21 Kinky Foreplay Games To Turn Up The Heat

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Sometimes in long-term relationships, the passion can start to fade and the sexual routine may become a little repetitive. Foreplay games can help you get out of that rut. As you grow to know your partner, you learn about the things that turn them on and the things that don’t work. This might make you jump directly to the things you know will work instead of trying something new or ignoring the things that you think don’t work, making the whole experience monotonous.

Some sexy hot games can help you get back to the fun in the bedroom. Sizzling foreplay can be a great catalyst for spicy sex and a great orgasm, or even multiple orgasms *wink wink*. We have lined up some amazing foreplay games for couples, that’ll have your juices flowing in no time, pardon the pun.

How To Play Foreplay Games The Right Way

According to a study, foreplay creates a rush within the body which leads to sexual arousal. It stimulates not only the erogenous zones of the body but also the mind. Foreplay is essential to arousal, and something as simple as kissing can be passionate foreplay if done right and pave the way for a hot and sexy ride. However, to make the most of this experience, you need to be mindful of a few things:

1. Consent is important

Consent is essential during foreplay, just as it is during any sexual activity. Without consent, any sexual activity can be considered a sexual assault. The role of consent during foreplay is to ensure that both parties involved are comfortable with and have agreed to the sexual activity taking place. If it’s a first date, you need to be more cautious about the wants of your partner.

Consent must be enthusiastic, freely given, and specific to the sexual activity at hand. It’s important to note that consent can be withdrawn at any time during sexual activity, including foreplay. If someone changes their mind or becomes uncomfortable at any point during foreplay, all sexual activity should stop immediately.

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2. Set your boundaries

Boundaries during foreplay games are important to ensure that all parties involved feel comfortable, respected, and safe. Sexy games for couples should be about exploring pleasure and intimacy, not pressuring your partner into doing something they’re not comfortable with. Here are some important boundaries to consider during foreplay:

  • Physical boundaries: Everyone has different physical boundaries, and it’s important to respect them. Ask your partner what they are comfortable with and make sure to respect their boundaries throughout the duration of foreplay
  • Emotional boundaries: It’s important to respect your partner’s emotional boundaries as well. Avoid topics or actions that may make them uncomfortable or upset
  • Time boundaries: Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to the amount of time spent on foreplay. Be sure to check in with your partner to ensure that they are still enjoying themselves and are comfortable with the duration of the foreplay

3. Stay playful and open-minded

Foreplay games should be a fun and light-hearted way to explore each other’s desires and fantasies during sexy time. Don’t take things too seriously or put too much pressure on the outcome. Remember to laugh and enjoy the moment. Having trouble coming up with new ideas during foreplay? Experiment with different sexy game ideas and activities to find what works best for you and your partner.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and be open-minded about your partner’s desires and sexual fantasies. You could even surf the internet and find foreplay apps to help you spice up things. A variety of foreplay card games or foreplay board games can help you get started too if you’re out of ideas.

4. Communicate your needs

Open and honest communication is key to good foreplay. Make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the level of communication and the language used during the experience. Make sure to ask your partner what they prefer and communicate with them the things you are interested in or want to try and the things you’d like to avoid before engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

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21 Kinky Foreplay Games To Turn Up The Heat

Foreplay can be a driving force behind a good sexual relationship. Some examples of foreplay are kissing, biting, talking dirty, and even bondage. Oral sex, of course, is considered integral to good foreplay and can significantly heighten the excitement. However, that’s not all there’s to it. If you want to make your sex life more enjoyable, exploring some fantastic foreplay games can get you off to a good start. To that end, here is our lowdown of 21 naughty bedroom games to play with your partner:

1. Guessing game

Looking for hot things to do in bed? Play the guessing game. You can turn this classic into a sexy game to play with your partner. All you have to do is to write random phrases on the body of your partner and let them guess what you have written. You can add some punishments and rewards to make this game even kinkier. Finding some erotic things to say to your partner work greatly as well.

2. Blindfolded sensory experience

There is such a thing as eye contact attraction. But what happens when you cannot look at your partner in the eye while in bed? Does it increase the intimacy? Let’s see. This game involves blindfolding your partner and using various objects, textures, and temperatures to stimulate an erogenous zone. You could use feathers, ice, hot wax, massage oils, or anything else that feels good. To create a blindfolded sensory experience, one partner can be blindfolded and the other partner can use various stimuli to engage their other senses.

  • This can include things like soft fabrics to touch, fragrant oils or perfumes to smell, different foods to taste, and various sounds to hear. Keep your eyes closed, pair it up with oral sex and you’re in for a treat!
  • The blindfolded partner can then focus on their other senses, taking in and enjoying the different sensations they’re experiencing
  • This can help build intimacy and trust between partners as well as heighten their awareness and appreciation of their bodies and their partner’s

3. Truth or Dare

We all know about this game very well. And there is always a way to make it hot and spicy. You can look online for some truth or dare questions, or you can create your own truth questions to ask your partner and learn more about their sexual desires. Likewise, you can make each other do some kinky stuff as dares. If you are not so creative with questions, you can find plenty of them online and add your own twist to them.

