11 Things To Know When Dating A Nerd

Dating a nerd
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Say the word nerd and the image of a socially awkward bookworm pops up in your head. So, it comes as no major surprise that dating a nerd can feel quite bewildering to some people. Sometimes these shy, introverted people, who barely make eye contact, seem so into their books that they come off as boring. But boy, is that wrong!

Do not be deceived by their demure demeanours. Once comfortable in your presence, they can blossom into the coolest friends and the most amazing romantic partners. I guarantee you will end up saying, “He’s a nerd, but I like him”. Curious about what it feels like dating a geeky guy? Here are a few things you should know before you step into their world of magic.

11 Things To Know When Dating A Nerd

The 80’s and 90’s media stereotyped geeks as men and women with pasty-looking skin, thick black glasses and braces. You don’t have to look too hard to find out exactly how far away from the truth that stereotype is. Think Elon Musk, Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie, Anne Hathaway and Joe Manganiello. But what really makes them so special is not their looks but their personalities. Here are some things you should know before you think of dating a nerdy man.

1. Nerdy guys like staying in

Most nerdy guys are introverted. They are more likely to stay at home and play video games or read manga than go out partying all night long. While there is no denying that for a lot of people, this is not the definition of fun, to those who have outgrown the nightclub scene, dating a nerd is as good as it gets.

Imagine curling up on a sofa together with a glass of wine, you’re reading A Tale of Two Cities and he’s reading One Piece. Or you happily indulging in a self-care routine while he plays Dungeons & Dragons. Paints quite the picture, doesn’t it? One of the biggest perks of dating a nerd is while he is ok going out, he will be equally content staying in and spending quality time with you.

2. They are not superficial

Let’s be honest, we all like looking good and seeing good-looking people. There is nothing wrong with that. But when a relationship is built on the foundations of mere appearances, it becomes a superficial relationship. This is not a problem that you will be facing when you are dating a nerd.

You might catch them staring at you in awe with hearts in their eyes, marvelling at your beauty and wondering how they got so lucky to have landed you but that’s not the only answer to what do nerdy guys find attractive. They will be equally interested in what you think about the Cold War or the possibility of time travel. Your opinion and your thoughts will matter to them.

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3. They are passionate

Nancy always found Bret to be the timid guy who stayed calm and avoided confrontations. It was this quality of his that made Bret seem extremely cool and mysterious. He was a sweetheart who loved his comic books and superheroes. Nancy liked him a lot but assumed that there would never be any fireworks between them. Until the day The Avengers: Endgame hit the screens.

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Nancy had never seen Bret like this. He was so excited, he could barely sit still on the way to the movie. Throughout the journey, he kept talking about all the characters and that was the first time she caught a glimpse of how passionate Bret was about the things he liked. And later that night, she experienced the rest of it. It was all the fireworks she had hoped for but thought she would never share with Bret.

One of the best pro tips for dating a nerd that pop culture gets right: dressing up as Princess Leia from Star Wars will definitely have him drooling all over you.

4. You can be sure of their loyalty

Loyalty in a relationship is an essential aspect of any relationship, be it between lovers or friends. If you have ever wondered are nerds loyal, then let me tell you. One of the biggest perks of dating a nerd is that they are loyal to the core. You will rarely find a more loyal and reliable friend or partner than them.

All the books like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter where good overcomes evil portray rightly how loyal nerds can be. Even games like Mario where the little Italian guy goes to save his princess. They have this innate urge to stand up for what is good and right. So, if you are dating an awkward nerd, then know for sure that he has a knight inside him who is willing to fight dragons to save you.

5. Nerdy guys are intelligent

There’s one thing that you can safely assume when dating a nerd. That your geeky man is smart. Nerds are known for having a high IQ. They have spent the majority of their life focused on acquiring in-depth knowledge of things that they like. Along with being intelligent, they are also hard-working and give their best in their chosen field.

