15 Best Apps For Couples That Improve Relationships

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Best apps for couples
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The best apps for couples are those that bring you closer to your special someone. These incredible apps have the power to improve your relationship, enhance communication skills, and reignite the flames of romance. They’re like relationship superheroes, swooping in to save the day during those annoying conflicts too. But wait, with so many options out there, you must be wondering, “Which mobile apps should I choose from?” or “Which couples apps are the best fit for my relationship?”

Dive into this article, and you’ll find your answers. There are apps that provide trust-building questions for couples and even tips on how to keep the relationship interesting. There are a variety of activities to bring couples closer. Managing finances, planning date nights, playing fun relationship quizzes, spicing things up a bit – these apps will make all your meaningful to nerdy relationship goals easier than ever.

15 Best Apps For Couples That Improve Relationships

Building a happy and healthy relationship doesn’t happen overnight. A great relationship takes time, effort, and hard work – just like anything worth having. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things (hint: apps) you can use to make the journey easier for both you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for a relationship test for couples to take together or fun games to get to know your partner, some relationship building apps can work like magic. Read on to discover our top picks among apps for couples.

1. Love Nudge – The perfect app for your love language

Have you ever heard of love languages? They are like secret codes that unlock the door to your partner’s heart. There are five love languages based on how you express and receive love. We’re talking physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, and acts of service. Now, brace yourself for the Love Nudge app, because it takes love languages to a whole new level.


  • It has a quick 30-question quiz where you’ll uncover your primary love language as well as your strength in the other four. Is the goal of these questions for couples to get closer with your partner? Yes!
  • Because once you know your partner’s love language, you get a customized plan with suggestions and tasks that cater to their desires
  • You and your partner can create individual profiles within the app and sync them, ensuring both of you have access to your love languages, action plans, and progress
  • There is a variety of inspirational articles and videos on love languages
  • Love Nudge has periodic challenges and rewards to help you both explore new ways of expressing love
  • There is a secure and private messaging platform, allowing you to communicate and share your feelings with your significant other
  • You can track the level of emotional fulfillment in each other’s ‘love tanks,’ assess the impact of your love actions, and make adjustments as needed
  • You get gentle reminders and notifications that prompt you to perform your chosen love actions, ensuring you stay consistent in showing affection to your partner

For instance, if your partner’s love language is quality time, get ready for some epic suggestions. Whether it’s a cozy Netflix and chill movie night, a thrilling card game marathon, or a romantic candlelit dinner, this app is packed with ingenious ideas that will melt your partner’s heart. So sweep them off their feet with acts of love that speak directly to their core needs.

Download: Love Nudge for Android or iOS (Free)

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2. Honeydue – Bring financial harmony to your relationship

Imagine your partner mentions a discrepancy in a bill or excitedly shares the estimated payoff date for a credit card. With this chatting app, you can see exactly what they’re talking about. Change the way you and your partner handle your finances with Honeydue – one of the best budgeting apps for couples to prevent financial infidelity.

It has everything you need to track your expenses together and stay on top of your money matters. You can finally say goodbye to financial surprises in your bank account and those “Crap, I forgot to pay that bill within the due date!” moments. Honeydue is truly one of the best financial apps for couples.


  • It allows you and your partner to sync your bank accounts and credit cards to track and manage your finances together in one place
  • One of the best apps for couples organization, you can use it to create shared budgets and set spending limits for different categories. It’ll help you both stay on track and avoid overspending
  • It has a variety of built-in chat features (and fun themes!) that help you communicate about finances, share receipts, and discuss financial goals
  • It allows you to split expenses with complete flexibility. Whether it’s a weekend date or your monthly rent, you can easily divide the costs in a way that works for both of you
  • To make sure you stay on top of your financial commitments, you can create reminders. Honeydue sends you these notifications to ensure you never miss a payment or forget to contribute to your shared savings

Download: Honeydue for Android or iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

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3. Between – Save all your relationship memories

What if you never lost those adorable couple selfies or that hilarious video of your partner tripping over and falling? With Between, you can easily save photos, videos, and notes within the app. It is one of the best calendar apps for couples.


