step of the way. 

Through our relationship advice, often backed by expert inputs, Bonobology seeks to be that ally and friend who stands by you no matter how tough the going gets and helps you emerge stronger on the other side. 

real-life nightmare

A dreamy love story that became a real-life nightmare

Shagufta Kalim writes about a couple that went from being married young, having children and a happy family, to facing challenges, emotional fallout and domestic abuse, before the wife decided to wake up from the nightmare.