A lot of people think sex and smartphones should not be mixed, but you’ll be surprised at what the combination can do for you. Relax, we’re not asking you to use your smartphone on you. Although no judging, whatever works for you. We’re suggesting you download foreplay apps like Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare to help you in a jam.

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4. Customize your own dice

You must have played dice games before but have you ever thought of them in terms of sex games? Well, it can be one of the many ways to have fun in the bedroom. You can customize your dice and write things however you may want. For example, on each side of the dice, you can write a sex position and the location of the house, and that’s how you roll!

5. Sex position foreplay

You may come up with more original ways of having sex if you experiment with foreplay in various sex positions. You can try foreplay activities in various sex positions, which typically seem extremely odd and weird to you. This can turn out to be a pleasant and fun activity to do in bed if you let go of your inhibitions. It could help broaden your horizons and find something that you enjoy extremely. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, ask your partner to stop, without hesitation.

6. Create new challenges

Challenging your partner with new stuff can spice up your sexual relationship. These challenges could be anything like making out at an unorthodox location and trying different and new positions. What makes this activity super fun is the spontaneity of it. For example;

  • You could be sitting at a theme park, and you can randomly tell your partner to kiss you passionately, no matter who watches
  • You could be at a restaurant and ask your partner to meet you in the restroom for the nasties
  • You could introduce a sex toy that you control through a remote or an app. Have your partner wear it, take them to a public place, and challenge them to act cool while you tease them with the controls

7. Story sex games (roleplay)

In the list of hot things to do in bed, roleplaying comes out at the top. This is one of the best foreplay games for couples to turn up the heat. If you have watched erotic videos before, you must have gotten an idea of what we are talking about. You basically have to create a story with some naughty scenarios in your mind and share it with your partner. You both play characters of that story and sauce it up with some naughty dialogues and a little bit of kissing, teasing, or touching.

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8. Outdoor make-out

If you and your partner are up for adventures and looking for new ways to spice things up, then this could be your jam. This game is all about making out but… but… there’s a twist. You are not allowed to do it at home! You’ll both feel like teenagers, finding places to make out at. It could be any place, like your backyard, a nearby street, a movie theater, behind the bushes in a park, on a carousel, or on a joy ride. It’s time to kiss your girl, and it’s now!

9. Monogamy

If you are looking for sexy hot games to play with your partner, give Monogamy a try. This foreplay board game consists of various adventurous dares and questions. You can add your own truth or drink questions too if you want to. Pour some wine (or poison of your choice), set the mood with some music, and you’re ready to go. You move a piece around the board and land on spaces that include kissing, drinking, undressing, or removing a card that asked your partner something about themselves or revealed something about you.

Every time you complete a board, you level up and the questions and kissing become more intense. You can either play it with a group of equally adventurous friends or just with your partner. You can look for other dirty phone apps as well to find more foreplay game ideas.

10. Kamasutra card game

Foreplay card games could be one of the many ideas for having a good time in bed. You can find these Kamasutra playing cards online and play with your partner for better sex and foreplay ideas. These cards usually show a sex position or a way to make love to your partner. A card is picked and the people involved try out whatever the card says or shows, keeping in mind each other’s boundaries. You can add your own rules to this game to attune it to your kinky quotient.

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11. Strip poker

This game is similar to regular poker, but the loser has to remove an item of clothing each time they lose a hand. It can be a fun way to build sexual tension and intimacy. To play strip poker, each player starts with an equal number of clothing items (e.g. shirts, pants, socks).

Players then place bets by wagering on clothing items instead of chips or money. For example, a player may bet their shirt, and if they lose the hand, they would need to remove their shirt. The game continues until one player is completely naked or until a predetermined endpoint is reached.

12. Sensual massage

Massaging your partner can help them relax and be more comfortable with you. In fact, massage is one of the best examples of foreplay. This sexy game includes a great sensual massage and lots of naughty gestures. You can touch them here and there for some really good pleasure and that’s how you can get started with your foreplay activities. Keep in mind these naughty tips for better and safer sex.

To add more fun, you can pour oil on them (slightly hot oil would increase the level of arousal if your partner is comfortable with it), and massage everywhere and anywhere. Or you could add a rule to not touch the genitals, and yet find ways to give them the pleasure they deserve.

13. Simon says

You must have played this classic game once in your life. But if you haven’t, then let us tell you how it’s played, but with a sexual twist, making this one of the best sexy game ideas. Basically, you have to order your partner to do something, but the command has to be preceded by the words, “Simon Says”, and they will have to do it. However, if you don’t add “Simon Says” to your command and they still do the task, they will lose. This innocent game can be turned into a great foreplay game and get very kinky, depending on your commands.

  • Say things like “Simon says kiss my neck”, “Simon says bite me on the collarbone”, “Take off your shirt”
  • If they lose, you could both decide on a punishment that might spice things up even more, but make sure it is acceptable to you both. For example, spanking

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14. Red and green light

This foreplay game is one of the best ways to know about your partner’s comfort level and their likes and dislikes. You try several new foreplay moves with your partner and they respond with “Red” or “Green”. When they say “Red”, it means they are not okay with what you are doing and want you to stop right there.

