How To Impress Your Boyfriend: 21 Incredibly Simple Ideas

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how to impress your boyfriend

So, are you going around telling everyone about this amazing guy you just met? Given that you mentioned him as the ‘boyfriend’, it’s fair to guess the first few dates went really well to lead you both to label this relationship as a serious one. You must be relieved that the tricky part is over! But trust us, it takes just as much effort, if not more, to keep a romantic bond alive. And given that you are trying to find out how to impress your boyfriend, we are convinced you are ready to go that extra mile for him. 

We just hope that you don’t lose yourself trying to showcase a completely different persona that might be more appealing to your man. To help you balance the act and create a lasting impression, we are here with a bunch of ‘how to amaze your boyfriend’ ideas. So, read on…

21 Incredibly Simple Ways To Impress Your Boyfriend

Let’s give you a little how to woo your man 101: always remember being yourself is the key. Of course, we encourage you to be more curious and invested in your partner’s interests and do things that make your boyfriend happy. But you cannot pretend to like comic books or start nerdy conventions if you are not really that person. So, restrain yourself from creating a false impression in the process of impressing your boyfriend. 

Knowing how to be romantic with boyfriend is no rocket science. Simply, pour in a generous amount of affection in a mix of small gestures and thoughtful actions, stir it well, and you’ve got yourself a fulfilling love life. All kidding aside, from a candlelight dinner to a surprise trip, the choices are plenty if you are in search of something romantic to do for your bae. And being the stunner that you are, dazzling his mind with your beauty will be a breeze. 

However, when it comes to creating a lasting impression, we would rely more on meaningful actions than a pretty face. To make this journey easier for you, we have curated this list of 21 incredibly simple ‘how to impress your boyfriend’ ideas:

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1. Smile and make him smile

Ah, this works like a charm! Smile has a healing power to fix any trouble and build strong connections between two people. So, just follow our lead here:

  • Greet him with your thousand-watt smile every time you see him
  • When you don’t know how to date a guy, make him laugh – tell jokes, show him fun memes, and do whatever it takes
  • Wake him up with an ‘I love you’ text every morning. This is among the cute things to do for your boyfriend
  • Most importantly, laugh at his jokes. Even if it’s a pity laugh, mask it well 

2. Don’t be shy to assert your opinion on things

You know what really attracts a high-value man? A strong sense of self-esteem. There is nothing more fascinating than a woman who exudes confidence in every step of life and won’t cave when it comes to offering her opinion on important matters. It simply portrays you in a powerful individualistic light that’s not easy to outshine. Your thoughts and opinions might be threatening to an insecure person, but a guy confident in his own skin and abilities would proudly call himself your boyfriend. And that’s the man you want to impress!

cute things to do for your boyfriend
If you truly want to impress your guy, don’t back off from expressing your opinion

3. Be nice to your boyfriend’s friends and folks

When we start dating, somewhere deep down, we all hope for our partners to get along with our loved ones. The very best you can do for your man is to make this transition easier for him. Let us tell you how:

  • After he introduces you to his folks, make a conscious effort to get to know them and stay in touch 
  • Try to find common grounds to bond with your boyfriend’s friends
  • Even better, you could throw a surprise party for your boyfriend or plan a surprise trip and invite his friends to join you. He will be thrilled for sure!
  • Just don’t try too hard to fit in. Be yourself. We are confident they will love you for you

4. Cook for him

If you’re wondering how to amaze your boyfriend, well, of all the romantic things to do for your guy, let’s take the shortcut to his heart. Yes, we are talking about the road through his tummy. There’s nothing more a guy appreciates than a home-cooked meal prepared by his sweetheart. So, get your apron and chef hat out because we have a boyfriend to impress, and here’s how:

  • You could always make his favorite dish
  • If it’s the holiday season, call his grandma and get her secret cookie recipe that your boyfriend loves more than anything
  • Plan a full-blown candlelight dinner at home. This makes for one of the nicest surprise date ideas for him

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5. Challenge him to beat you in video games

This doesn’t sound like something romantic to do for your boyfriend, does it? Well, if you pick up the phone and ask him right now, you will see that he would settle for a game night over dinner dates any day. So, don’t think twice. Make a list of the video games your boyfriend loves and start practicing, because we want to see you ace this challenge! 

