13 Incredible Things That Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

what happens when you meet your soulmate
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We read fiction about people who are destined to be together. We watch films and yearn for that perfect romance. It makes us wonder what happens when you meet your soulmate. Do they ever descend into real life from the world of fantasy? Well, we believe, they do. When that happens and you cross paths with your soulmate, you experience an emotional and spiritual connection with them, which is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. 

Now let’s not get carried away by the thought – it’s a magical connection written in the stars; it’ll happen when it’s meant to be. Even after you cross paths with your soulmate, you discover each other, you go through the stages of falling in love (lust, attraction, attachment), and you work on it to sustain the relationship. 

Then, what happens when you meet your soulmate that is so special? To speak in the simplest form, you feel complete, you feel at home. You grow together and feel drawn to their charm and personality in a non-codependent way. 

How Do You Know Someone Is Your Soulmate? 5 Signs

A soulmate connection blossoms when you have explored the whole nine yards of yourself and are ready to see a relationship as an opportunity for mutual growth and respect without any power imbalance. James, one of our readers from Springfield, sounded real concerned, “What if I have already met my soulmate and didn’t recognize them?” To be honest, the odds of that are low.

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, it will make you feel like you have known them since the beginning of time. No matter what difficult experiences life has put you through, this person has the magic feather to soothe you. Everything seems to fall right into place and life becomes a much more effortless journey. We have jotted down 5 sure-fire signs for you to know if someone is your soulmate:

1. Your instincts tell you so 

Researchers now believe that intuition is more than just a feeling. It helps us make faster and better decisions and be confident about the choices we make. So, when that strong gut feeling keeps telling you that this person could be the ‘special someone’, trust it. 

The internet is flooded with soulmate tests and quizzes. But the best way to go about it is to believe in your instincts. Don’t rack your brain over what will happen when you meet your soulmate. Because the spontaneity, mutual respect and empathy, and fiery chemistry will all indicate one thing, that you have met your soulmate.

2. There is a telepathic connection 

The overwhelming, profound bonding you experience when you meet your soulmate for the first time is another sign you have found ‘the one’. Since it is an attachment between two souls, you don’t have to be with them physically to feel their presence. You will observe undeniable signs of telepathic connection with your partner everywhere.

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Your unspoken thoughts and ideas will be just in sync and you will be surprised to see how you complete each other’s sentences in perfect harmony. The urge to be around them all the time will be hard to tame. Those extremely vivid telepathic dreams featuring this person will send you every hint to recognize your soulmate. 

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3. They make you feel calm and complete 

They are called your soul’s mate for a reason. Simply talking to them can brighten up an otherwise bad day. The comfort, the sense of security, and the inner calmness you experience around them are very new and feel good. You will notice fewer disagreements and more common ground. 

Even if there are differences, they will be mature enough to understand your individual opinions and accept you with all your good parts and eccentricities. Your soulmate will compensate for the things you consider to be your inherent weakness. In a way, you both will complement each other like two balancing halves of the Yin and Yang

4. You find an equal partnership 

You know what happens when you meet your soulmate? You learn more about empathy and being a giver in a relationship rather than focusing only on your own needs. We believe it’s the best part about stumbling on your soulmate – no relationship power struggle, no insecurity, just a sacred bond between two equal partners. Yes, there will be fights, but in most cases, it will be a fight FOR the relationship instead of two partners being pitted against each other.

5. You are each other’s biggest cheerleaders 

The fact that nearly 73% of Americans believe in soulmates (according to the Marist poll) shows that the majority of us still long for a partnership that has its foundation rooted in a pure connection. That’s exactly what a soulmate connection offers you. You will find your soulmate by your side through thick and thin. 

They will have your back no matter how adverse a situation you are going through. And when you succeed, they become the happiest person on earth. You won’t think twice before laying bare your most vulnerable and rawest side to them. In a sweet and supportive way, soulmates challenge each other to explore their highest potential and that’s your cue to identify your partner for life.

13 Incredible Things That Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

When Olivia turned 29 this June, she almost gave up on love and the idea that there is one special person for everyone. Until Mr. Right walked in and changed her perspective toward love and the way of the world. To know there is someone who would choose you over anyone or anything else and keep choosing for the rest of your lives is bliss. But there is no predetermined timeline to meet your soulmate. 

