10 Reasons To Get Married And Have A Blissful Life

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Once you are past twenty-five, you see an outbreak of marriage fever in your surroundings. Everyone, from your peers to colleagues, seems to catch it sooner or later. Your social media is flooded with wedding pictures. And you being the single, happy soul (or the flag bearer of complicated relationships) are now arguing with your parents, “Give me 10 reasons to get married.”

During this stage, you might hear some ridiculous excuses like from your parents, like, “There is a certain age for everything in life. So, get married whether you find love or not” or your best friend wants you to get married because she wants to go bridesmaid dress shopping. Besides fulfilling others’ irrational expectations, there are plenty of practical reasons to find a life partner and settle down, and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

What is marriage?

Let’s ditch the cliched definitions of marriage like it’s a social institution or legal union, and skip to the good part. What does a happy and healthy marriage look like? You are in love! And you want to celebrate the beautiful bond you have with your partner and share that joy with kin and friends. So, you tie the knot to make it official in the eyes of the world and the law.

What a happy marriage constitutes is the part that comes after the wedding ceremony – how well two people adapt to this new life, handle the obstacles coming their way, and live in harmony for a long time. A national survey on married couples run in 50 U.S. states found out that the top five strengths of a healthy marriage are – communication, closeness, flexibility, personality compatibility, and conflict resolution.

Why is marriage important? Top 5 reasons

Statistics show that married adults (58%) express a higher level of satisfaction in their union than those who are in a live-in relationship (41%). The importance of marriage varies from person to person based on their objectives and ideologies in life. However, if you are here looking for a positive outlook on marriage, we give you five reasons why marriage is important and still relevant in our society, regardless of gender ad sexuality:

  • It gives you a lifetime of companionship in sickness and in health
  • Happiness and emotional intimacy in marriage impact your physical health in the long run
  • Marriage unlocks the gate to many legal and economic benefits
  • The presence of both parents in wedlock is one of the best ways of raising a child
  • Marriage is an adventure – one in which you discover yourself and your spouse in a new light every day

10 Reasons To Get Married (Really Good Ones!)

Let me guess, so you are with your partner for 2-3 years. It appears that you’ve reached a point where you’re both thinking of the next step for this relationship. And you can’t help but wonder whether it’s absolutely necessary to legitimize this partnership with the stamp of marriage when simply moving in together can offer you an equally fulfilling life.

Since marriage is one hell of a decision in a person’s life, many of us often cower from taking that leap. Commitment issues, worries about losing freedom, or even fear of missing out on new possibilities cloud our judgment. But there are other aspects to marriage than grocery shopping and adding more branches to the family tree. So, to get you on board with the idea, we give you the 10 best reasons to get married:

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1. You are in love

There are many reasons besides love why more couples are leaning toward marriage but in the order of reasons, love remains on top. Love makes your world go round. You start envisioning the idea of you and your partner in your new roles as spouses.

We all have a hard time facing our doubts and insecurities about the impediments of the new life marriage transports us into. But it only takes the right person to show up and render those negative emotions ineffective. That kind of love has the power to push you one step closer to your dream wedding.

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 2. You will get a great support system

No more awkward dates, no more getting to know a person from scratch, no more breakup pangs – in short, marriage is another name for stability. Marriage means access to each other’s vulnerabilities, happiness, and pains on a deeper level. A supportive spouse can be a great uplifting influence during all your good times and bad. If you are looking for romantic reasons to get married, you can always count on this one.

  • From traveling to small gifts to homemade meals, married people enjoy the simple things in life with each other forever
  • Married people who appreciate each other, believe in healthy communication, and have faith in their marriage, can function as a strong team of two
  • From caring for elderly parents and children to the kitchen duties, you always get more help as you are not alone in this

3. You will share your life with someone

Going to bed and waking up together, planning holidays and weekends, or deciding on what to cook at home – it’s things like these that are extremely enjoyable in a marriage. For many couples, sharing a cup of coffee in the morning is the most important ritual that they hold on to all their life. Do you have the feeling that after a long singlehood, you are finally ready to drop anchor and share your life with someone? Well, we hear wedding bells.

