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Updated On: December 13, 2023
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Kissing is such a strange and wonderful thing – it leaves you feeling tingly and wanting more. There are so many ways of kissing that one can never get bored of it. Kissing each other on the cheeks, pecking, and locking lips are widely regarded as some of the most common ways of kissing. Let’s take a step forward into steamier water – heard about neck kissing? Ever tried it?

If not, then this article is definitely for you. There are some crazy benefits of neck kissing that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It’s steamy, sensual, and intense and can truly transform the experience of your intimate moments with your partner. Intrigued much? Let’s get right into making you a pro at neck kissing.

What Is Neck Kissing?

That’s easy – Planting a kiss on the neck. Paint a sultry picture in your head. Imagine someone locking lips with you. Now imagine them moving their lips slowly to the side of your ears and down to your neck. How does that make you feel? Excited? Wanting to step up your passion?

A kiss on the neck is usually near the nape – the place at the back of the neck (or the sides) where the neck meets the shoulder – notwithstanding, absolutely anywhere on the neck can make a person pretty tizzy. Neck kisses have been accepted popularly as a form of trying to spice up your sex life, preliminarily hook up with someone, or even just be playful with your partner. It has so many meanings behind it and it really depends on the situation you’re in.

If you’re at a bar and don’t really want to kiss someone on the lips, yet want to give them something to think about and remember you by, then take a whiff of their neck and leave a soft yet subtle peck there. Neck kisses are every girl’s weakness, so when you plant one on her, we assure you that she will be asking for more.

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Why The Neck?

Like any other form of kissing, it’s always exciting to take things up a notch and use a different body part. The neck is a very sexy and sultry part of a person’s body, whether it is a man or a woman. Heard of hickeys? It’s one of the prime places a person also leaves a mark when they’re kissing you. It sort of looks like a bruise and is also often referred to as a love bite. Hickeys are considered really hot, especially when they subtly stick out from under your collar.

Obvious yet subtle in their own kind of way, when someone spots your hickey, they’re going to know you had one hell of a night. But let’s circle back to what happens when we kiss on neck and how can this erogenous zone completely transform your sexual encounter. Moreover, if you haven’t ever done it, you’re probably wondering, “What does neck kissing feel like?”

1. It’s sexy

Why do people like kissing on the neck? Kissing on the neck is sexy, steamy, and raunchy, all tied up in one. It’s a great way to leave someone thirsty for you. But why are we so drawn towards someone’s neck?

Kissing someone’s neck helps them build anticipation in their minds – it gives them something crazy to think about. It’s like a turn-on switch that makes you want more. Imagine you giving someone a really good neck kiss, and them associating you with that feeling it brought about in them. Give them a passionate, long kiss and they might just end up thinking about you all night.

2. It smells heavenly

The neck is also one of the body parts that smells absolutely insane and in a good way. Most people apply perfume to their necks, so it obviously becomes an irresistible way to draw someone towards you. The neck is close to someone’s shoulders – a part you can easily wrap your hands around in order to play with other body parts, near the chest area.

You can lock hands; you can subtly touch someone – you can basically stimulate a lot many more nerves by a simple act of going in for the neck. This is one of the prime reasons why kissing on the neck feels amazing for both – the person receiving the kiss and the person doing the deed.

3. It’s a sensitive area

The neck is also close to a person’s earlobes – there’s a theory that says that the ears have some of the most sensitive nerves. If titillated the right way, it can truly turn explosive. So, kissing someone on their ears or biting their earlobes softly can really make them go wild. Coupled with a soft kiss on the neck, this is definitely something that will feel amazing.

4. You get to tease

One of the greatest things about neck kissing is that you end up giving the recipient something to look forward to. Without actually kissing them, you’re being a tease. If you are trying to play hard to get in bed, then you’re going to enjoy showing your partner why do neck kisses feel so good and then draw them towards you.

If you want to turn someone on, then this is a great place to start especially with women. Neck kisses are every girl’s weakness and is the perfect way to get friendly with someone, and stop there if you’re not looking to build things up yet. Alternatively, if you are, then it’s also a great way to begin a hook-up or signal someone accordingly.

5. You get to experiment

Why do people like kissing the neck? It can heighten your senses and put you over the moon if done right. So try it a few times and you’ll see all the kinds of sensations it can make you feel. There are so many ways to play with a neck – you can lick, kiss, nibble or even bite it to leave a lasting impression – aka a hickey or love bite.

One of the benefits of neck kissing is that it never gets boring. There’s always room to try something different and surprise your partner. Try blowing or breathing on someone’s neck in a sexy way and you’ll leave them turned on for a really long time.

