17 Signs You Are Attractive (More Than You Think)

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Updated On: February 1, 2024
Signs You Are Attractive

All of us are under a lot of pressure to look and present ourselves in a certain way. And this is why you may also always be wondering how to tell if you’re attractive or not. The beauty standards we have told ourselves about are exacting and we are constantly trying to measure up to them. As a result, you may often miss acknowledging the signs you are attractive or constantly tell yourself that you are not. It’s because you tend to see flaws that other people won’t even notice.

You despise those freckles on your face and always feel the need to hide that cut on the eyebrow. Your jawline is never sharp enough and you think your thumb resembles a tree stump. And of course, the age-old question of whether you are a curvy girl or are you too skinny. While you were busy being unaware of the signs you are attractive more than you think, and instead are thinking about all this, there was a person across the street who could not take his eyes off of you. To him, you are a femme fatale with just the right mixture of innocence and sexy.

If only you could see yourself the way others do, you’d learn to appreciate yourself more. Perhaps then, the signs you are beautiful would then become apparent without the need for any external validation. Can’t relate? We don’t blame you. Stereotypical, unrealistic notions of what it means to be beautiful have truly skewed the sense of self in so many of us. Want to know what are some signs you are attractive? We’re here to lay them out for you and give you that confidence you truly deserve.

17 Signs You Are Attractive

How to know if you are pretty or come off as attractive to other people? The thing is, even if people showered you with tons of compliments, you’d still find things to not like about yourself. People are rarely able to assess their appearance correctly and more often than not, they find things about themselves to be upset with. And with media propagating unattainable beauty standards constantly, you start to feel unattractive and your self-esteem takes a major hit. If only you could view yourself from the eyes of others, you’d realize how attractive you really are.

If someone secretly finds you attractive and is flirting with their eyes with you, it is because they may not be able to get over how breathtakingly beautiful you are. Your younger siblings, your friends, and your coworkers may all think you’re drop-dead gorgeous, but you always take their words of appreciation with a grain of salt. Even if you can spot the most obvious signs a stranger finds you attractive, you may tell yourself you could just be reading too much into that lingering stare.

Well, if so many people have consistently told you at various points in your life, there is no reason to doubt how attractive you really are. And even if they haven’t, it doesn’t mean that you are not. To assuage any last shreds of self-doubt, we’re here to take you through these 17 signs you are attractive:

1. People being drawn to you is among the subtle signs you are attractive

One of the signs you’re good-looking and stand out from the crowd is this. Be it asking for directions, sharing a park bench, or even a new intern asking for guidance, people feel comfortable approaching you. Strangers find it easy to talk to an attractive girl. You are what they call “easy on the eyes”, one of the signs in public that you are attractive.

People automatically assume you are polite and feel comfortable talking to you and being themselves around you. This whole situation is so understated that neither you nor the person reaching out to you realizes why they picked you. Well, now you know. It’s because you are cute! Signs you are beautiful can sometimes be as subtle as a stranger walking up to you to ask for directions.

2. When someone stares at you, it’s a sign a stranger finds you attractive

One of the signs someone is attractive is when you walk down the street, heads turn. Or when you are on the subway and you look around, you end up making eye contact with people. Some of those people quickly shy away while some just continue to stare at you. When strangers stare, it’s one of the most obvious signs in public that you are attractive.

When strangers stare at you it means one of two things.

  • Either you are wearing something really weird like a top hat with ostrich feathers.
  • Or they are marveling at how pretty you are which is one of the signs someone thinks you’re attractive.

The more symmetrical a face, the more attractive you are. So, if you are out in public and happen to find a lot of eyes on you, you can rest assured of this being a sign a stranger finds you attractive (or many strangers, for that matter).

If that’s got you wondering how to tell if a stranger thinks you’re attractive, perhaps because you have been coming across a familiar face in the crowd far too often, pay attention to how they look at you and even notice if any mutual attraction signs are brewing between the two of you. If it’s a lingering yet warm stare, you can be sure it’s one of the signs a stranger finds you attractive.

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3. Signs you’re attractive and don’t know it: You bring out the heroes

Have you ever been rescued by a man from a sticky situation? No, you are not a Disney princess and he’s not your knight in shining armor either. This is just another one of the signs you are attractive. The urge to protect comes naturally to men. More so when they are attracted to you because their brain detects you as a possible mate.

Yes, good men do exist, and yes, he might be genuinely trying to help you out. But if these things are happening to you, then it means you are not plain-looking.

  • Your car breaks down in the middle of the road and a hoard of men descend to help you fix it
  • You are carrying a heavy package and someone comes out of nowhere to help
  • You look visibly lost and ask someone for directions and everyone around offers to help
  • You are walking alone on the road and people offer you a lift even though you didn’t ask for it

These are all signs you are more attractive than you think. So, sit back and reflect on whether you’ve always been able to breeze through sticky situations because a good samaritan was always around the corner. If so, you now know why. The ability to draw out help from the right quarters at the right time is one of the unknown signs you are beautiful.