You can meet them in your 50s and start a fresh chapter. Or it could be your high school sweetheart whom you eventually marry and spend your life with. No matter what age, incredible things will happen when you meet your soulmate. Things you never imagined can happen in a relationship and your personal life. But what are these things? We tell you with this detailed lowdown on what happens when you meet your soulmate:

1. You are on top of the world

To be on the top of someone’s priority list – that sentence has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Most of us yearn to find that one person our whole lives who would put us above everyone else. The day you finally come across your soulmate, you realize it’s more gratifying than you could have ever imagined. 

When your soulmate touches you (and we are not talking only about physical touch), there will be a dopamine rush through your body. The level of oxytocin, or the cuddle hormone as it is called, jumps up giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling. An all-consuming feeling of love gets a grasp over your senses and you fall head over heels for them. 

what will happen when you meet your soulmate
When you meet your soulmate, you will feel like you are the most important person in the world

2. With them, things fall right into place

Matthew, a young banker from Newark, tells us his soulmate story, “I have always wondered what will happen when you meet your soulmate? Will they come like a storm and change your life forever? Then I met Sarah, who came into my life, not like a raging storm but a soothing cool breeze. I knew it was not about chaos; meeting your soulmate is about peace and harmony – it’s like the perfectly fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  

“I excelled at my job, became closer to my family, and it seemed everything was happening around me just when it was supposed to be.” I am sure Matthew’s experience will resonate with you if you have come in touch with the person who could potentially be your soulmate. The journey of life runs through a bumpy road. While it’s never meant to be an adventure with no obstacles, the companionship of your soulmate could make it a lot easier. 

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3. Aren’t you smiling a little too much?

As we promised, incredible things happen when you meet your soulmate. You are living with a thousand butterflies in your stomach. No wonder the very thought of this person’s existence makes you all giddy and content. You wish you could breach the distance and be in their arms every second of every day. 

Isn’t it like you are almost addicted to them? Well, this is definitely one of those rare addictions that are truly beneficial for your mental health. You are in an everlasting good mood, with that wide grin plastered on your face. So much so that your friend might tease you seeing you so wildly happy. Plus, it’s scientifically proven the more you smile, the less you stress. So, knowingly or unknowingly, your soulmate makes this world a merrier place for you. 

Do you believe in the existence of soulmates?

4. You discover a new zeal for life 

You know what happens when you meet your soulmate? You have a newfound zest for life which, in turn, makes you a better human being. I mean, have you ever felt so alive before? Every morning, you wake up with a bag full of motivation as if you can take the world and paint it red. All your goals and dreams seem clearer and easily achievable. 

Since you have this intense desire to do something remarkable and make your soulmate think highly of you, it gives you a different level of energy. You feel more confident. And now that you are assured a loving person has got your back, no task feels daunting anymore. You can shoot for the moon and it won’t scare you for a moment.

5. Communication becomes a cakewalk

Ah, here comes another trademark sign that you are in close proximity to your soulmate – the spontaneous flow of communication. When you meet your soulmate for the first time, they already come across as a familiar face, as if you have known them forever. It’s like an eternal bond and you just know that you two are meant to be together. 

There is hardly any chance of bad communication in your relationship given how seamlessly you can cultivate emotional intimacy in a soulmate relationship. Remember, we talked about a telepathic connection between soulmates? That was not just a romantic anecdote. You can read each other’s minds and talk with your eyes without uttering a single word. Far-fetched as it may sound right now, wait for the right person to show up and you will see it for yourself. 

6. The stubborn relationship insecurities vanish slowly 

Let me tell you about another healing effect of such a connection in case you are wondering what will happen when you meet your soulmate. The relationship insecurities that you have been fostering all these years will finally begin to crumble in front of the power of love. You will be able to open up about your darkest secrets and innermost emotions and not feel judged. The urge to snoop around to see whether your partner is cheating on you will dissipate. 

Meeting your soulmate could be a cure to that crippling fear of abandonment. My friend, Sam, has been a spitting image of Chandler Bing for as long as I’ve known him. He was petrified of commitment. Two years into dating Megan and he is looking for the perfect ring for her. Because that’s what soulmates do, they offer you a safe space, a home you have always been looking for. 

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7. Your skin nearly melts when your soulmate touches you

Didn’t we relate when Ellie Goulding said, “Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find”? That’s the kind of passion you experience when your soulmate touches you. Yes, they will set your heart on fire, and at the same time, the closeness will fill you with a relaxing, calm sensation. 

Your libido notwithstanding, the lovemaking is going to be unforgettable because there is every sign of a spiritual connection between you two. The chemistry will be all the more intense. And the heavenly pleasure you experience won’t be solely limited to sexual or physical satisfaction. 