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4. Marriage makes you more responsible

Like it or not, at some point in life, you have to grow up and start making mature decisions. And one of the logical reasons people get married is because marriage teaches you all about being a responsible adult. My friend Dan has always been the wild one – late nights, dangerous sports, and whatnot! And that made it even more surprising to see him fit the role of a dependable husband as a married man. Responsibility in marriage means:

  • Feeling the need to nurture and care for someone apart from yourself
  • Working harder to make more money for the financial security of the family
  • Performing equal duties to manage a harmonious household
  • Staying loyal to your life partner and committing to a lasting partnership that only marriage can bring

5. You want to build a family

Do you look at the married parents in your friend circle and wish you could, too, dote on a little one? We assume, growing up, you have always fostered the idea of a family and children and you see yourself easily slipping into the parent roles. If so, the simplest and the most beautiful way to add to the family tree is through marriage. After all, there is nothing more rewarding than raising a kid with the love of your life. Or a pet, if that’s where your heart lies.

Infographic on good reasons to get married
Want to know why you should get married?

6. You’ll get to grow old with someone

One of the most logical reasons to get married is to have a pillar of strength in your life as you grow old. A Harvard Medical School survey shows that married men tend to be healthier and live longer than those who are unmarried or whose marriage ended in divorce. When the kids move out, married people have got each other to fall back on.

Over time, as you know your spouse on a deeper level, you master the art of silent communication, like understanding what’s on their mind without them having to say anything. Even better are the myriad memories you can make with someone in a marriage and the camaraderie you can build slowly over the years.

7. There are financial reasons behind getting married

This might sound a bit too practical but the financial benefits coming along with marriage cannot be overlooked. Obviously, it’s more money when your incomes and brains are put together, which in turn means a more convenient lifestyle. Unlike the popular belief that marriage drains your finances, you actually gain financially when you get married. For instance,

  • You have to pay a lower tax amount for your combined income as a married people
  • You get access to cheaper insurance policies and become more eligible for mortgages as a couple
  • If you are both working individuals, you can choose two different kinds of health insurance
  • Plus, you can split finances to not let one person take the entire burden

8. You get legal benefits

Now, it may not be one of the most romantic reasons to get married, but it has a deeper significance to more couples than you may think. For instance, same-gender couples who, in many countries are still fighting for legal rights to marriage, would want to get their union recognized in the public eye. Marriage can be the ultimate act of love for many couples who can’t be together for a visa or some other immigration law. Plus, marriage has a lot of other legal benefits when it comes to estate planning, social security, or even adoption.

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9. You get to enjoy physical intimacy

It is said that marriage takes away the spark from your relationship because you settle into a rhythm, but the opposite can happen too. If there is sexual compatibility in your marriage then you can find excitement in intimacy even if you are in your 50s. Sex remains a bonding factor in your relationship.

10. Emotional intimacy gives you stability

Of all the 10 reasons to get married, achieving emotional intimacy is certainly a big one. You achieve emotional intimacy through communication and it gives you a sense of belongingness and affinity to this loving person you call your wife/husband. When you are connected with your spouse on a deeper level, you understand each other so well that you can handle the ups and downs of life together like a team.

romantic reasons to get married
Emotional intimacy is the best thing about a marriage

10 Wrong Reasons To Get Married

Are you sick of the series of awkward dates and no real connection forming whatsoever? Do you absolutely loathe coming back to a lonely house and having your dinner by yourself? Are you feeling left alone because everyone around you is getting hitched? So far, we discussed the bankable reasons to get married and these are definitely not one of them. Please think twice before you start booking the wedding vendors or download those wedding apps if any of the following excuses resonate with you:

1. You want to get married to figure out your relationship problems

Nothing is going right in your love relationship and doubts gnaw at you all the time. You feel that life as a married couple will reduce all the uncertainty, stress, and doubts with your partner and enforce some stability. You pin hopes that life after marriage may smoothen out some of the creases in your love relationship.

