Aman Bhonsle

Dr. Aman Bhonsle, Ph.D. is a highly trained Relationship Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Trainer in TA (Transactional Analysis) at the Heart to Heart Counselling Centre, Mumbai. He is a sought after Corporate Trainer & Mindset Coach who helps people & teams through various psychological issues. He also offers workshops on Mental Health, Relationship Problems, Anger & Stress Management, Thinking & Communicating Effectively & Creative Thinking through a Crisis. He has trained in a wide range of contemporary models of Psychological Counselling ~ Transactional Analysis (TA), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Robert Carkuff Model of Non-Directive Counselling based on Carl Roger’s Humanistic School of client-centred Therapy, Psychodrama and Gestalt Therapy. Dr. Aman brings invaluable insights & clarity through passionate storytelling & real life experience - to help you through your conundrums & struggles. He has been practising for the past eight years. He is available for Counselling and Consultation at the Heart To Heart Counselling Centre, Mumbai with prior appointment.

a sad student at his study desk

एग्जाम के बीच माता पिता ने मुझे तलाक की बात बताई. अब मैं कैसे पढूं?

प्रिय सर मेरे माता पिता का तलाक हो रहा है और मैं उनकी इकलौती संतान हूँ. मैं अपने फाइनल ईयर की परीक्षा दे रहा था जब उन्होंने इस बारे में बताया. दोनों ही मुझे एक दुसरे के खिलाफ इस्तेमाल करते हैं और एक दुसरे की शिकायत करते रहते हैं. मुझे ये परिस्तिथि बहुत ही परेशां …

एग्जाम के बीच माता पिता ने मुझे तलाक की बात बताई. अब मैं कैसे पढूं? Read More »

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