Sex and Passion

Some admit it, some won’t, but all are aware that sex and passion are as integral to a relationship, as emotional bonding. A relationship is healthy if there is both sexual and emotional compatibility.

Going on dates, holidays, binge-watching Netflix or spending quality time with the children have a very positive effect on the sense of well being of a person, but what kind of action one is having between the sheets also goes a long way to create a bonding between two individuals.

How two people are conveying and communicating their sexual needs says a lot about what kind of a long-term relationship they will have. Sometimes this wrong idea is perpetuated that as long as emotional bonding is there sex is not important.

But that is a wrong thing that a couple can believe in. If there is no effort to sustain sex then inevitably the relationship would fizzle out at some point.

In this category, we explore both passion and sexlessness a reality that plagues many people. Do check out the sections Sexless Marriage, Great Sex and Spice It Up to understand this topic.

difference between making love and having sex

What Is The Difference Between Making Love And Having Sex?

difference between making love and having sex

The lines between causal sex and making love can get blurred if you do not know the difference. Bonobology is here to help you determine the difference between making love and having sex