10 Reasons To Get Married And Have A Blissful Life

best reasons to get married
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Are you aware of a new bug going all around and everyone around you is catching it? It’s called “marriage” and your friends and peers are dropping like flies after being affected by it. You go to social media and everyone from your high school classmates have either changed their statuses to “getting married” or updating a name change after marriage even as there is a chorus on their timeline of friends wishing them a happy married life or happy marriage. You have been so far happily single and hence wondering what are their reasons to get married?

Well, there are actually plenty of practical, emotional, financial and social reasons to get married, something we don’t give much weightage to. Actually there are 10 reasons to get married that are really solid, reasonable and sensible.

If you are looking at the practical reason to get married then procreation of the human race is one reason but dig deeper, and there are plenty of reasons to tie the knot.

First we will talk about the logical reasons to get married and actually there are plenty of reasons to get married besides love. But there are plenty of negative reasons and wrong reasons as well, for which people end up marrying and we will get to that too.

10 Reasons To Get Married (Really Good Ones!)

Marriage can be a beautiful thing and apart from procreation and companionship it can give you a lot more in life. That’s why you need to take a look at our 10 reasons to get married.

1. You are in love

There are plenty of reasons to get married besides love, but in the pecking order of reasons love remains on top. Love makes your world go round. And it’s finally happened to you and it feels right enough that you wish to take your love to the next level.

You dream of your partner in new roles in a husband and wife relationship after marriage and imagine sweet babies in your arms in a few years. A happy marriage is the ultimate culmination of anyone’s love story.

2. Marriage makes you more responsible

Holding each others hands
Marriage makes you responsible

One logical reason to get married is it makes you responsible. Marriage is finally about letting someone into your life and both partners being responsible for each other.

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You have reached a point where you feel the need to nurture and care for someone apart from yourself.

While it feels jittery to some, you, on the other hand, are more than ready to take on the highs and lows of newly married couples and finally accept to commit to a lasting partnership that only marriage can bring.

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3. Sharing your life with someone

If you are looking for some good reasons to get married then this is definitely one. You feel that after years of living the single life, you are finally ready to drop anchor and nest and share your life with someone and come home to someone you talk to at the end of the day.

Sharing your life with someone is a heady feeling. Going to bed together, waking up together, planning holidays, weekends, dinners together or deciding on what to cook at home together are things that are extremely enjoyable in a marriage.

For some people, sharing a cup of coffee in the morning is the most important ritual that they hold on to all their life.

 4. To start a family

Growing up, the idea of a family and children had been important for you. Yes, it’s true that you are not ready to have a baby right after the wedding and you want to plan to welcome it when you are a bit settled down.

But a child is on your mind. You feel that a family is something you always wanted for yourself and see yourself easily slipping into the parent roles.

There are beautiful reasons to have children and you are able to see yourself and your partner reaching this goal together and have already had several conversations about this and are on the same page.

 5. A great support system

A happy couple
You have someone to grow old with

Marriage gives both partners stability and an all-access zone to each other’s vulnerabilities, pains, successes, and even trauma.

This makes them a stakeholder in all your good and bad times and even a shoulder for your parents to lean on. A supportive spouse can be a great uplifting influence and the best sounding board even.

One of the most logical reasons to get married is to have a support system for each other in your old age. When the children fly the nest you will have each other to fall back on.

6. Growing old with someone

You may mean many things to the world, but for someone, you mean the world. From those silly early morning conversations to learning each other’s quirks to holding onto one other through illness and growing old with that special someone, marriage gives you a great window seat to this life.

Taking up life’s journey together is one of the best reasons to marry him or be with her forever. Going from the 20s to 40s to 60s together and gathering all the experience in life is what marriage stands for.

7. Financial reasons to get married

This might sound a bit too practical but fact remains in a marriage you can actually grow rich together. Your incomes and brains put together, you become more financially solid and responsible.

When people are single they are not so much into savings and investments but with marriage the attitude does change. You want to save up to buy your own house, save for the world tour you want and ultimately make a retirement plan.

Unlike popular belief that marriage drains your finances, you actually gain financially when you get married.

8. You get to enjoy physical intimacy

It is said that marriage takes away the spark from your marriage because you settle into a rhythm but the opposite can happen. You can actually look forward to the cuddling, hugs and intimacy after a long and tiring day at work.

If you find sexual compatibility in your marriage then you can find excitement in intimacy even if you are in your 50s and sex remains a bonding factor in your relationship. In a marriage you can enjoy physical intimacy at all stages of your life and it is truly fulfilling.

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9. Emotional intimacy gives you stability

Achieving emotional intimacy is one of the right reasons to get married. Like sexual intimacy emotional intimacy is as important in a marriage.