Infographic on - what happens when you meet your soulmate
Incredible things happen when you meet your soulmate

8. You can handle conflicts better

What happens when you meet your soulmate is that, with a constant support system by your side, you become extremely proficient in dealing with conflicts (both internal and external). Whether it’s a professional hazard or a financial matter, you get over the stumbling blocks with a lot more ease and finesse. And if you ever fall short on your own, you can always turn to your partner for support. 

Many of our readers asked a valid question, “Do soulmates ever fight?” To that, we think, this Reddit user’s answer makes perfect sense, “We disagree and have had arguments where we get mad but we don’t yell or storm off or stop talking to each other when this happens. We talk about it like rational adults and nobody leaves until we solve the problem. He often has to push and prod to actually get me to talk, but in the end, it always works out.”

9. All your other relationships improve 

As we talk about the consequences of meeting your soulmate, let’s spend a few minutes on the wholesome impact this person has on your relationships. Their way of showing affection and love plants a seed of empathy in you making you much more considerate toward other people’s emotions. As a matter of fact, a soulmate’s influence can help you fix many broken bonds.

I can vouch for that since I am now capable of nurturing a healthier relationship with my parents, thanks to the love of my life. Earlier, I used to place my parents on a godly pedestal and expected them to be flawless at all times. Naturally, I misunderstood them on many occasions. It was my soulmate who made me realize even our parents are normal human beings like us with their own unresolved issues, which lead them to act irrationally at times. So, tell me, do you have a similar story to share?    

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10. You are ready to go the extra mile for them

It’s your unconditional love for them that encourages you to do things you never would have done otherwise. You explore new genres of movies and music they like, you go on adventures that scared you before. Did you ever think you would be able to sit through that tiring documentary on architecture? Yet you did because you wanted to spend time with your soulmate.

You would plan cute surprises and buy their favorite PlayStation just to see the smile on their face. If you think about it, it’s actually a two-way road. Taking a genuine interest in their interests and passions broadens your knowledge and perception. As long as this effort is mutual, you would not get worn out of ‘giving’ and that’s what happens when you meet your soulmate.

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11. Your outlook toward love and life changes 

With all these feel-good hormones flooding your brain, your entire outlook toward life changes. You become this positive, life-affirming person who finds a silver lining in any distress. You will be amazed to see the energy and confidence you have acquired. 

You may find that everyday mundane incidents intrigue you now. Your growth and productivity levels will soar. With the meaningful gestures of appreciation and gratitude from your soulmate to encourage you, you will feel more motivated than ever before to take good care of yourself and everyone around you.

12. There are no secrets between the two of you

What happens when you meet your soulmate is that there is no place for secrecy or half-truths in your relationship. From day one, your partnership is built on a strong foundation of truth and honesty. A soulmate connection creates such a compassionate, tender, and safe space that the thought of lying to each other never crosses your mind. 

Trust issues have no place in a deep soul connection. Mrs. Smith, a college professor, married her soulmate 30 springs back. She shares her pearls of wisdom with our readers, “If s/he is truly your soulmate, you wouldn’t have to ask them to prove their loyalty. Their words and actions will speak for themselves, giving you enough reasons to have blind faith in your partner’s intentions.”

13. You witness magic in real life!

Believe it or not, incredible things will happen when you meet your soulmate. Your relationship will flow like a mountain brook. You will face rough patches like any other romantic couple. Just the way you handle the hardship and move past it would be exceptional. Love, affection, respect, support, friendship – you don’t expect to find it all in one person. But if you ever do, chances are that you have finally met your soulmate. And once you have, there is no looking back or second guessing your choice for a second.

Key Pointers

  • You will be elated at all times and feel like the most important person in the world
  • Everything in your life will take place seamlessly
  • You would find a new zest for life and become a more positive and empathetic person
  • When you meet your soulmate, you will have an honest, mature relationship based on mutual understanding
  • The physical chemistry with your soulmate would be on fire

Now that you are well-versed in what happens when you meet your soulmate, let’s introduce a realistic aspect of the concept of soulmates. An article published by The Gottman Institute suggests that fate may play a role in connecting you with that special someone. But ultimately it’s YOU who creates the compatibility to sustain a long-term relationship.

While there is the attraction and a strong sense of familiarity, you still have to gather knowledge to make sure they share the same goals and dreams as you, take part in your happiness, and accept you for who you are. If this person happens to be a blessing in your life and brings a turning point to your dating trajectory, nothing like it. Hold on to them forever. We wish you a fairytale ending!

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