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5 ways drug addiction can ruin your relationship

Any addiction has never had a good ending. Here’s how drug addiction can ruin your relationship.

How drugs cause disasters

There’s a reason why they say that too much of anything isn’t good for you – that’s why they call it ‘too much’. But what most of us don’t realise is that ‘too much’ doesn’t have to be much. It could be just a couple of sniffs of the white stuff or a mere taste of that funny pill. That’s all it takes to make you want more and more of it! And one fine day, you realise that your whole life revolves around the drug, and the dreaded powder seems like the most important thing to you, ever.

But if you ever thought that you and only you had to bear the brunt of addiction, you are wrong. Relationships and addiction don’t gel. Addicts have an impact – whether mental or physical – on everyone around them. Thousands of relationships are ruined every day because of drug-related problems. So, if you fit the bill and you’re wondering why your relationship is splitting at the seams, chances are that you’ll relate to these points.

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You can’t live without it

Take something as simple as cigarettes for example. If you go up to a smoker and ask them if they’re addicted, chances are that they’ll laugh it off and deny! Here’s the thing. You never realise that you’re addicted to it until you’re forced to keep your fidgety hands off your source of guilty pleasure.

Addiction to any sort of drug makes you crave for more and – one fine day – you find the nasty little thing heading your priority list. Yes, that means your partner’s spot gets hogged by the drug. Every little moment of stress makes you want to head to that room for a smoke, and you feel like you need it more than you could ever need your partner. And no matter how sneaky you may be with your drugs, your partner will see your desperation in your eyes.

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Lies and deception

Many drug addicts are perfectly aware of the danger and the social stigma associated with drugs, and therefore choose to keep it a secret from their loved ones. But at some point or the other, the addiction becomes too evident to ignore. If you’ve ever been in a position like this, you might’ve promised your partner that you’d stop! And while it works at times, addicts mostly resort to lying and deceiving to keep their nasty habits alive. Needless to say, it’s far from easy to hide the craving and the effects – which leads to conflict between the two. A relationship banking on deception may have worked in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but it never works out in real life!

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Flawed attempts at helping

Here’s another proof that you are not the only person that your drug of choice affects. Enabling is one of the more subtle effects that goes unaddressed. If you know someone whose need for their drug has exponentially increased over the years, you might be familiar with their attempts to get a hit however they can. Since desperation and secrecy don’t exactly mix, the partner, in an attempt to ¬help the addict, may enable them! This involves giving the addict another hit just to calm them down or taking blame for the addict’s actions! Love does work in strange ways, and there are few proofs are as upsetting as this.

No rational communication

A major problem with intoxicants –that is more evident to your partner than it is to you—is that you don’t remain yourself! You may think it’s stupid, but that’s because your drug’s doing the thinking for you. While marijuana compromises your functions and cocaine pump you up, both of them make you inaccessible to your partner. So, those happy days of having long, meaningful conversations become a thing of the past. And if you’re an alcoholic, every discussion had when you’re drunk out of your mind is as good as non-existent! And a relationship with no room for communication is no relationship at all!

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Sex is no longer the same

That’s right. Your sheet stories take the hit as well. If you treated your cigarette packets seriously, you’d know that they affect fertility. But if that doesn’t bother you, then we have more. Cigarettes and alcohol decrease sexual sensitivity in men and women. While extensive use prevents men from having erections, women tend to face issues with reduced lubrication and less intense orgasms. And though it might be tempting to snort the ‘wonder drug’ for some extra energy, it comes at the cost of being abusive and violent in bed. That’s a deal with the devil we wouldn’t encourage.

Long story short, addiction can and will ruin your relationship. If you feel like we’ve been talking about you all this while, it’s never too late to get help, my friend!

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