  • It enables you to store and organize your precious moments (such as photos, videos, and notes) in a shared memory box that can be accessed and cherished with your lover. Even if you switch phones, your memories stay safe and sound in your account
  • You can write and exchange love letters within the app and express your feelings
  • You can create shared to-do lists, making it easy to manage tasks, responsibilities, and shared goals
  • It shows the weather forecast for both partners’ locations, allowing you to stay informed about each other’s weather conditions
  • It has a unique feature called ThumbKiss, where couples can touch the same spot on their respective device screens, causing both screens to vibrate simultaneously, creating a virtual connection
  • You can chat privately with your partner, share videos, and even enjoy free Wi-Fi calling. And let’s not forget the GIFs and selfies – because who doesn’t love a good GIF war to express their love?
  • The Between app tracks your important dates with a shared calendar feature. You can mark upcoming appointments, track anniversaries (yes, even the “remember when we first met” milestones), and easily see how many days are left until that day

Download: Between for Android or iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. TouchNote – For LDR postcards and messages

Just imagine turning your precious memories into beautiful keepsakes that will make your partner’s heart skip a beat! If you’re in a long-distance relationship and longing for some extra romance, look no further than TouchNote.


  • TouchNote allows you to create personalized digital postcards using your photos
  • You can add heartfelt private messages that will make your significant other swoon with delight. Whether it’s a sweet “I miss you” or a playful inside joke, you can express your feelings in the most unique and charming way
  • It offers a wide range of customizable designs, templates, and themes for photo cards, ensuring you find the perfect style for your messages
  • It has built-in photo editing tools within the app to enhance your pictures by adjusting brightness, cropping, applying filters, and adding captions
  • Simply create your postcard, hit send, and let the digital magic happen. Your partner will receive a physical version of your creation right at their doorstep
  • The delivery time may vary depending on the printing location. If you’re in the US, expect it to arrive in approximately 2–5 working days

Download: TouchNote for Android or iOS (Free)

5. We-Connect – The app to spice it up quickly

Let’s face it. We all crave that special connection with our partners, no matter the distance. Imagine an app that pairs with compatible vibrators, allowing your partner to take control of the vibration type, duration, and intensity. Imagine the thrill of teasing and pleasing each other, even when you’re in different zip codes. With We-Connect, this is how you can spice things up with your partner. It’s like a virtual adventure that’ll make your heart race and your toes curl.


  • It allows couples to connect and control We-Vibe products remotely, enabling partners to pleasure each other from a distance using their smartphones
  • You can create and save custom vibration patterns on this app. This helps to personalize your intimate experiences according to your preferences
  • It offers video and voice calling features so that you can have intimate and private conversations when you are physically away from your special person

Download: We-Connect for Android or iOS (Free, paid packages available)

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6. Lasting – The free marriage counseling app

Imagine having sessions on communication, financial harmony (no more hiding those shopping sprees), reigniting emotional connection, and even spicing up your love life with sessions on sexual connection. It’s (almost) like having a personal couple’s therapist, guiding you toward a happy and healthy relationship.

When it comes to free marriage counseling, Lasting is one of the best apps for couples communication. Whether you’re facing trust issues, constant arguments, or simply want to strengthen your relationship, the Lasting marriage app can help you out.


  • It offers many free resources, including a fantastic Foundation series with five sessions covering all the relationship basics
  • It provides conversation-starters for couples, relationship reminders, and single sessions – all free of charge (if you’re ready to dive deeper, you can go for Lasting Premium)
  • You can track your progress over time to understand how your relationship is improving and evolving
  • It has an assessment to understand the strengths and growth areas of your dynamic
  • Based on the assessment, it offers personalized and evidence-based goals to help you improve and strengthen your relationship
  • Lasting provides community support where couples can connect, share experiences, and help each other on their relationship journey

Download: Lasting for Android or iOS (Free, premium subscription available)

7. Merge – One of the best relationship apps for couples to share tasks and stay organized

Let’s look at one of the best financial apps for couples. When it comes to managing shared tasks as a couple, Merge is the finance app that takes away all the stress. Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating a decade together, it has your back. From grocery lists to household chores, errands to and dinner orders, Merge helps you stay organized effortlessly. It is one of the best budgeting apps for couples.


  • You can assign tasks to each other or mark them as ‘shared,’ ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities and there’s zero confusion. No more emotional labor for just one person who is expected to remember the tasks and remind their partner
  • Merge’s in-app messaging feature allows you to clarify details and settle disputes within the app itself
  • You can set reminders for bill payments, keeping your finances in harmony and avoiding late fees
  • With filtering and sorting options, you can easily navigate through your lists, focusing on your assigned tasks, upcoming bills, or shopping lists

Download: Merge for Android or iOS (Free, premium subscription available)

Infographic on best apps for couples
Apps to improve relationships

8. Coral – For relationship intimacy and happiness

Want to spice up your sex life and enhance intimacy with your partner? Try Coral! This exciting app takes your relationship to the next level with its unique options.