You achieve emotional intimacy through communication and it gives you a feeling of belonging to a person. When you are emotionally intimate you understand each other so well that you can handle the ups and downs of life together like a team.

10. You have companionship

Couple hugging
Companionship is the best thing about a marriage

In a marriage, you are able to enjoy the simple things in life with someone forever. Be it travel, everyday conversations, mood swings, caring for elderly parents and children, sharing kitchen duties, to sharing life experiences.

Even better are the myriad memories you can make with someone in a marriage and the camaraderie you can build up slowly over the years.

10 Wrong Reasons To Get Married

So far we discussed the right reasons to get married but people often end up marrying for the wrong reasons and that’s when they land up in an unhappy marriage.

If you are marrying for the following reasons then you should never get married.

1. To figure out your relationship problems

Nothing is going right in your love relationship and doubts gnaw at you all the time.

You feel that life as a married couple will reduce all the uncertainty, stress and doubts in your relationship and enforce some stability.

You pin hopes that life after marriage may smoothen out some of the creases in your love relationship.

 2. No one wants to be alone

As close friends take their shot at having a happy married life, you see yourself being left alone. But do you know you can me married and still be lonely?

Marriage is still seen as a rite of passage in our society. You dread the constant question of ‘are you married?’ and feel at times that you may have missed the bus and are staring at a deadbeat future alone.

You feel intensely lonely as your friends taking their first steps as a married couple.

3. You don’t want to face up to your own problems

Our society regularly primes us to see marriage as a one-stop solution to all our problems. Many of us want to buy into this fantasy even as we have yet to confront and work out our own personal demons or problems. But there are things no one tells you about a marriage after the wedding is over.

Mostly we wish to escape our own fear of dealing with childhood trauma, or a bad breakup, our failure at a career, healing from a life event, deep-seated issues with our parents or guilt and expect marriage and a partner to do the work for us.

4. Everyone’s getting married

You are tired of being the bridesmaid or best man at every other friend’s wedding. Answering every relative and family member on your wedding plans is another nag you’d rather avoid. Many of your friends have graduated to having kids even as you are barely acing the dating game.

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The single life refuses to hold the charm it used to. All your married friends are busy hooking you up with people so you all can socialize together on couple nights.

5. You are dying to have the dream wedding

Don't marry for the wrong reasons
Don’t marry for the wrong reasons

Your social media feed is littered with those Oh-so-perfect wedding pics and the glittering smiles and revelry while you have saved up pictures of wedding rings and that perfect wedding dress for your big day- which is a far cry yet.

You want that big fat Indian wedding and so does your family who drop constant hints of a good rishta/match. You are tempted to plan an insane wedding planning, pose for those gorgeous photos of both of you as newlyweds and the honeymoon!

You attach a certain glamour to life after marriage and want to have those fantasy couple goals in the first few months as a married couple.

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6. Loneliness and boredom

 As your pool of friends starts disappearing, you realize that life after marriage for all your married friends has changed drastically, leaving you like the odd one out.

Dating does not hold the promise it used to earlier and as your friends start prioritizing their marriage, you realize that loneliness and boredom can be cured with a marriage.

With lesser friends for socializing, you are on your own a lot and feel bored and feel that a spouse is a perfect antidote to ward off the loneliness.

 7. Your ex or exes are married

Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel that slight twinge of jealousy when confronted with the wedding pics of an ex with a brand new partner staring at a lifetime of togetherness while all you have is your cat or your DVD collection.

You feel a marriage now will bring back the attraction that your ex felt for you and who knows may even make you end up feeling “one-up” in this heady game of the ‘new couple’ on the block.

8. You have to take the lineage forward

That’s a wrong reason to get married. Loads of people in your family are procreating and taking their lineage foward, it’s not your responsibility alone.

If you want a baby that’s fine you can want that from your maternal or paternal instincts. But if having a child is the sole reason for getting married then you are not realising marriage is much more than that.

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9. You need a partner to do the chores

You are tired of your home being in shambles, you hate the chores and keeping track of the bills and you want your partner to do it for you. You want marriage to solve this problem.

Let’s tell you, you will make a lazy husband or a lazy wife and your partner will hate you for your incompetence and inability. Marriage is a partnership where both spouses do all kinds of work, so don’t expect your partner to keep home for you.

10. You want to control someone

Yes, we know you have controlling instincts and you want a submissive partner who would lead and follow you as well.

Let us remind you the days of slavery are over and control is looked upon as abuse in a relationship. Only get married if you can be an equal partner otherwise don’t even think about it.

In the end you should tie the knot only when you feel you are ready. You should definitely have some good reasons, rather 10 good reasons to get married.

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