When you are dating a nerdy man you get to build intellectual intimacy in the relationship. He will not only tell you about the stars in the sky, but he will also point out the constellations and tell you the romantic story behind the names of each of the constellations. This is one of the biggest perks of dating a nerd, you will learn something new every day.

6. They do not have a playbook

Geeky guys love playing all kinds of games, on their phones, on their computers, on their television etc. but there is one thing that they never play with and that is someone’s feelings. If you are having thoughts like he is a nerd but I like him but you are also simultaneously wondering, “Are nerds loyal?”, then worry no further because the answer is yes.

Along with being sensitive, nerds happen to be very empathetic. So, the chances of them not appreciating your love and cheating on you are very rare. Nerds know when they have something beautiful going and appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.

Dating a nerd

7. Genuine to the core

Nerds are quite aware of the fact that they are considered geeky. They are also aware of the social stigma that comes with being called a geek but they never let that affect them. When you are dating a nerd you will realize that they are actually quite self-aware and they have accepted themselves and love themselves just the way they are.

However, you might even wonder what nerds find attractive in a person. The answer is, a person who is genuine. Nerds cannot fake their feelings or emotions. They are true and honest to everyone around them. They expect and appreciate the same from their partners as well.

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8. You will be loved

One of the best perks of dating a nerd is that you will receive unconditional love from them. Nerds can be very strange, as a result, they are also very accepting of other people’s individuality. You do not need to shy away from a nerd. When you are dating a nerd, you are given enough space mentally and physically to be your true authentic self.

Being vulnerable in front of someone can be very difficult for a person. Your nerdy partner understands that. And will love you in spite of all your weirdness.

9. Nerdy guys can be sensitive

Along with high IQ, nerds also have a high EQ. Nerds can be very perceptive and will pick up on your moods in an instant. They might have been bullied a lot in their teen years. This makes them learn to be observant and recognize other people’s moods early on. As a result, they also end up being very compassionate and empathetic in their relationships.

So if you are dating a nerd, your feelings will be heard and your emotions will be validated. Nerds appreciate vulnerability and you and your emotions will be given their due worth.

Dating a geeky guy
Infographic on 11 things to know when dating a nerd

10. Chances of a stable future are high

Nerds are essentially very hard-working people. They tend to give every subject its due importance during childhood; all that effort and hard work pays off in their adult years.

In today’s time where machines play such an important role, it is these nerds who have a steady and regular income and are able to excel and do well for themselves in their adult life.

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11. They are full of surprises

Talking to a nerd can never be boring. Their interests are so varied and so deep-rooted that you can delve into any subject at any time and have deep and meaningful conversations. They might often come off as socially awkward or anxious but they can also be very romantic and display their affection through little meaningful romantic gestures.

Their self-awareness and the willingness to grow and develop as a person makes them mature, smart and kind.

Dating a nerdy man can be a very exciting experience. Not only are these men smart and sensitive, but they also accept you and all your imperfections. They are capable of making the most mundane days interesting and fun.

No relationship is perfect and every relationship requires effort and time. If there is anyone out there who is willing to invest time and effort to make a relationship work, there are high chances it is going to be your geeky partner. So, what are you waiting for? Ask out that sweet man who keeps looking at you but is too shy to make a move. And get ready to have an adventure of a lifetime.


1. Is it good to date a nerd?

Dating a nerd can be a very fulfilling experience. These men are kind, sensitive, smart and generous people who are willing to accept you and love you just the way you are. Their love for books and games helps them de-stress and allows them to become a better version of themselves.

Nerds are willing to invest the time and effort to make a relationship work. This is very vital for the relationship. And such a guy is definitely a keeper.

2. Do nerds make good boyfriends?

Nerds make amazing boyfriends. Their shy and unassuming nature gives them an aura of mystery. Yet they can talk your ears off once you get to know them.

Loyal and compassionate to the core, these gentlemen will love and support you unconditionally and help you grow into the best version of yourself. They are not judgmental and give the relationship their 100% all the time.

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