However, if they say “Green”, then that means they want you to keep going on. It is a great way to try a variety of different things. You not only learn your partner’s preferences but your own as well. Another way to learn about your partner’s preferences could be an interactive sex questionnaire for couples. The answers will be eye-opening. Better foreplay counts for better sex.

15. Use some food

Couples’ foreplay games often include kissing, touching, and licking each other. Why not kick things up a notch by adding some sensual foods to the mix?

  • You can put some chocolate or wine on your partner’s erogenous zones and lick it off. Ask your partner to keep their eyes closed for the best experience
  • You can cover your partner’s body in butter, or pour slightly hot melted chocolate on your partner’s body while you watch. This will arouse both of you immensely
  • Lay your partner down and put crumbs of cake all over them. Eat it off of them, and feed them a little too. Make a sensuous game of it
  • An ice cube is another great food commodity that can be used. Running an ice cube over your partner’s body can create a thrilling sensation.

16. Find the chocolate

Licking games are one of the sexiest activities to try your hands at, especially if the other person is blindfolded. In this game, your partner will be blindfolded and you just have to dip your finger in the chocolate and spread it on any of your body parts. Now, your partner has to lick your whole body just to find out the area where you’ve spread the chocolate. Such couples foreplay games will raise the heat so much, your fantasies will turn into fervent dreams.

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17. Fantasy jar

Customizing a fantasy jar is a very creative and smart activity to learn more about each other’s sexual fantasies and desires. All you have to do is simply write your fantasies on different pieces of paper, fold them down, and put them in a jar. Once you do this, your partner gets the chance to pick one of these papers and do whatever you have written in it. For some, the act of filling up the jar alone can be intimate and erotic enough to get them in the mood for lovemaking.

spice it up and more

18. Go shopping

What’s spicy about going shopping with your partner? All right, so here’s the hook. Go shopping at any of your favorite lingerie shops with your partner and let them choose anything that they want you to wear. Here’s an extra kick: You can’t see what’s inside the shopping bag unless it’s time for you to try it on. Try to go with the flow on this one. Trust that your partner will know the different types of lingerie that will look good on you. Just wear the damn thing and enjoy the attention from him/her.

19. Body paint

Use non-toxic body paint to create designs on each other’s bodies. This can be a fun and creative way to explore each other’s bodies. To engage in foreplay body paint, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the right paint: Select non-toxic, body-safe paint or ink that won’t irritate or harm the skin. Some people prefer to use body paint products specifically designed for this purpose, while others may choose to make their own using natural ingredients such as cocoa powder or food coloring
  • Set the mood: To create a sensual atmosphere, you can dim the lights, play soft music, light some candles, and set out any other items that will help you and your partner relax
  • Apply the paint: Use a brush, your fingers, or other tools to apply the paint or ink to your partner’s skin. You can choose to create designs that are artistic, erotic, or a combination of both
  • Explore and enjoy: Pick your favorite sex position and take the time to explore your partner’s body as you paint, and allow them to explore yours in return. Use the opportunity to discover new erogenous zones, and enjoy the intimate connection that comes from touching and being touched in this way

20. The dominance game

You might have watched or heard of 365 Days or Fifty Shades Of Grey. And if by chance both your partner and you like the concept, this game is going to be a lot of fun for you. As the name suggests, this game is all about dominating. And let’s be honest, it’s one of the most pleasurable and kinky stuff one could imagine.

All you have to do is to dominate your partner (of course with their consent!) and they will have to do whatever you tell them to do. If you are the submissive one, ask your partner to dominate you. This could also be a stepping stone for branching into different aspects of BDSM if that’s what you’re both interested in exploring.

21. Time bomb

This game majorly focuses on the foreplay part of your sexual life. How to play it? Just set a timer of about 15-20 minutes and during this period just focus on the foreplay part such as kissing, licking, touching, and teasing. All you have to do is to avoid penetration during this time and only play with each other’s body.

Key Pointers

  • Foreplay requires consent just like any other sexual activity does. If everyone engaging in the sexual activity has provided their explicit consent, you can begin
  • It’s crucial to respect boundaries so that no one feels uncomfortable or taken advantage of
  • Foreplay makes the intercourse a thousand times better for all parties involved, and oftentimes leads to achieving the big O, without the actual penetration
  • Some foreplay games to add spice to your sex life could be roleplaying, body painting, truth or dare, strip poker, and erotic massages

In any sexual activity, pleasure should be the most essential part, and the most focused on, since it truly ups the ante. Knowing your partner’s sexual preferences makes things easier for you and aids in keeping your attention on what to do to turn them on. There are plenty of wild things you can do in foreplay, though it is necessary to keep in mind that mutual consent is a major factor here. You and your partner both need to understand your levels of comfort, and you can enjoy a great time in bed without harming each other’s boundaries.

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