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6. It feels cosmic

We’ll say it again – the reason neck kissing feels so good and out of this world, it’s because (a) the neck is a beautiful curve on a person’s body – kissing that curve can be extremely pleasing; and (b) the neck is connected to a lot of nerve endings, making it a very pleasurable experience for someone to undergo. There’s a lot of answers to what happens when we kiss on neck. But it all comes back to an insurmountable feelings of rush that make you believe in magic.

On kissing and more

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Kissing?

  • Research suggests that the neck has consistently topped lists of erogenous zones. So, kissing a woman’s neck will bring you closer to the possibility of giving her an orgasm (according to neck kiss facts)
  • Getting your neck kissed is super pleasurable because there are a lot of nerve endings on the neck
  • Neck kisses feel so good because you can play a lot around it- you can suck, lick, nibble, tickle and blow hair
  • Kissing a woman’s neck and giving her hickeys acts an exciting foreplay; it can maker her weak in the knees
  • According to studies, there’s a completely different part of the brain controlling our saucy spots. So, neck kiss facts suggest that neck is interesting if nibbled but not the forehead/ head, even though both have the same sensory receptors

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When’s The Perfect Time To Neck Kiss?

Anytime is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of neck kissing. The best part about a neck kiss is that it’s a very subtle art of being sexy – so if your partner is on the phone and you need their attention, you obviously can’t go in for a full kiss. What can you do instead? Kiss their neck softly. Grab their attention towards you.

If your partner is working and you need to play around with them a little, start with the neck (they’re anyway probably facing their laptop!) Want to couple a great neck kiss with a neck massage? It’s a great way to stimulate your partner and also give them a little relaxing comfort at the same time!

Met someone at a bar and want to lean in with some body language signs? Play around with their neck – use your fingers to lightly touch their neck so they know you’re comfortable, and then lean in to softly blow, breathe, and then kiss it.

How Can One Perfect The Neck Kiss?

Like everything in life, perfecting the neck kiss takes practice – but maybe a little lesser than other things! Neck kissing is all about instinct, so if you feel like getting close to your partner, then just dive into it and listen to your gut. Take it slow, start by breathing slowly on their neck, maybe whisper a few sweet somethings to get them into the mood (if they aren’t already!), and then take it forward by softly kissing, licking, nibbling or biting their neck.

kissing on the neck feels amazing
Try the perfect neck kiss

Neck kissing is an art and kissing on the neck feels amazing if you can take your own sweet time to perfect it. Remember, no two people are the same, so it also differs whether they’ll like it or not.

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Some people don’t enjoy neck kissing as much as they enjoy other kinds of making out. Some don’t care about what does neck kissing feel like and enjoy stimulating other erogenous zones in their body. If that’s the case, and you like to kiss the neck, then strike a compromise where you incorporate neck kissing into your make-out routine.

Key Pointers

  • Neck kisses feel so good because the neck is a sensitive area that smells heavenly
  • Getting your neck kissed sexually arouses you in just the right amount
  • Neck kissing emojis or GIFs can be a great way to tease and play hard to get in bed
  • When neck kissing, don’t shy away from experimenting- you can suck, kiss, nibble, lick or blow hair

You can switch between different kinds of kissing – alternate between light and hard kisses so it really stimulates your partner and makes them feel good. Start or end on the shoulder, make sure you blow softly to stimulate the nerve endings each time you kiss a little. Sometimes, people tend to feel ticklish, so make sure your partner enjoys the process instead of recoiling from the ticklish feeling your kisses cause them.

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1. Are hickeys still acceptable?

If you’re still in university, then perhaps. But if you’re a working professional, hickeys can seem childish. Hickeys are great for you when you’ve got a relationship that’s just hot off the press, but once you get into things, it’s a bit immature to flaunt marks in front of other people.

2. How can I tell if someone really likes my neck kiss?

You can tell if someone enjoys your neck kissing by seeing how they’re reacting to you. If they’re leaning into you while you kiss and play with their neck, then they’re obviously enjoying it and you can keep continuing. If someone is uncomfortable, chances are they will try to move away from you or try and take your hands away. Either way, figure out if the other person is comfortable and only then move on with it.

3. I’ve never kissed someone’s neck – I’m not sure I can do it. How can I start?

If you feel like touching someone, stimulating them and really getting them to feel your touch and enveloping them in your senses, then start slowly to give them the benefits of neck kissing. Start by touching their neck – use your fingers to play around with the neck, softly kiss it, play with it a little. Allow your partner to also do the same to you.

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