  • Starting off with a satisfaction poll (totally optional, of course), Coral provides prompts to boost intimacy in relationships
  • It offers a variety of exercises designed for both solo exploration and partnered play
  • To set the mood just right, it provides an incredible selection of music playlists, from ambient vibes to sexy pop, and even steamy shoegaze
  • You get a dedicated messaging platform exclusively for you and your partner. This safe space allows you to chat privately and share your deepest desires
  • It even suggests conversation starters like “What’s something new you haven’t tried together?”
  • If you’re feeling curious, you can ask the community anonymous questions for some fresh insights

Download: Coral for Android or iOS (Free, paid features available)

9. TimeTree – Say hello to quality time

You can now say goodbye to schedule conflicts and missed dates. When it comes to bringing harmony to your busy lives, TimeTree is one of the best apps for couples communication in a relationship. From planning a surprise party with friends to organizing a family reunion, it’s got you covered. It’s not just for couples but also for larger social groups, making it incredibly versatile. Whether you’re a newly smitten couple craving more quality time or managing a bustling family, TimeTree has all the features for you to stay connected and organized.


  • The shared calendar lets you see everyone’s commitments if you’re interested in spending time together
  • Each member can assign a different color to their events, making it easy to distinguish between individual and shared activities
  • The app sends notifications and reminders for upcoming events
  • It allows the creation of multiple calendars, such as personal, work, and family calendars, providing flexibility and organization
  • It includes handy features like built-in notes and comments. This allows you to stay on top of important details and communicate smoothly with your loved ones
  • You can send event invitations to each other, making it easy to coordinate and confirm attendance
  • TimeTree also offers a feature to create shared to-do lists, making your tasks and responsibilities easier

Download: TimeTree for Android or iOS (Free)

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10. Intimately Us – Relationship building games for couples and some hot sex

Are you ready to take your relationship to a whole new level of sizzle and spice? Looking for new stuff to try in bed or fun activities to connect with your partner? Try Intimately Us, the app that’s all about building passionate relationships through, you guessed it, great sex! But hold on, it’s not just about the naughty stuff.


  • The app offers a variety of fun and intimate challenges designed to spark romance, deepen connection, and enhance intimacy in relationships
  • It provides customizable games to get to know your partner which will get you laughing, blushing, and igniting sparks like never before
  • It includes a collection of intimate bedroom games and activities to amp up the heat in your romance
  • Intimately Us offers a range of date ideas and inspiration to help you plan meaningful and romantic experiences together
  • You can take a Love Language assessment within the app to understand each other’s love languages, for example, physical touch love language
  • It provides practical tips, advice, and insights on various aspects of relationships, intimacy, and sexual wellness
  • Intimately Us has a fantasy generator that allows couples to explore and discuss their fantasies in a safe and open environment (and let’s not forget the “sexploration list” – major points for the name alone)

Download: Intimately Us for Android or iOS (Free, paid version available)

11. Kindu – Romantic date ideas for you and your boo

Are you looking to reconnect with your partner in 30 days or much less? Let us tell you how to fix the spark in a relationship. Explore the ultimate intimacy app with relationship strengthening exercises for couples, spicy conversation starters, couple prompts, and games to play in bed at night with your partner – all designed to improve your love life.

Whether you’re feeling a little daring or simply want to spice things up, Kindu has got your back. It’s like a thrilling game that’s just for the two of you, but with endless possibilities for pleasure and connection.


  • Every single day, you and your partner are presented with individual suggestions that will leave you both eager to dive in. Each suggestion comes with a rating system, so you can express your level of interest in trying it out
  • It has a relationship compatibility check feature that allows you to discover your mutual interests and desires
  • Kindu provides customizable activities that couples can tailor to their preferences and comfort levels
  • The app emphasizes mutual consent and respect, ensuring that you and your partner are comfortable and enthusiastic about the activities you engage in
  • There is a Love Language assessment to help you understand and communicate your love languages to each other
  • You can create a shared wishlist of activities or experiences you would like to try together

Download: Kindu for Android or iOS (Free, paid version available)

12. Couple Game – An app for relationship quizzes

Looking for a relationship test for couples to take together? Or maybe some questions for couples to get closer than ever before? Here’s a solution for your relationship goals: snuggle up on the couch together and explore the question packs on Couple Game.


