Linika Ghosh

An Introvert who once in a while will talk your ears off. Linika loves animals and people. Ok she loves animals more. She is a best friend someone could ask for in times of need or fun.

spiritual relationship

10 Signs You Are In A Spiritual Relationship With Someone

There are as many kinds of relationships as there are people. But once in a while you will meet a person with whom you will feel a connection unlike any other. here are some signs that you might be having a spiritual connection.

what to text your crush at night

35 Beautiful Goodnight Messages To Text Your Crush At Night

Struggling to figure out what to text your crush at night After all, when you have a crush on someone, you can’t help but put extra thought and effort into every little move you make. Make sure that you are always on point with these sweet texts to end your late-night conversation with your crush.

single mom dating apps

The Top 10 Single Moms Dating Apps | Starting Afresh

Maintaining a love life is complicated as it is. Add a child to the equations and things become a lot more complicated. You need a person who understands your priorities. Here is a list of apps that will help you find that special person.

eye contact attraction

Eye Contact Attraction: How Does It Help To Build A Relationship?

Eye contact attraction is the stepping stone to building any relationship. Not just between lovers but it is also equally important between peers or even strangers. Eyes don’t lie, but they can confuse you. That is why we are here to decode the language of the eyes for you.

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