6. Pay attention to your appearance 

So, how to impress your boyfriend? Let’s turn to the most cliched yet highly effective page of the playbook – kill him with your looks! Tuck these suave moves up your sleeve to ensure his eyes are always on you:

  • Choose flattering outfits for your date nights that will steal his attention 
  • Invest a little bit more time in a seven-step skincare routine
  • Maintain good hygiene 
  • Eat healthy and work out on a regular basis
  • Do something different with your hair so he would notice the extra effort
  • Note that confidence is the new sexy. If you are confident in carrying your look and outfit, it will accentuate your true beauty and personality 

7. Spend quality time with him

If you want a thriving love life, you have to spend a substantial amount of time building and nurturing it – and by that, we suggest spending time with your boyfriend. To give you a guy’s perspective on this, a Reddit user says, “I personally like it when my SO enjoys participating in all the activities I like to do. It’s kind of a turn-on, to be honest, and makes me feel like they care and enjoy doing things that I love.”

Now, if you are not sure how to choose the perfect activities for your time together or need more ideas for romantic things to do for your boyfriend at home, we have a whole list prepared for you:

  • Arrange a romantic bubble bath
  • Bake something together from scratch 
  • Pick a hobby for couples or a new skill to learn together
  • Plan a surprise trip for the weekend to the nearest bed and breakfast
  • Go for a long solitary walk, hand in hand, and watch the sunset 
  • Share household chores or give your living room a makeover. After all, spending time together doesn’t require you to come up with new ideas every week

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8. Make sure you smell good around him

Have you ever noticed how you tend to think about a person, especially a romantic partner, when you smell their signature scent somewhere around? It’s because studies show that body odor plays a pivotal role in the perception of attractiveness and mate selection. 

So, we suggest you make it a point to smell impeccable around your guy. Find out what his favorite fragrance is and try it on, so he just can’t resist you. The goal is to draw him in with your magnetic fragrance, which leaves a lingering effect in his mind. We must admit this is a unique one of all the romantic things to do for your man.

Do you think it is important to impress your boyfriend?

9. Split the bills

It’s 2024 for crying out loud! Let chivalry take a backseat. Step up and share the expenses equally with your man. Our men may not always speak up about the very thing, at least not in an obvious manner. But they do lean toward financially independent women who are confident enough to take care of themselves. Remember how Ted Mosby (from How I Met Your Mother) never called back a girl because she didn’t do the ‘cheque dance’ on a date? That’s what we are talking about. Go Dutch!

10. Don’t be that needy girlfriend 

If you are wondering how to woo your man, being clingy is not going to break your case. I was just on the phone with my friend Roger the other day, and he whined for an hour about his partner’s constant intervention in his personal space. This is what he said, “Amanda is being impossible with each passing day. She is insecure, always suspicious, and would keep texting and calling all day long, and if I miss any of it, I would never hear the end of it. She has no life of her own and it’s suffocating me.” Now you know what doesn’t count as part of romantic things to do for your partner. 

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11. Send him off to boys’ nights more often

When you are dating guys and trying to figure out how to impress your boyfriend, you have to get into a man’s mindset. Just think, won’t you be super pleased right now if he booked you a spa weekend with your girlies or took you on a shopping spree? Do the same for him. 

If you want him to be happy in this relationship, don’t be grumpy when his friends ask him to come over for some beer and pool. Even better, invite his friends, arrange some video games they like, make his favorite dish for dinner, and gift your boyfriend the perfect boys’ night at home. Believe it or not, these little things matter a lot in keeping a romantic relationship alive.

12. Listening can make all the difference 

Here’s a relationship mistake you don’t want to repeat. An ex-partner of mine would always complain that I was busy in my own world and didn’t pay enough attention to him. In my version, I knew that we were living together. So, we practically spent most of our waking hours in each other’s presence. How much more attention could one need? However, what I didn’t realize at that point was that I was either on my phone or the laptop, and our conversations went with him staring at the back of an electronic device. To rectify that, we suggest the following tips:

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  • Stop distracting yourself with other activities when you are in the middle of a conversation
  • Try listening intently and reciprocating 
  • Make eye contact – it makes him feel heard and validated 
  • Non-verbal gestures, like nodding, smiling, leaning forward, touching his arm or shoulder, can go a long way in making the conversation more engaging 
Infographic on simple ways to impress your boyfriend
Try these to impress your boyfriend

13. Keep dropping compliments

When in doubt about how to impress your boyfriend, express your admiration for this fantastic human being! Nothing conveys your love and affection for your man like a sweet dose of compliment every now and then. If you want something romantic to do for him, try this:

  • Tell him more often how sexy he looks in an outfit
  • Let him know how proud you are of all his achievements, big or small
  • Compliment his killer smile –  and tell him how it always leaves you in awe!
  • Whenever he makes an effort to see you happy or to better the relationship, appreciate it

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14. Show him you depend on him

Yes, a guy would fall in love with a confident, sexy, independent girl in a heartbeat, but at the same time, men do love to feel needed. In a romantic relationship, the man would like to be an integral part of your life with a significant role to play in your well-being and safety.