  • There are packs for health, hygiene, date nights, and so much more. For instance, if you’re curious about your partner’s dream vacation, the Leisure & Vacation pack has got you covered
  • You get some meaningful conversation starters and pre-designed coupons that will give you date ideas. So the next time you need a perfect date night idea, look no further
  • If none of these pre-designed coupons tickle your fancy, you can even create your own ideas. The possibilities for romance are endless on such relationship building apps
  • You can create and update Love Maps too, which are visual representations of your partner’s preferences, interests, and important details about them
  • Couple Game helps you set and track relationship goals
  • It provides a memory bank feature where you can store and cherish your shared moments and special memories

Download: Couple Game for Android or iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

13. Rave – Netflix and chill for LDR lovers

If you’re an LDR couple, you ‘need’ to know about Rave. It’s like the virtual equivalent of Netflix and chill, but for couples who are not in the same city. Let’s plan a movie night for you without distance getting in the way. Grab your popcorn, get cozy with your long-distance sweetheart, and enjoy the features of this app.


  • Rave allows you to watch movies with your LDR partner in real time. You can snuggle up on your respective couches, watching your favorite shows or movies simultaneously, all thanks to this app for long-distance couples to bond over
  • It supports integration with popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and more, giving you access to a wide range of content
  • Here comes the icing on the cake: there is a chat and voice chat feature, allowing you to communicate with your bae while watching the movie
  • You can use reaction and emoji features to express your emotions and reactions to specific moments in the movie or show

Download: Rave for Android or iOS (Free, paid version available)

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14. 1800Flowers – One of the best apps for couple gifts

Ready to surprise your partner with a blooming gesture of affection? Say hello to 1800Flowers – the ultimate wingperson for delivering flowers and gifts to your beloved. With 1800Flowers, it’s like strolling through a virtual garden of endless options. Roses? Check. Tulips? Check. Lilies? Check!


  • It has a wide variety of flowers, plants, and date night gifts for various occasions that couples can choose from
  • It offers suggestions and recommendations based on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and special romantic moments
  • No matter where your partner resides, this app has got you covered
  • You can include personalized messages to accompany your floral arrangements or gifts
  • Your romantic surprise will reach your sweetheart’s doorstep soon, and yes, in tip-top shape
  • The app may provide exclusive deals, discounts, or promotional offers that couples can take advantage of when making a purchase

Download: 1800Flowers for Android or iOS (Paid service)

15. Cozi – For couples with kids

Cozi calls itself a “family organizer” app, and it truly is one of the best apps for couples organization on our list. You can finally bring harmony to your family’s busy life and also create some magical memories together. So if you’re looking for the best calendar apps for couples, Cozi is the answer. No more missing at-home date nights or forgetting important appointments. You and your partner can finally be on the same page.


  • It offers a shared calendar where you can coordinate and organize your schedules, appointments, and activities
  • You can create and share to-do lists, ensuring your tasks and responsibilities are managed efficiently
  • There are shopping lists for couples, making it easy to plan and manage grocery shopping and other household needs
  • It offers a journal feature where you can capture and share special moments, milestones, and memories
  • You can store and access important contacts and emergency information in one place
  • One of the best relationship apps for couples, it even lets you assign colors to different family members or categories, making it easy to visually distinguish among individuals/items
  • If your family loves to cook, there’s even a recipe box feature to keep things organized
  • Cozi offers an optional Family Locator feature for tracking the whereabouts of family members and ensuring their safety

Download: Cozi for Android or iOS (Free, paid version available)

Key Pointers

  • Whether you want to discover your partner’s love language with Love Nudge, manage your finances with Honeydue, or keep your memories safe with Between, these apps are perfect for you
  • Couple Game is an app that offers serious relationship quizzes, emotional intimacy quizzes, relationship trivia, and a multitude of activities to strengthen couple bonding
  • For long-distance relationships, TouchNote and Rave will bridge the distance and keep the romance alive
  • Lasting is your virtual marriage therapist, while Merge and Cozi help you stay organized and in sync
  • For spicing up your relationship, We-Connect, Coral, and Intimately Us are the best couples apps to explore

Whether it’s through features like shared calendars, love language quizzes, or even new date ideas, these apps make it easier to navigate modern relationships. There are enough love challenges for couples in this world; we hope this article helped you feel at ease knowing there’s virtual support for your busy life. The best apps for couples are those that improve their relationship, so choose wisely from this list according to your preferences and needs. The app you choose should make things easier, not more complicated.

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