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Tania is a freelance writer and journalist with a focus on relationships, travel, lifestyle, feminism and pop culture.

dating sites for seniors

8 Best Dating Sites For Seniors To Find Love And Companionship

When love is for everybody, why shouldn’t dating be? If you’ve been toying with the idea of senior dating and wondering whether you should dip your toes into this pool of adventure, we’re here to help with all the information you need to take that leap.

why would a guy reject you if he likes you

Why Would A Guy Reject You If He Likes You?

You’d think if two people like each other, they have hit the jackpot. Why would a guy reject you if he likes you, after all? But it is more common than you think. If you’re going through the same, let’s look at your story and help you find some answers.

Ultimate what if Questions about Love for couples

160 Ultimate What If Questions About Love For Couples

What if your ex wants you back, would you leave me for them? What if I tell you I’m into handcuffs and blindfolds, would you explore that? What if one of us gets a dream job in a different city, would that mean the end of our relationship?

early dating signs he likes you

18 Early Dating Signs He Likes You

Does he really like you? And if yes, does he want to be in a relationship with you? Is he Mr. Right? And deep down, is he also wondering if you’re the right person for him? How do you find these answers and what are the signs to look out for? Let’s dive in and find out.

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