Poushali Chatterjee

Being a bookish introvert soul since childhood, I have always found my thoughts pouring out more spontaneously on pen and paper than actual conversations. As a perk, it spares me a lot of time to observe people, their behavioral patterns, and reactions. Like almost every other millennial, I too have endured and rescued myself from abusive male partners, gaslighting, and parental favoritism. To be honest, this journey is endless as life goes on. When Bonobology offered me the key to explore the enigmatic domain of relationships, I could not be more thrilled! It perfectly connects the three dots - my passion for literature, writing, and the human psyche.

unconditional love in a relationship

Is Unconditional Love In A Relationship Really Possible? 12 Signs You Have It

We all crave the kind of love where there aren’t any “ifs” and “buts”. Unconditional love is the purest form of love where all that you care about is how you feel for your partner and no external factors come in the way of your love. Let’s learn what unconditional love truly is. How is it different from conditional love? Keep reading to find out about these 12 signs of unconditional love in a relationship.

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