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4. How to know if you are pretty? Mean girls and boys are meaner toward you

Kiara was a kind, intelligent and beautiful 21-year-old gearing up for her first day at work. She was so excited. She had even brought freshly baked cupcakes for her coworkers. By lunchtime though the excitement all but fizzled away. She had put her best foot forward but her colleagues had talked all over her during her introduction. And now when she was sitting down alone for lunch.

Signs You Are Attractive
Girls and boys are meaner toward you

A few days later, one of her male coworkers asked her out. Kiara had politely refused since she didn’t believe in indulging in office affairs. The colleague took the refusal personally and was now spreading toxic rumors about her at work.

What Kiara was going through tends to happen a lot when you are attractive and even though it doesn’t add up at first, it is actually one of the signs you’re good-looking. It’s simple really if you think long and hard about it. Women perceive you as their competition and turn hostile toward you. While men think you are playing hard to get, they act mean to chip away at your confidence. So basic, right? But sadly so true. It is a cross that attractive people have to carry.

5. People raise their eyebrows when they see you

The male body language gives away a lot of hints, which normally a person would try to suppress. When a person sees you for the first time and their instinctive reaction is a raised eyebrow or an awestruck expression, it is among the strong signs a stranger finds you attractive. It means you have totally floored the man and consider it a top indication in signs you are hot girl.

Yes, you read that right. Raised eyebrows don’t always indicate a questioning look. It’s not that people are surprised, On the contrary, it could also be an expression of someone feeling enamored by you. When someone secretly finds you attractive, they may try to mask their feelings well but this one subconscious expression of how drawn they’re to you might just give it all away.

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6. You don’t get many compliments

Has it ever happened to you that you got dressed to kill for a party but not one person complimented you? Yeah, it feels rough and can actually make you feel like you’re not hot at all. Even though you used your Dyson airwrap and Charlotte Tillbury lipstick, nobody noticed or complimented you on how fantastic you looked that night. Though it feels otherwise, it’s actually one of the definite signs you’re extremely attractive. It’s just that you look so good all the time, even when you have made no effort to do so, that it really does not make a difference to people.

After all, you don’t gush over your pretty friends, complimenting them all the time. So, when people don’t compliment you it’s because you looking amazing is normal and is actually one of the signs you’re pretty. It may seem twisted, but not receiving enough compliments even when you’re looking and feeling your best is one of the signs you are attractive.

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7. How to tell if you’re attractive? People do favors you don’t even ask for

Stefanie went to pick up her boyfriend Max’s car from the repair shop. And when she came back home and showed the invoice to Max, he was stunned to see that she had managed to get a huge discount. Max asked her how she managed to do that. She told him that the shop manager had complimented her hair and they had a polite conversation with each other. She was kind to him and charmed him right off the bat.

Max realized that the shop manager had been completely floored by his gorgeous girlfriend and ended up giving her a huge concession. Stefanie hadn’t even realized the signs someone is attractive and that it was her looks that had worked their magic. If you too find a lot of guys being friendly to you for no reason whatsoever, it is a sure shot sign you are a good-looking girl and that people tend to find you attractive.

You know you are really attractive when people go out of their way to do you favors for you. For example

  • They mow your lawn for you for free
  • They babysit your pet without asking for anything in return
  • They give you their place in a long queue

These are some of the examples of things that happen when you are attractive.

infographic on signs you are attractive
Not-so-obvious signs you are attractive

8. Do people act confused or awkward? Signs you’re extremely attractive

How to tell you are an attractive woman? Consider the following situation. You walk into a room and someone spills their coffee. Maybe the whole time that you talked to your coworker, he couldn’t even make eye contact. Well, it’s your fault. It’s you, turning these people into a bundle of nerves. Or at least, your looks are. It’s really difficult to maintain your cool when your brain is screaming “OMG!! She is so hot!!”

Still wondering, how to know if you are an attractive woman? Maybe work on your skills to read the room. If you see a lot of people fumbling or being clumsy around you, it’s probably because your attractive looks are making them self conscious or that they’re so taken with you that you make them lose focus.

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9. They keep coming back

Also known as breadcrumbing or benching, if people keep gravitating back to you, it’s among the signs you are hot girl. Men keep coming back to you after breaking up. Some men will keep texting even if you are ghosting them. For years sometimes. That doesn’t just happen to everyone. But if it happens to you and is something that even happens regularly, these are signs you’re pretty.

And no matter where they go and what they do, the men in your life just can’t seem to get over you. You are always at the back of their mind. The answer to how to know if you are an attractive woman couldn’t be any clearer than having a line-up of exes or could-have-been romantic interests that refuse to go away completely.It means you are really attractive.

10. You keep getting complimented about a physical attribute

How do you know you are really attractive? A very obvious sign in public that you are attractive is that people compliment you, and it’s invariably about that one stand-out feature in your appearance. If several people have told you that you have beautiful eyes or hair, you can conclude that you are attractive.

Your best asset is what makes you distinctive as well as make people like you. It separates you from the crowd. What is average doesn’t garner much attention. So, if you have a feature that people keep complimenting, then you better believe it. After all, rare is precious and worthy of being noted and admired.