Listen to what this Quora user has to say about it: “Put your head on his shoulder. And maybe take a nap. This makes me feel more special than anything else. It tells the guy that you feel safe with him.” So, if you’re wondering how to date a guy in a way so he feels important, follow these tips:

  • Ask for his opinion on your personal matters
  • If he’s willing to offer help in troubled times, don’t reject it
  • Let him know how you always find peace in his arms 
  • Share your emotional state of mind with your boyfriend 
  • Your actions should reflect that he’s your priority
  • Check-in with him, ask about his day, and share your routine too

15. Shower him with hugs and cuddles

Looking for cute things to do for your boyfriend? Go all out with physical affection. A long, lingering hug after a day of toiling at work – any guy would kill for this kind of love and warmth. Kiss him for no reason, as you cross paths in the hallway, or meet in the kitchen for a snack. Or plan a movie night at home with cozy blankets, popcorn, and lots of cuddles. There goes one of the bonus surprise date ideas for him. 

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16. Be his support system

In their lifelong endeavor of appearing rough and tough, men often forget to unveil their vulnerable side. But deep down, every man is a sucker for affection and would want to depend on someone with all their heart — someone who would understand his business ideas even though others think it’s crazy, who would support him through the days when he pays off his college loan, or at the least, who would wrap him in her arms and ask what’s wrong on a bad day. We believe that’s your cue to how to impress your boyfriend and make him yours forever.

17. Don’t say hurtful things 

It would be unnatural for a couple to be together and not fight, we get that big time. But even in your arguments about whose turn it is to do the laundry or why he hugged that female colleague for almost five Mississippi, there should be some lines of decency to maintain. Being extremely rude or blurting out whatever comes to your mind without thinking about the consequences will slowly and steadily drift you apart. Particularly when you are trying to impress your man hoping for a long-term relationship, these little things prove to be highly impactful in the bigger picture.

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18. Flirt with him

Let’s get down to the point of how to be romantic with boyfriend. Try unleashing your inner tease and see the changes for yourself! Mark my words, he will be obsessed with you. Here are some tips and tricks for dating guys:  

  • Brush your body against his, talk dirty to him, playfully kiss his ears, or touch him when he least expects it – always leave him wanting more
  • In bed, don’t be shy to voice your satisfaction. Tell him how he just rocked your world! It might boost him enough for the next round
  • When you both are in the mood, dance for him to spice things up a bit, or maybe even perform a striptease
  • Gift him some naughty coupons with tempting benefits, like a sensual massage, sex in the balcony, or you acting out his fantasy role-play idea

19. Respect his boundaries

No matter at what stage of the relationship you are, there are certain lines you should never cross. This is all the more important if your partner has spoken to you about the things that are non-negotiable for them. Always conform to those boundaries as a sign of respect. For instance: 

  • Don’t force him to open up about a sensitive issue that he is not ready to talk about yet
  • If he says “no” to something, to anything, don’t take it as a personal attack
  • Respect his private space and alone time

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20. Get him flowers

If you want to give some more thought to cute things to do for your boyfriend, pick a bunch of yellow tulips on your way back from the market. It will make his day! And not just flowers, bring a little something for him every once in a while. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate – they could be really simple things, such as a mixtape of all the songs your boyfriend loves. But make sure they are meaningful. These are small gestures, but if you are genuinely interested to know how to amaze your boyfriend, they are indispensable. 

21. Express your feelings for him

Of all the tips we shared, this one is, hands down, our favorite. A relationship flourishes only when there is pure transparency between the partners about their feelings and intentions for each other. It contributes to everything, starting with building trust, commitment, and emotional investment. 

We, for one thing, have always encouraged our readers to be vocal about their tender emotions for their partners. Say “I love you” as often as you can, be explicit about all the reasons why you love him, and don’t look for special occasions to do so. Amalgamate this with the most mundane activities of daily life. There lies the beauty of romance. 

Key Pointers

  • Don’t lose your genuine personality in the process of impressing your boyfriend
  • Try to take an interest in his life and interests and spend more time with him
  • Practice active listening and be more empathetic
  • Support him in all his endeavors and show him that he is an integral part of your life
  • Tease him a little, plan romantic date nights, and get him thoughtful gifts

Do you now know how to impress your boyfriend so much so that he would fall madly in love with you? We are pretty confident when we promise you a healthy romantic relationship because you just can’t go wrong with our tried-and-tested ideas. 
However, here’s a word of advice from Bonobology: make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and more importantly, that this man is worth all the effort you are making. If these two parameters are set right and you borrow our ideas on how to amaze your boyfriend, your love story will be smooth sailing!

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