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 2. You don’t want to face your personal issues

Our society regularly primes us to see marriage as a one-stop solution to all our problems. Many of us want to buy into this fantasy even as we are yet to confront our personal demons. Mostly, we wish to escape our own fear of dealing with childhood trauma, a bad breakup, failure at a career, or deep-seated issues with our parents and expect marriage and a partner to do the work for us. But eventually, it only contributes to the high divorce rate of 35%-50%.

3. Because “everyone’s doing it”

For single people out there, it becomes extremely tiring to be the bridesmaid or best man at every wedding. The more weddings you attend, the more you have to face inquisitive relatives questioning your plans of settling down. The single life refuses to hold the charm it used to. All your married friends are busy hooking you up on dating apps so you all can socialize together on couple nights. Naturally, marriage thoughts pop up in your mind now more frequently than ever.

4. Family pressure is getting intolerable

I was having a conversation with my colleague, Rolinda, the other day and she said, “Every call I get from my mom these days is just another nag for marriage. It’s getting harder and harder to keep patience and be nice to the family.” Pressure from relatives can become a real burden after a certain age. Marriage is still seen as a rite of passage in our society. When your family has a point of concern, ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to stand your ground or cave to their demands.

5. You are dying to have the dream wedding

Your social media feed is littered with those oh-so-perfect wedding pics and glittering smiles. Naturally, you, too, are tempted to plan an elegant June wedding, pose for those gorgeous photos, and go on a honeymoon. You attach a certain glamor to life after marriage and want to have those fantasy couple goals in the first few months like the other married people around you.

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 6. Your ex or exes are married

Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel that slight twinge of jealousy when confronted with the wedding pics of an ex with a brand new partner staring at a lifetime of togetherness while all you have is a fresh breakup and your DVD collection? A marriage might make you feel ahead in this heady game of ‘new couple on the block.’

7. Loneliness and boredom

As her pool of friends started disappearing, Anne, our reader from L.A, realized that married people have different priorities, leaving her as the odd one out. It was too late for her to make new friends and dating didn’t hold the promise it used to earlier. With lesser friends for socializing, she was on her own a lot and felt that a spouse would be the perfect antidote to ward off her loneliness. Fortunately, she had her best friend to drag her out of that headspace and we are here to do the same for you.

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8. You have to take the lineage forward

Loads of people in your family are procreating and taking their lineage forward, and they make it your responsibility as well. If you want a baby out of a parental instinct, that’s fine. But if looking at the married parents in your social group is giving you baby fever or having a child is your sole purpose behind this marriage, then you need to realize that a marriage is much more than that.

9. You want to control someone

If you have controlling instincts, then you might want a submissive partner who would follow and obey you. Let us remind you that control is looked upon as abuse in a relationship. Only get married if you can be an equal partner, otherwise don’t even think about it.

10. You need a partner to do the chores

You are tired of your home being in a shambles, you hate the chores and keeping track of the bills, and you want your partner to do it for you. You want marriage to solve this problem. Allow us to tell you, you will make a lazy husband or a lazy wife, and your partner will detest you for your incompetence and inability. Marriage is a partnership where both spouses do all kinds of work, so don’t expect your partner to keep the home for you.

Key Pointers

  • One of the best reasons to get married is because you are in love, or if you feel tremendous affection and respect for that person, and want to share your life with them
  • Emotional and physical intimacy in marriage brings stability to your life
  • There are financial and legal benefits of marriage which can be a good reason to ring the wedding bells
  • Don’t get married because everyone else is and you are feeling lonely
  • Marriage is not your way out if your sole purpose behind it is to have a child

We hope these 10 reasons to get married (and not to get married) offer you some clarity in your decision-making process. In the end, you should say “I do” only when you feel you are ready – not because of family or peer pressure, not to suppress your own shortcomings or insecurities, because that way, you will only deceive yourself and your partner.

This article has been updated in April 2023. 

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