11. Babies loving you is one of the signs you are attractive

How do you know if you’re attractive? Take it from babies! Babies are unbiased in their judgment of people. They don’t care if you are their aunt or a random stranger. If they don’t like you, they’ll let you know. If babies don’t start crying at the sight of you, it means you are attractive because it is known that babies prefer symmetrical faces.

Babies staring at you and smiling when you smile at them or children not hiding behind their mothers when you bend over to say hello are among the signs you are a good-looking girl. This is one of the surest signs you are attractive more than you think, because babies and children don’t have a pretentious bone in their bodies and will even express it through eye contact attraction. If they are drawn to you, it only means one thing: they like you and your appearance makes them feel good and warm on the inside. Simply put they find you attractive. This is their own version of the ‘Hot or not’ list.

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12. People don’t seem annoyed when you interrupt them

This is also one of the signs a shy stranger finds you attractive in a room full of people. If you interrupt a person while working or talking and they are not mad at you for it, then you are not plain-looking, for sure. It is something that happens to attractive people a lot. For instance, if you’re at a coffee shop and cut the line to grab your order because you’re in a rush and the person behind you doesn’t give you a piece of their mind, it’s one of the signs a stranger finds you attractive.

This phenomenon is known as the halo effect. Looking at beautiful scenery or nature helps relax our brains and calm us down. And if a person gets relaxed merely looking at you, even though they might be upset… Well, need I say more?

Signs You Are Attractive
Mesmerizing eyes make us very attractive

13. People are surprised you can’t take a compliment

You know that awkward moment all too well, right? When someone compliments you, you blush and try to change the topic or brush it off. And the even more awkward scenario is when the person can’t believe that you can’t take a compliment. Or worse, they scoff at you. Yup, that’s one of the signs someone thinks you’re attractive.

If you’ve wondered what are some signs you are attractive, well then those surprised, quizzical reactions definitely fit the bill. When you are pretty, people cannot believe that you too might have some insecurities about your looks. They assume just because they can see your beauty you too can see yourself through their eyes.

14. You not getting asked out much is a sign you are attractive

Brianne was sweet, smart, and kind. And it used to shine through her. But when her long-term boyfriend broke up with her, she blamed her weight for it. Brianne felt self conscious. As a result, she started working out to get her confidence back. If Brianne was pretty before, getting back in shape elevated her appearance even more. She gained her confidence back, which amplified her appeal. After moving on from the heartbreak, she was looking forward to starting afresh. But then she was dumbfounded that no one was asking her out. Now that doesn’t seem like it would be one of the signs someone thinks you’re attractive, does it? Well, you’re in for a surprise.

Brianne confided to her male best friend who explained it all to her very clearly. Before she lost her weight, men would feel comfortable approaching her cause they thought she was in their league. But now her beauty was intimidating, which is why they would refrain from asking her out. Many men were scared to approach her for the fear of rejection. Now if that’s not the biggest compliment, we don’t know what is!

15. You have gone out with a lot of guys

How to know if you are an attractive woman? Just take stock of your dating history and you’ll have your answer. Yes, it’s frustrating when your relationships don’t work out and there are many common causes of having insecurities about our looks. So you are not the first woman to feel unattractive because of her bad choices in men.

In this case, the opposite is true and is one of the signs you are more attractive than you think. The fact that you’ve gone out with so many guys is one of the subtle signs you are attractive. It’s hard to believe, yes, but it’s true nonetheless. So, if your dating life has been abuzz with activity, it indicates that you are a pretty girl.

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16. You are annoyed by the attention

Are you always surrounded or approached by people to a point that it gets annoying? You cannot sit in the park and read peacefully without someone or the other approaching you and trying to start a conversation with you? Blame your genes because you are not plain-looking.

One of the downsides of being attractive is the constant barrage of attention and being bombarded with signs a shy stranger finds you attractive. They may always linger around you, ask you too many questions, or just never stop staring at you. It’s another effect of the same phenomenon called the Halo Effect. When someone is attractive, people instinctively want to be in their vicinity. However, I bet social distancing has been a blessing in your case then.

17. Signs you’re attractive and don’t know it: Men are hot and cold toward you

One of the signs that you are a good-looking girl is that men will have a strong reaction to you. Either they will be extremely nice to you or they will be downright rude. But they will not be indifferent to you. So think about this one, long and hard.

How do you know if you’re attractive? Is when a man is going out of his way to be nice to you. It’s most likely he is trying to make an impression, and perhaps, even trying to woo you. However, when the same guy is being rude and playing hot and cold, he is doing it to rile you up and get you into a playful mood. That’s because you are more likely to be open to flirting in a playful mood.

Key Pointers

  • You Know you’re really attractive when strangers give you attention, even when you don’t want it
  • Babies think you are pretty
  • You are loved, you are hated but you are never ignored

How to know if you are pretty and likable? Well actually, it’s not just the looks that make you attractive. The way you carry yourself also matters and can make a mountain of a difference. When you are confident, it shines through and adds to your allure. Your charisma and attitude add to it as well enhancing your assets. And people can’t help but notice the signs you are a good-looking girl, with a lot of other fantastic qualities on the side.

This article has been updated in November, 2022

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